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  1. Atrocious wx continues here, this is the earliest I've needed the heat on. Dark, cold and rainy for 3 days already then I see this (normally I don't check this anymore for good reason but something forced me to): Is this a joke? And here I was hoping for a repeat of 2017 during the period. I better stop as its the opposite! As soon as the calendar turned to autumn it was full-on s***.
  2. That was an awesome graphic set by Papin, never seen it explained like that nor the products shown. I can't figure out what the K is for 340-K potential vorticity in the 2nd graphic, searched but couldn't find answer.
  3. Ended up getting no rain and exceeded forecast highs today. The storms were south of me and the sun came out for a few hours this afternoon then more annoying clouds rolled in at 3. I can't remember the last time I was under an advisory/watch/warning.
  4. Had a very warm overnight low of 18C/64F for this spot in mid-Sept, overcast with humidity combo to get it. Inside I didn't drop below 25.5C/78F.
  5. I've been having some bad wx lately, dark and overcast yesterday with cold temps in the low 60s (much colder than forecast) then a bit warmer today however still dark and overcast ugh. It was suppose to become partly sunny at noon and it didn't happen.
  6. I'm up to 107 mm of rain for the month, likely in the top-tier but since my records are incomplete I'm in the dark. The pattern of getting moderate rains and then sunny days spaced ideally maximizes crop growth. I can't recall an August that was this perfect for growing. Morning had a stray isolated shower pass over me then another at noon, followed by partly sunny and very humid. I missed the main MCS that rolled through MI/ON in the evening to the south.
  7. Love the contrasting colours and the mid-day bightness, love that pic. Low was a higher than avg 19C/67F overnight. I'm finally getting a long downpour making up for the misses last week and I'm at 20mm / 0.79in. It was a cluster of heavy showers (minimal thunder) and now this is an unique radar look:
  8. I'm only getting some brief, light showers during these pulse storms nearby this week, my station doesn't even record any amount of rain but I suspect its more than 0.1 mm. Heard some thunder on Weds and today. I missed the heavy stuff very close by.
  9. Getting pretty messy out there, got my first t-storm since April, ah snap. Torrential rains multiple times over the last 45 mins that I haven't seen for a long while. Got 15 mm/0.6 inches in mere minutes. Only had a few bright flashes but randomly at several points I'd see clusters of frequent lightning then nothing for minutes.
  10. At 88F/31C with mostly cloudy skies, not a combo that happens much. Very breezy.
  11. Usually terrible summers like that one have a bit of a balancing out with a warmer Sept or Fall, also some nice Springs like in the 70s. June-Aug climo is good here but you have decent Spring/Fall where here we don't. 3 good months out of 12 still means a sucky climate here near the Lakes in SON.
  12. So glad I was too young to remember the stench that was the summer of '92
  13. Save worthy run, Hr 372 is particularly wicked *chef's kiss*
  14. I managed to get through the entire month of June without a single t-storm or clap of thunder. Yesterday and today's temp trend will set the perfect indoor conditions; the temp started falling faster than usual at dusk but then leveled off at a nice 22C all of overnight, 3rd warmest overnight period. It got to its lowest once the pesky rain started at 8:30 am. No storms forecast for the rest of the day, I'm not complaining.
  15. There remains a signal within the various model output that the environment may become marginally conducive to organized convection, including supercells, in a narrow corridor north of the international border (across parts of southeastern Ontario into the St. Lawrence Valley) by late Friday afternoon. However, given the rather weak forecast boundary-layer instability across this region, it seems probable that this activity will tend to weak as it spreads into a less unstable air mass near and southeast of the international border Friday evening. July 1 in S/E ON. I got 6.6 mm of rain this morning. Nice evening now.
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