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  1. Nina winters with some NAO blocking are epic, i.e. 55-56, 64-65, 70-71, 95-96, 08-09 and 10-11.
  2. They've made masks mandatory in all indoor settings including apartments and condominiums (public areas). Gyms and fitness centers finally opened up after being closed for nearly 5 months. I believe they're contemplating on keeping that US-Canada border closed until December.
  3. We received nearly 4" of rain these past 3 days. Did not see that coming. Now to enjoy some nice sunshine and seasonal temps for the rest of the week. Toronto was under a tornado watch today. Second time this year, pretty crazy.
  4. Got ~25mm yesterday in my area with that storm cell. Better chance this weekend for some more widespread thunderstorms. We'll need to watch the "tropical" storm coming up the east coast and where it tracks and how it interacts with the low coming in from the Midwest. That will determine where the thunderstorms develop over the weekend.
  5. As of yesterday, YYZ is at 80.2F for the month. This type of extreme long-lasting heat is unheard of at our latitudes (Buf and Tor). If I'm not mistaken, I believe 1921 is also the hottest July ever recorded in Toronto. We averaged 78F in July 1921. Factor in today and tomorrow and we'll likely be running more than 3-5 degrees above the previous records lol. Has Buf ever hit 100F?
  6. Had a crazy thunderstorm rip through the area dropping an inch of much needed rain couple mins ago. Some parts of mid-Toronto got ~2 to 3" of rain. A Tornado watch is currently in effect for Toronto proper as the storm cell is showing signs of rotation. Crazy!
  7. Same here in Toronto expect for Monday where we only maxed out at 88.3F. Otherwise, it's our 7th straight day ~90F. At this rate, July 2020 could be the hottest July ever recorded in Toronto and I reckon it's the same for Buf.
  8. Up to 87F already with dews around 65F. Toronto parks looking like a hay field and still no consistent rain in sight.
  9. Need some serious rain. Only 0.3" since June 10th. Spring was dry too. Grass is literally toast out here.
  10. For Farmers, this current pattern isn't great. After a cold and dry spring, a dry summer would be terrible. But for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors including camping and BBQing or likes to spend time at their cottage, then its amazing! But because of Covid-19, people can't really do much so in many ways, this summer sucks.
  11. Had a pretty sweet thunderstorm roll through the area last night. I'm disappointed I couldn't get out and grab some nice shots as I was busy with some work. There was frequent cloud to cloud lightning. Some areas reported nickel sized hail too. Had a few non-severe thunderstorms early this morning too.
  12. Now that May is over, still can't believe it's June 1, here's some stats from YYZ. Avg H: 63.1F Avg L: 44.2F Mean: 53.7F - 1.8F below avg. Maximum high: 87.8F Maximum low: 23.5F Total precip: 1.70" (Avg is 2.93") Overall, it was a relatively dry month with a lot of extremes transitioning from winter earlier in the month to summer near the end lol. But I guess that doesn't seem unusual when you take a step back and realize it's 2020.
  13. It was snowing across much of the region literally 2 weeks ago. Most of us broke records with consecutive sub-freezing lows. 2 weeks later, we're all sitting in the 80s. Our climate fluctuates so much, it's hilarious. I don't know what to say anymore. Models show a pretty decent cool down for this weekend with expected lows in the 40's, for us in Toronto at least. That's a crazy drop in just a few days!
  14. Env Canada has this chart if you scroll down near the bottom. Humidex is flawed imo.
  15. It's just a measure of how hot the average person feels. It combines temperature and humidity into one equation. Relative humidity is defined the same way as NWS would define it. Humidity on it's own is defined as how much water vapor is in the air. I feel Humidex is flawed compared to the heat index and bit too extreme but that's just my two cents.