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  1. Severe storms were hyped for days here in ON for Weds but as far as I know nothing happened in SON at all, even EC didn't nibble and send any warnings or watches out (they issue severe thunderstorm warnings for heavy rain showers that have already passed through).
  2. Grocery stores here aren't enforcing the mask mandates, some employees aren't wearing anything and no one is cleaning carts now.
  3. What would happen if he had pumped his gas first and then went in to pay? This hypothetical also assumes no CC terminal attached outside to each pump.
  4. I just got an alert on my phone of a tornado warning for my region, I just see some weak rotation south of Clifford that is now gone. Its linear "crapped-the-bed" squall line that moved through so I dunno? There were 3 separate tornado warnings including near London and Mitchell (tornado capital of Ontario). Very dark morning with increasing rumbles of thunder. Imagine if every mid-day in the summer was like this.
  5. That should be something I do one day, experience 100F in the middle of the night. A good trip I'd say! It was mainly cloudy for the 3rd straight day today, awful.
  6. That's actually what I was hoping for yesterday minus the cloudiness
  7. I couldn't find the diner with waist-deep brown water flowing past him video, any link or what keywords to search for? That would be two insane wx videos in 24 hours. BTW, did you find out what date that severe thunderstorm you were mentioning about from 2003? The instability is extremely high here today where convection just exploded all over southern ON around 12:20 pm. I wasn't expecting rain til 2 or so and it poured at 1:30 pm instead. Still raining lightly but should intensify. Its too bad the day is ruined with clouds and rain now. Strong thunderstorms? lol.
  8. This might be the best drill-bit I've seen, and at a close range! Was this TOR warned? Like too many others, the footage inexplicably cuts off when its clearly still in progress, my God...
  9. My AC just stopped working overnight and today is forecast to be the hottest day of the year yet . I'm already at 30C (86F) feeling like 39C and my high was increased to 34C! A lot of clouds.
  10. This is shaping up to be a memorable heatwave here locally, yesterday was my warmest year to date at 33ºC (92ºF), so far I'm at 32ºC currently. My forecast point on Thursday is 35ºC (96ºF) which would be the warmest temperature in a few years. The longevity of this heatwave is certainly the most impressive part, even a CF is doing squat. Just like summer 2016.
  11. Its located in St. Anthony's, Newfoundland currently. 8ºC high with a wind chill of 5C. Windsor ON 14 day trend (not reliable of course) shows no day dipping below 30ºC.
  12. I'm sad to see this June go, it was a top 5 June I've experienced. It would've been a perfect June aside from the lack of storms and it being a bit too chilly during a few of the days early in the month. I reached 30ºC again today.
  13. I got way more rain than was forecast, surprising. It was a downpour for nearly 5 hours and similar to the sunny weather we had reminded me of August 11 2012. I heard one rumble and that was it, "strong thunderstorms" were forecast and I'm not even getting garden variety. The PMX engine for TWN thinks a 40 dbz echo on CAM = strong thunderstorm .
  14. I just checked as I saw some darker clouds building nearby, ending the blue sky streak. Some of these almost stationary cells are moving nearly due west somehow, crazy. I'm under a severe thunderstorm watch for no reason and in the text they warn of possible landspout funnel clouds, never seen that before. Also for isolated large hail to quarters, I'm going to guess I'm not going to get it this afternoon but near London/K-W/Newmarket maybe?