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  1. I feel you. It's been a shit month lol. The Sun finally started poking through after some thick fog this morning. I doubt it'll last as the line of thunderstorms is currently trekking its way towards Lake Huron now. And what follows is typical late Fall weather. There will be a warm-up in November (more so the first half), which may bring us close to 20C if not the upper teens as the pattern reshuffles.
  2. There were a few torches that winter but nothing extraordinary. We only got above freezing 4 days in Jan 2011 and stayed below freezing from Dec 13-Dec 29. It wasn't 2013-14 type cold but it was below normal. Would I take a repeat? Sure, but only JFM. December was a massive disappointment for us. Not sure if it was the same for DTW. But the biggest disappointment for us was that Groundhog Day blizzard. Every single model had us receiving 15-20"+ the night before the storm, only to end up with less than 6" due to a massive dry slot and unique ice crystals. To this day I still consider that as our biggest disappointment in the last 15 years lol.
  3. 1970-71 was Canada's coldest winter ever. The entire country was below normal. Monthly departures here in Toronto were about the same as ORH. We got 30" in Dec 1970. Wouldn't the massive warm pool in the Central Pacific influence or increase the chances for a more poleward Aleutian ridge?
  4. 07-08 is arguably one of the best winters in the last 30+ years. Apart from snow cover retention and lack of arctic air that 2013-14 featured, it was constantly stormy. I'd be shocked if you’re in the Great Lakes region and don't want a repeat of that winter unless you got rain with every storm. Even parts of the Ohio Valley did well that winter.
  5. It's been a long year. Everyone, including myself, are tired of Covid. It's been negatively impacting everyone's mental health. We're limited to what we can do due to various restrictions and at the same time, too afraid to do the things that we are allowed to do with the fear we may encounter someone who has the virus.
  6. I agree. I'll take last year over 2011-12 any day. 2011-12 was the least snowiest winter on record for us. 2009-10 is third believe it or not lol.
  7. Wow. Meanwhile were +3.7 for the month. If the Euro pans out, this month may not end up all that cold as we initially assumed a week ago. The Euro solution does have some merit, in my opinion, because the Atlantic is running well above normal and that only strengthens the ridge off the coast and keeps the cold air towards the Plains. But with that impressive NAO block and Pacific block, it's debatable. I think Buffalo will end up slightly below normal for the month.
  8. With the increasing probability we may see our first snowflakes and even accumulating snowfall over the next 2 weeks, I looked back at all the Octobers that recorded more than an inch at YYZ. Records at YYZ only go back to 1937. 1962: 2.9" - Neutral 1969: 4.8" - El Nino 1976: 1.6" - El Nino 1981: 2.4" - Neutral 1997: 1.1" - El Nino 2018: 1.0" - El Nino YYZ has recorded measurable snow in 17 Octobers since 1937. Only 2 were La Nina's (1964, 2010) and 8 were El Nino's. So the upcoming pattern is in some ways highly unusual solely from an ENSO perspective, atleast locally.
  9. It was average here snow wise. Temp wise was warm. That's great. Keep up with your vitamins everyday, maybe exercise or go for a walk if you can, and you'll be 100% in no time.
  10. I'm surprised with your preference for warmer weather you're living in the snowbelt haha. But I agree. I honestly thought we'd have an awesome sunny week but it's been gloomy. I suspect it's because the lakes are still running warm even though the air temperature is cold creating more condensation and hence more clouds and mist. 20's are increasingly rare from Nov-Mar in Ontario. We might get the odd one or two in March but that's rare. YYZ has only hit 20C 4 times since 2000. 1980's and 1990's had several but prior to that it was maybe once every few years. Otherwise, our best chance at hitting 20C again is April 2021 so strap in.
  11. Interesting. Goes back to what I was saying earlier. Cold Octobers are rare in Nina's. 1988 and 1999 were both crap. There was a few cold outbreaks but they were dry as hell overall. 1974-75 was a warm winter with no cold outbreaks. I'll take the other 3 any day. Btw hope you're feeling better
  12. To be honest, I know some right off the boat. But most of the time I have to google "F to C" just so you guys can understand. I personally like C > F and km/hr > mph but I prefer inches > cm for snow.
  13. I agree. Although some Nov's can be hit or miss, i.e. Nov 2016 or 2010. Same thing with March. Some exceptionally cold Marches have occurred in La Nina's. Jan/Feb can be our best month if the gradient pattern that is so common in Nina's sets up over our area.
  14. Pretty impressive block over the Pole. Haven't seen that in a while. Cold outbreaks like this are rare in La Nina Octobers.