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  1. The rain I had early this morning cleared out far faster than predicted, I'm getting sunny breaks as of 9am and it looks like another day has been salvaged! Its been a good week for this.
  2. I woke up to a thunderstorm early this morning that wasn't forecast or indicated as a possibility from TWN. Their accuracy is so terrible now that the hourly had me with partly sunny skies with shower potential til 10am . Good thunder and some lightning that made it the 2nd most substantial storm of 2021. Strong multi-cluster waves kept coming onshore then weakening rapidly before it got here which meant meager rain. Exactly as desired, the precip moved out rapidly and 6 hours ahead of schedule the sun has come out . The day is salvaged.
  3. Deja Vu, I'm under a tornado warning as those cells coming onshore from Lake Huron are rotating and EC this time was proactive by issuing the warning before the cell made land. This is basically exactly Sat Jun 26 just with more heavy rain beforehand. This time its moving slower at 35 km/h so maybe if I drop south I could intercept it if it holds together.
  4. Now yesterday was the 10th anniversary of the hottest temp I've experienced at home at 37ºC with an extreme humidex to match, a very great day. The ridge was immense and historic, over 600 dm in a spot or two. Weds wasn't that warm but at least it was sunny for the entire day for once, felt nice.
  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/CRXAHXQFPyN/?utm_medium=copy_link I can't believe it. Canada has stole the show in 2021 for tornado footage! That first one may be some of the best footage ever captured of a tornado in Ontario.
  6. I just got some showers late this morning from pop up weak storms which worked or screwed over my atmosphere. Just very cloudy here still while twisters rip through the usual tornado-prone areas of SON: People on twitter rightfully dunking on EC for NOT WARNING a tornado in progress, there is a report that the warning came out 2 minutes after reports of damage
  7. We have a rare pair of tornadic, long-track supercells underway in the Barrie Corridor of ON that have produced damage in the southern suburbs of Barrie (its always Barrie): I haven't seen hook echos like that in Ontario probably since I've been following weather!! Two of them! Also the first debris ball I've seen on radar here . And I love this, someone caught TWN with their pants down with another tech difficulty as the met's mic was active unknowingly and she muttered "holy shit" and "holy f***" multiple times!! : Didn't they get enough practice from June 26 when we had the Amberley and Chatsworth tornadoes?
  8. Its the middle of a July afternoon and I'm sitting at 16ºC (60F) with dark overcast. One day is a blip, 3 days in a row of this can piss off. My high was 20C today but every few hours its being lowered so now 18C.
  9. Las Vegas 7-Day Forecast: Its currently 109F for today. My dream forecast is another's nightmare. Phoenix isn't this hot. Those overnight lows are astounding. The long duration paired with last week's heatwave is going to be deadly.
  10. Another putrid downgrade to the forum appearance and UI, a week after dealing with the raydar.ca shutdown too. Who the hell designs this shit? The most amazing part is that thread meta-data panel on the right (that you can't get rid of) that leaves 30% of your screen space (on PC) wasted for the whole page! This is worse than the last downgrade which really made me cheerful. The AmWx logo at the top doesn't show more than a faint thunderbolt outline but when I switch on dark mode it appears. That ranking icon overlay on everyone's avatar should be removed since its useless (just rookie rank 2/14 for Hoosier!?). The badges are a wonderful gift, I can't wait to see what I get for my 1000th post which is this one . EDIT: I just got the posting machine one again for 1000 posts . Very creative. I love how above each badge it says rare including "first post" one .
  11. Here is an article co-authored by Dr.Jeff Masters (haven't come across his name for a while) and Bob Henson (credits include Christopher Burt, Maximiliano Herrera) putting some more insane stats on just what took place: https://yaleclimateconnections.org/2021/07/western-canada-burns-and-deaths-mount-after-worlds-most-extreme-heat-wave-in-modern-history/ Here are some snippets: "The lighting from the dry thunderstorms (pyrocumulonimbus) that developed was so intense that over 700,000 intracloud and cloud-to-ground lightning flashes were recorded in 15 hours, including more than 100,000 cloud-to-ground strikes. That’s about 5% of the total number of lightning flashes Canada typically sees in an entire year." "According to Herrera, more all-time heat records have been broken by at least 5°C (9°F) in the past week’s heat wave than in the previous 84-plus years of world weather recordkeeping, going back to July 1936. It’s worth noting that the record North American heat of the 1930s, including 1936, was largely connected to the Dust Bowl, in which the effects of a multiyear drought were amplified by over-plowed, denuded soil across the Great Plains – an example of human-induced climate change itself, albeit temporary." At the end they cite a 240 Hr GFS frame for more heat coming to the west, a no-no. YCC is a AGW Climate Change site.
  12. That's unbelievable, I woke up to this news. There is a chance I could've been there as if I knew what level of heat was in store for BC I would've flew to the interior to witness history and feel 50C. Likely I would've been somewhere else like Kelowna since Lytton wouldn't have too many inns with a pop. of 250 or so. It crossed my mind that it would be too dangerous just for the wildfire risk alone. This is one of those times where a child's mindset actually happened as with temps like that one would think its so hot the place would burst into flames.
  13. It started off really cloudy and was dark for the majority of the day til nearly 6pm. At noon-hour my solar radiation in lux was a joke at 13K . That's the darkest day of the month by far since it was low for so long. For my fav month this June was pretty good overall, a few turds mixed in as usual but the heat in the first half was great and then some more recently. I got some good storms finally (just 1 good one) and pretty much got everything.
  14. The death toll from the legendary heat wave in BC is soaring with reports now of 500 dead. I can't say I didn't expect it but its still surreal this is the 2nd deadliest Canadian weather event in history after the Newfoundland Hurricane of 1775 (4000 deaths). Lytton BC did end up breaking the less than 24 hour all-time record a 3rd time in a row getting to an unimaginable 49.6ºC (121.3F)!! Let's call it 50 and fall asleep. What really blows my mind is that is hotter than Phoenix AZ has EVER GOTTEN in their documented history!! That just doesn't make sense to me... Ironically when I type in google "deadliest Canadian weather event" the first thing that pops up is now incorrect info: "Hottest Day on Record - July 5, 1937. The highest temperature ever recorded in Canada was reached at Midale and Yellowgrass, Saskatchewan when the mercury soared to 45°C."
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