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  1. Torchageddon

    December 2018 General Discussion

    I read this last night not knowing that a sort of similar thing was about to happen to me (not exactly but whatever). Just before 5 pm I noticed it was getting very dark after the awesome mid-afternoon sunshine but I chalked it up to the time of year and early sunset. I then noticed a purple flash of lightning to my west and it looked just downright nasty. Not long after a nice CG bolt occurred closer to me (!!). I tried to check the radar but before I could the frequent lightning that was getting worse by the moment produced one of the craziest lightning strikes I've ever seen at a very close range: a large bolt within 500 meters hitting thankfully nothing with a kink in the center that produced sparks and vibrant electricity off the leader line!! I've never seen that feature in-person til today. This scared the **** outta me and I don't even remember if the thunder was loud or not because I immediately unplugged all kinds of stuff in record speed. One CG is a major warning but two is frantically getting everything off the socket. There was a severe thunderstorm watch but I don't know if a warning was issued. TWN never put us in a thunderstorm threat let alone a severe one. No forecast for thunderstorms at all...this came outta nowhere! It was a fast moving one with decent winds and heavy rain...even hail reported. On radar it was a rapidly moving arcing line of storms (broken lines/quasi-linear) embedded in broad showers. It almost looked to be a double line very tightly packed together. It appeared to be even worse to the south of me which I saw lots of lightning well after the worst had passed me. Leave it to 2018 to deliver the worst thunderstorm in December here (this is the worst thunderstorm I've seen for this month) with vicious lightning. I saw 5 or more CGs and many streaks of lightning that appeared fuzzy and thick. The rubberband effect is real, I was thinking our best storms would be off-season after the record-shattering quiet storm season in Midwestern Ontario. As usual our best storms/events are those that aren't hyped or forecast since I had no thunderstorm in my 36 hour forecast. Looking through twitter I don't see any evidence that any other region in Ontario got as bad storms as we did. At 2:00 pm this afternoon we got up far past the forecast high with 12ºC with light winds and almost entirely blue skies!!! I haven't seen that in over a month and a half so I made sure I took full advantage of it soaking up those rays. It was a tiny window of time too to get it. Everything lined up perfectly for both getting the maximum daytime high and the best daytime heating for those storms to rip through. What a crazy synoptic system.
  2. Torchageddon

    November 2018 General Discussion

    I had a light dusting in the morning before it melted around 1 pm. Second accumulating snow of the season. This has now happened 3-4 times just this week where out of the blue the sun will come out fully right at 12:30 pm EDT! Its been totally overcast any other time of this week. Usually it'll be for a few minutes and each time its lasted around 5-7 minutes before going back under thick clouds. I think this is more than a coincidence, its +/- 4 minutes from 12:30 and yesterday it was dead on that minute. Today it was 12:27 pm. It shouldn't have happened on a day like this at all. It must have something to do with the peak sun "angle" of the day or exact mid-point of daylight and effects the climate briefly. Any ideas?
  3. Torchageddon

    List your top 5 winter storms

    #1 is January 6, 2014 LES Blizzard here in my neck of the woods. I'll never forget that one, just delicious. Blizzard warnings from EC were issued in the morning. At 9:30 pm that evening it was the craziest stuff I've ever seen during winter, it was the only time something was as exciting for me as some summer events. The seconds that I keep thinking about was when the great shrouding occurred and blanketed any space outside where light became muted during the the consuming veil. After that event I should've fled down to Arizona and stayed there permanently. If I'd known that November 17-19, 2014 was going to happen say 6 months beforehand I might've traveled to south BUF to experience that epic event. At least I can say that I was above the historic bands in a plane at one point so technically I was at the coordinates where it took place as it was ongoing. Even those were something else.
  4. Torchageddon

    October 2018 General Discussion

    It rained steady all day yesterday, dark. There wasn't a single break or stop to it until late. There has only been a few hours of sunlight during the last few weeks. Very most bottom shelf October.
  5. Torchageddon

