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  1. As soon as midnight came furious winds of winter started to howl and then a few minutes into November the first flakes of the season started in Grey-Bruce. What a classic.
  2. Forecast was for it to be bright and sunny (no clouds) today but instead its pure overcast since the start...also very cold at 12C (forecast was 19C).
  3. Something I realized years ago was periods of hot dry weather i.e. March - August 2012 are when I'm overall the happiest in general. It may be terrible for those in agriculture but its my preferred type of weather. I'm destined to live in southern Arizona. Today was pretty fun IMBY, lots of storms popping up before noon. Best day for clouds of the year.
  4. I'm pleasantly surprised by how today turned out, all that heavy rain is way to the north so no washout. My temps are also 4C higher than predicted as a result so another hot one for September!
  5. I notice after a huge severe weather event or something insane tornado wise there is often no post mortem and things carry on as if nothing happened. If a large severe weather day ended up doing absolutely nothing at all no one will post about how and why it failed but rather there simply won't be any posts and no analysis.
  6. Aside from the cliche, it wouldn't be 185 mph by the time it got to Florida because its forward speed would slow enough to weaken him due to upwelling. Probably would be a category 3 similar to Hurricane Frances' weakening.
  7. Its the 10 year anniversary of Ontario's largest tornado outbreak including 4 F2 tornadoes. I remember staying up all night scouring YouTube for all kinds of tornado videos of the day. There are some decent cells around my part this evening - not common. Just some lightning so far. The "storms" on Sunday were beyond pathetic here but strong in the Lucan/Mitchell areas. I got a severe warning moments after the heaviest of the rain showers past me with a few flashes of lightning. I LOVE Environment Canada as they crack me up with those warnings after the "rain showers" are done with!! EDIT: Best thunderstorm of the year here just a short while ago. Nice lightning, large raindrops to start with that storm. The most significant CG strike while I was outside ever also occurred. I've never had a good look at a strike like that without a window being in front of me. This was WF driven, colour me shocked .
  8. It was a great July, very sunny and minimal rain for me. I had 3 t-storms none of which were even remotely impressive. I stopped a little over a year ago.
  9. I'm at 30ºC feeling like 38, socked in major clouds since 1 pm. Quite off from 33 feeling like 45 as forecast.
  10. Its certainly possible tomorrow is the hottest day of 2019 in southern Ontario, my forecast was bumped up to 90 with a HI of 106. The last time my humidex was that or greater was 2016?. Maybe even 2011 and if tomorrow is realized then it would be just one day off from the 8 year anniversary of the hottest day of the decade and one of the hottest temperatures verified IMBY of 38ºC (July 21). This morning it was 86 feeling like 97! Storms rolled in a few hours ago but not severe like EC was warning for of course. Very dark so far today .
  11. I love the look on the 500 mb map at h240. The biggest thing is the prevention of more clouds around the Great Lakes as today and yesterday we're totally clouded over. The lawn went from lush green in June to being burnt presently.
  12. I wonder why the NHC takes the opposite approach when forecasting eastern Pacific storms.
  13. TWN was and is indicating a severe threat for a chunk of southern Ontario today but stressed any MCS during the day will diminish potential, I'm sure you all know what scenario panned out . Today was suppose to get up to 30ºC which would be the first one IMBY however I'm now at 20ºC with full clouds . I haven't had a single good thunderstorm yet in my region and today's crappy MCS brought a few rumbles and perhaps a flash of lightning! The multi-year trend of no good storms (in my region) continues.
  14. The southern supercell has a hook on it, very beefy storms in the NE TX region. National Weather Service Fort Worth TX 527 PM CDT Wed Jun 19 2019 TXC231-192300- /O.CON.KFWD.SV.W.0242.000000T0000Z-190619T2300Z/ Hunt TX- 527 PM CDT Wed Jun 19 2019 ...A SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING REMAINS IN EFFECT UNTIL 600 PM CDT FOR NORTHERN HUNT COUNTY... At 527 PM CDT, a severe thunderstorm was located near Celeste, or 8 miles northwest of Greenville, moving east at 20 mph. This is a very dangerous storm. HAZARD...Baseball size hail and 60 mph wind gusts. ... TORNADO...POSSIBLE HAIL...2.75IN WIND...60MPH
  15. Another overcast day like michsnowfreak stated, this awesome month is being ruined by continuous cloudiness. Like clockwork my forecast was for mainly sunny skies and some clouds...the sun briefly came out around noon. The same thing that happened to cyclone77 just occurred now with it lightly raining! In the morning and late evenings I feel like putting the heat on due to the lower lows.