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  1. Is that the only known tornado footage that was captured at 6am? By that I mean ever, not just for yesterday.
  2. Which side of the F5 debate do you fall on regarding the last one in the movie? On the ground at night or just forecast to be a future F5? Yes that El Reno EF5 in 2011 isn't mentioned much and is possibly the least talked about EF5 of that decade. The truly forgotten modern F5 is the Birmingham tornado in 1997 that leveled neighborhoods.
  3. There was a conveyor belt of pure rain just miles to the north for half the day with a nice gradient by evening. While I had peaks of sunshine it was steady rain 30 minutes north. My temp really shot up mid-morning from 52F to 68F in just a few hours. The evening was good but increasing clouds then some lightning streaks and rain a hour ago. I'm just happy I wasn't in the belt's path.
  4. Yeah I was right on the fringe of the rain for most of the day, just miles to the north it was steady. My temp really shot up mid-morning from 52F to 68F in just a few hours. The evening was good but increasing clouds then some lightning streaks and rain a hour ago. About the movie Twister, something I never understood was when the group is in Wakita after the F4 tore through, the final boss baddy F5 is "just forming" and you can see radar imagery of the supercell in question on a screen briefly. Well this is basically nearly in the middle of the night and then somehow the team travels somewhere overnight (??) and then catches up with the in-progress F5 tornado that is what we assume to be mid-morning or early afternoon. Even for Twister, this goes too off the rails and even a normie is scratching his/her head over that. Wiki has, "When a record-breaking F5 tornado is predicted to hit the next morning, Bill has the idea to use the rubble to allow for Dorothy 3 and 4 to be more aerodynamic." I also loved Dusty telling Bill and Jo the NSSL is predicting an F5 tornado in the morning . Unfortunately the director's commentary doesn't explain anything on that, and using the fun-to-read plot write from the anyone can edit site, "The next day, the F5 is revealed to be “at least a mile wide” and has recorded wind speeds of over 300 miles per hour." . The question is, what on earth is the writer attempting to convey here? Did the F5 form in the middle of the night while the group was in Wakita and somehow stay the same for more than 10 hours, or did the NSSL and other forecasting bodies just predict a supercell that would produce a violent tornado? If you watch the scene its first mentioned its hinted the tornado is already on the ground, especially that radio report.
  5. What I find interesting is 10 years ago today there was a similar swing in temps from cold to warm (20ºC change) as is now. My interest will never disappear but I know what you mean, this ain't good. I don't want to be just tracking heat wave streaks and researching historical climate heat events. I wish I could swap out today for 10 years ago this moment because I was sleeping on the big one til I realize it wasn't just another outbreak.
  6. I guess today had something, Reed's giddiness and a white cone.
  7. From a little while ago, from Connor McCrorey in Lockett TX. Most photogenic of 2021 thus far:
  8. I was going to say I'm going to miss this April stretch of incredible warmth but maybe not so soon, today was suppose to be a washout with all day light showers but as imagined I discounted the amount and longevity of the precip. My high was bumped an extra 3-4C to 17C and as of 2pm the sun is even breaking out . Weak storms are forming to my south and moving generally NNW which is highly unusual here, also nearly calm winds. Amazing skies out there currently. Edit: reached 18C which is remarkably higher than my set high, also after the weak convection moved through.
  9. A small amount of rain fell overnight and its mainly dried up, the all day light rain has been canned and now its partly sunny to mainly cloudy. The weak showers moving north are weakening and didn't do anything. Tomorrow set to 25ºC again, rain on Sun, then the rain shown for Mon has been tossed as well. The UW Station did reach 20.5ºC at 12:30 pm but I question the non-gradual rise as it was 19.6 at 12:00 pm so meet halfway and you got 20 at 12:15 which is the same first 20 reading of the year 20 years ago right to the minute!!
  10. I'm at 17C 63F so far, Waterloo is 15C and most definitely will reach their first 20C reading so like 2001 it will land on April 8. The time it reached 20 was 12:15 which is early; I'm thinking 1:30 pm for today. Edit: I'm at 24C at 12 and Waterloo at 20C (unknown if its 19.5+ rounded higher or above 20). UW Station updated at 11am but nothing yet on if it reached it.
  11. Just like the heat event in March, this is shaping up to be an incredible stretch IMBY and places just inland from lakes: my high temps continue to be increased where days ago today was set to 18ºC - I'm at 24ºC!! I should've saved my forecast to see the trend because tomorrow is set at 25ºC with a humidex of 27 (80F). I'm guessing the very dry conditions caused this miss and pulled a 2012. Best April warmth event since that early April 2010 but this might edge it out for longevity. The storms last night barely missed me to the SW. I actually got hot outside for the first time and not even during peak sun angle. I'm now able to pretend its mid-summer without a stupid cool breeze popping the bubble of disbelief. As stated above the sky appears to be summer-like with haze and small towers . I checked Detroit's warmest April on record which was 1955 and don't recall 2017 being the 2nd, but then results below have articles from 2018 talking of the coldest April in 143 years .
  12. For the 3rd time so far in 2021 I reached 20ºC (68F) which is 3C over my forecast high! With the next few days' temps continuously being bumped higher can I get a 26C for Thursday? Let's get greedy here.
  13. From a climatic data perspective, what's bothered me is with all the data supposedly available why on earth can't I find out something easy like "What is the warmest April in Ontario's history" or even a specific city!? If you type that question right in Google you only get averages and most results are unrelated . The beginning of the decent warmth is today and I'm even suppose to hit 20ºC+ for two days . Rain chances reduced again for today but storms possible overnight.
  14. I had an interesting afternoon with it being partly sunny at the start, then dark and overcast looking like the chance of showers was going to deliver. However nothing fell and now its cleared with full sun! Got to 50F. When was the last time (anywhere in this sub) that both March and April were not just slightly above normal, but solidly? Unrelated, the latest euro 240h frame can gtfo!
  15. 47 years ago this afternoon one of the craziest weather events was underway and I was thinking about the capping that was in the place for Super Outbreak, what would it look like? We know there was early morning storms like 4/27/11 in the south but noon-hour capping is what I'm mainly curious about. This from the AMS journal article revisiting , "An EML prohibited the development of surface-based thunderstorms over most of the warm sector early in the day, steep lapse rates within the EML and the presence of increasingly rich moisture just beneath it were favorable for the production of cold convective downdrafts from existing storms..." I wasn't able to discern the EML (elevated mixed layer) well with the figures provided, its above me. I'm still not solid on EML vs capping despite reading up on that. Some other stats for 4/03/74 include 30 tornado families (supercells?) that comprised 74% of the outbreak’s twisters, and up to 15 destructive tornadoes occurred simultaneously during the event.