    2018 E. Pacific Hurricane Season

    I'm impressed with how well Willa is holding together now that its inland where TCs rapidly dissipate. More symmetrical than yesterday evening. I don't think that predicted wind shear did anything due to the increasing motion and angle of Willa.
  6. Torchageddon

    October 2018 General Discussion

    On Wednesday it was one of those days where the weather changed every 5 minutes with all types of precip. cycling through. A few times some heavy graupel showers would come with some of them being the largest I've seen. Awesome blue hues near sunset that are incredibly rare around here. The forecast for yesterday and today was mixed up, it was suppose to be sunny with few clouds this afternoon and in the mid to upper 50s but we only had sun at noon and now its overcast. Getting colder too. I don't check my local wx daily anymore because they can't even get the next 12 hours straight.
  7. Torchageddon

    Fall/Winter 2018-19 Complaint/Banter Thread

    With the s**t weather I'm having right now, I favor whatever gives me the most sunshine. I'm already counting down til Spring because this loathsome dunghole 7 day forecast has very little sunlight and a whole lotta the other! Draining is what I'd call it. Its gotten me to appreciate my beach Thanksgiving even more. In-between sucks, if its going to be dreary and depressing I rather get what Calgary just had with 40-60 cm of snow dumping or record shattering heat. I'd choose the latter though! Yet again this October is shaping up to be a terrible one (below average temperatures). It seems the past 6 years is on repeat mode having the same months having the same anomalies. November has been warm. The Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend heat was insanely great (even saw a tower with a well-defined anvil) and I made sure to absorb all of its gloriousiness before the turdstorm came rushing in.
  8. Torchageddon

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Coincidentally and ironically pretty much at the same time you wrote that I was thinking that the most unlikely thing to happen with Michael is for it to develop a pinhole eye (just a random thought). I consider a pinhole to be smaller and of course stable so this is in jest. Any shots of that intense lightning on IR?
  9. Torchageddon

    October 2018 General Discussion

    My overnight low is forecast to be 72 with a humidex of 80...that's something since this weekend was freezing cold and had temps barely above 8ºC or the mid 40s. Its doing the exact opposite of what is typical of a day-night temp change - as morning comes it'll get colder and then be coldest during the afternoon tomorrow. Early this afternoon I had a heavy downpour that lasted 20-30 minutes and dark skies (overcast) beforehand. TWN had us 2 days prior for today at partly sunny with 20ºC high...
  10. Torchageddon

    Fall/Winter 2018-19 Complaint/Banter Thread

    Some of the best news I've come across this month! Interestingly I had the exact same phrase before I read Michael's "good news to start the day!" line.
  11. Torchageddon

    Fall/Winter 2018-19 Complaint/Banter Thread

    Raydar.ca has now been down for 3 weeks. I have no source for quality radar here now. Its either a pay-for tool or a Interactive java/flash radar that is worth anything.
  12. Torchageddon

    Spring/Summer 2018 Banter and Complaint Office

    Good breakdown of this trend, I enjoyed it. Its the new normal as its happening here as well and we have far less development in rural ON than ORD.
  13. Torchageddon

    September 2018 General Discussion

    Today was amazing, top shelf for sure. The most pleasant day of this month. For whatever reason it smelled really good outside and a few noticed that. Maybe its because we're getting to that time of the year where heat and heatwaves produce incredible aromas outdoors. I'm looking forward to those hot days later on . This last weekend was absolutely garbage, far too chilly and dank. Ruins the mood plus its uncomfortable. Despite being drenched in sweat at times during the hot parts of summer I wish for that over last Saturday's offerings. I then look at PHX's 40-41ºC every day this week with full sun and wish it were so...to say I admire that climate would be a huge understatement.
  14. Florence's SSD floater page loaded a day old image for AVN when I refreshed it a few minutes ago. Works now.
  15. For some reason I found this to be funny. I didn't once think that Florence was going to make landfall as a CAT4/5 however I agreed with the severity outlined from the water impact it will have. The only time I'll ever believe that a CAT4+ is going to make landfall on the US mainland is if its literally 2-3 hours away from landfall at said intensity. How it stalls will determine if its the costliest hurricane in SE history.