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  1. It was torrid at 1030am when I went out, but then in the early aft it was actually nice (sun still out). There was a increase in winds I guess. Storms just 45 mins away to my SW.
  2. I was still at 24C at 12:30 am with a humidex of 32! Did not expect these kind of numbers this late, probably one of the most humid Sep nights recorded. Driving after dark I saw a massive opossum on a rural road right in the center.
  3. 9am obs had 100% RH, 21C/20C. Hourlies have me at peak temp by 11am nearly 31C/ Humidex 41.
  4. Amazing day, a relief after the drab last 3 or more weeks. I was out quite a bit and realized how I missed this gorgeous stuff - Comfy and sunny right from the start! When I woke up I felt so much better than usual and motivated. Not coincidentally, the last time I felt this peak was around the first week of July which *drumroll* was the last time we hit 30C/86F!! The correlation has no cracks. TWN still has me at 30C/ Humidex 37 which is uncommonly higher than my station showing 29C. Ideal day to be out from dawn to dusk.
  5. I was getting worried for a sec until I saw the "F768" lol. I'm sitting at 13C still and hourlies show 21C by 11am, being reduced a tad. Skies mellowed out by some smoke
  6. Very rare blue skies day, no clouds at all anywhere in SON. Maybe haven't had this since first half of July. Soaking it in.
  7. I'm down to 6.8C/44F this morning, by far the coldest of the summer. Clear blue skies.
  8. Today was the 4th day of overcast crap that I've been dreading to see make itself again. TWN forecast completely flopped showing partly cloudy, early this morning it was dark with thicc canopy. Got this blast of rain coming from the north at noon that also sucked. The last 4 days my forecast was completely wrong and its been awful. The sun came out at 5pm today so got something.
  9. Got my 9th t-storm first thing this morning, 13mm of rain with even a little hail briefly. Good rumbles of thud on the first. Lowest light of 170 lux around 9am. More cells rolled through so now up to 24mm just for this morning. Thursday this year is the day of the week I'm getting all my storms, even before today I noticed . There is a potent cell heading for northern Waterloo currently that is svr warned for toonie sized hail. Looks like a strong hail core:
  10. Had my first bad storm in years, it was borderline svr but not officially. What I noticed is the rare direction it was coming in from: NNW. My best LES bands also come from that vector. 580 lightning strikes in less than a hour, 90 during 5 min intervals at peak (9pm). There was actual structure as it approached with defined shelf features and inflow. The lightning was all cc but very bright and flicker-like. The ambiance was amazing as that fat cell came in, haven't felt excited for a storm in so long. I could hear pingers as I got large pea-sized hail for a min. Largest hail here so far this decade, I got larger Mar 2012. Wind was decent but nothing crazy. I got nearly an inch within mins. There were stronger hail cores not far from me just like Sep 7 2021. Best storm of 2023 beating Apr 5 overnight.
  11. The worst of the smoke here was in May. Didn't have any today.
  12. I didn't get any storm (again) overnight but 15 strikes distantly. I overachieved on rain getting 27mm or 1 inch in the morning. I was suppose to clear up by 10am with a chance of shower til 5pm but its been overcast just til now. TWN hourlies were abysmal.
  13. I'm going to have to book a flight to Phoenix
  14. Just thinking is it the caliber of storm where its the only news story covered at 5pm and they have people calling in with those slideshows of big trees toppled. Judging by that I'd say it was.
  15. I knew when it was overcast for most of the aft and the temp was dropping hours before the storms arrived that my energy would be squandered. I surprisingly got some minor power flickers a hour ago but its basically just a gentle thunder shower . Very slow onset, no dark skies, dead calm. Yesterday's forecast output may not have been glue-sniffed after all. I'm not complaining.
  16. If that verified it would be the most severe storm I'd have in years. I'm watching this setup closely, I'm clear aside from smoke all morning and its sultry unlike any summer day so far. I was laughing when my forecast for later today yesterday showed just "rain at times heavy" instead of chance of storms lmao. That algorithm is so damn bad it hurts, its obvious that was bs! The SPC had me under a Slight when that turd was presented.
  17. Getting some loud cracks of thunder, a quick 4mm of rain. The cells didn't form to my east for once, they're forming a line though after passing. I haven't had a mid-day quickie with sun mins later, enjoy them!
  18. Twice within a few hours today!! Never fails, just ludicrous.
  19. Last few days have been perfect, Friday was uncommonly windy for mid-summer with great clouds in the morning, yesterday was nearly clear all day with comfy temps. Amazing stretch coming up, stormy and humid! A heatwave begins Weds and my low for Thurs shows 24C, a once in 2-3 year occurrence. A bunch of days where my low doesn't drop below 20C.
  20. I finally got my storm it was from those cells off Huron that bubbled post-front. On radar its basically filling in everything the first round missed. Its a solid storm, 2nd best of 2023 here.
  21. I know I'm in a particular screw zone in general but this year I've noticed many setups where the broad line either falls apart or doesn't exist then cells form to the SE of me just a few miles. I heard one good thunder then nothing, the heavy rains at 5pm - 8 I ended up not getting any at all!
  22. This is hilarious, there is a dry gap in this mega squall with record winds in far sw on and then in Georgian Bay area they typically get these large cells that are tornado warned like this afternoon...guess which of those 3 zones I'm in? Every time, the cells form just to my east! If I had a nickel for the number of times this has happened in 2023!
  23. Potential Derecho underway in SW Ontario, 117 km/h gust reported in Sarnia:
  24. Another near perfect summer day, even some surprise sprinkles for a few moments with a dark cloud. Its just a little too cold my lows for morning. It would be fascinating to experience 108F at 3am, good googly moogly.
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