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  1. I was disappointed to hear that surrounding states need to do the same, I pray they do. If you mean started DST 15 years ago then I'd be mad still too. The 12z Euro at 240 hours is popping something good on the 500 mb map. If I manage to get to 68ºF with sun then I'd say that would be a good Nov day.
  2. Wasn't Zeta suppose to be a strong TS at landfall when it was still 5 days away? Yet again a storm that is underhyped is now going to overperform, basically a rule of thumb at this point. It's ludicrous to even consider a CAT3 hurricane making landfall this afternoon, a true 2020 feature.
  3. 4:03 PM EDT Friday 23 October 2020 Tornado warning in effect for: Hanover - Dundalk - Southern Grey County A potential tornado is approaching the area between Dundalk and Corbetton. Severe thunderstorms are approaching from the southwest. Rotation is shown on the radar. Why can't they just remove Hanover from the header, its over 60 km away from the cell!
  4. Was put under a tornado watch, saw some monstrous broccoli heads out there. It may have been the most impressive I've ever seen IMBY. I would not be surprised if that Mount Forest cell now heading for Dundalk dropped something. The severe cells are remarkably consistent.
  5. Convection is exploding ahead of schedule by 1.5 hours here as I got a brief downpour. In these initial cells there is a tiny risk of a spin-up.
  6. I'm enjoying my final hours of decent sunshine of 2020, in twelve hours though: Supposedly this is going to be the last 20ºC day of 2020 (so just 1 hour of that with some sun). What a crappy October.
  7. I was in the middle of responding to what you posted on Mon but yes, wtf happened this morning/early afternoon? I even had some fine mist briefly at 1 pm!! The bolded idea makes me want to bug out, I'm not hanging around til May with that ****.
  8. With today's stunning disappointment for sunshine, and a few hours of possible quality weather on Monday, followed by cold temps and rain next week, I question the seasonal outlook of a warmer than average fall. I don't check the 500 mb forecast from any model, it'll just put me in a bad mood. I doubt I'll get a blizzard or a 20ºC Christmas day with some sun so why would I have any joy for the upcoming period of Zzzz. I don't see a ~29ºC anywhere on my 7-day so no stellar weather except maybe for 1 hour on Monday. Exactly
  9. I was one step ahead, I stopped checking a month ago. I was tired of 'rona in early April and stopped watching/following the news and everything became better instantly. I quickly read a few headlines and sometimes read an article every 3 days but that's the extent of it. As for weather, it hasn't been interesting since early Sept when I got my 3 thunderstorms and then it was over for the year (insanity) plus the 2nd half of Sept was putrid. I'm in Canada in the snowbelt, I don't even get interesting winter weather anymore (going on 4 years) so I think I'm outta here again.
  10. For a week I was looking forward to this weekend and some modest warmth and sunshine after the mixed week, instead of waking up to the final hours of good weather I see a dark, gloomy overcast (noon is as bright as 6:45 pm!!) and higher than expected winds. Just 24 hours ago it was showing mainly sunny conditions. This was the last day on my 7-day showing both 20C+ and some sunlight...
  11. This is one ugly-looking hurricane on IR, every frame it loses more of its shape. Its rather bizarre looking.
  12. A rapidly deepening hurricane with a possible new LLC forming, its 2020 alright.
  13. And here I was on pinhole eye watch this evening. What a tease!
  14. I just realized in that special NHC advisory that they didn't put INLAND at the end of the 12 hr forecast point...the NHC thinks this won't be in by 12? Huh?
  15. Its been an awful 4 days and no sun has been sighted. I want to paste over this that mid-June streak of blue skies that lasted 6 days. Its not just overcast, but very dark and gloomy like day and night are indistinguishable.