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  1. Friends, I'm going to be taking a break for a bit. Work is crazy insane right now, and frankly, I can't track another 10 day storm. @psuhoffman let me know when I can come back cause we will see snow. Be good weenies.
  2. lol Salisbury isn't so bad. But I'm biased from going to school there, meeting my husband there, and my sister/BIL living there.
  3. A combination of both, I think. Chasing precip as cold air moves in, never works well for us. Precip moves out faster, cold air moves in slower. Regardless, I am happy with seeing snow this morning. Ground is white again, will be cold for the next few days. Could be worse!
  4. elevation for the win. its not even a half inch here, just going to call it a trace
  5. They may be worried about refreezing since temps are dropping
  6. Can’t complain. Dogs are happy to eat more snow too
  7. Agreed. I remember when I lived on the east side of Cockeysville, it would be raining at my place while snowing at his hahaha
  8. He's got a little more elevation than the office, probably started snowing at his house before it did at work. Dusting here!
  9. its okay. we hide some posts just to avoid the discussion. It would be best for folks to keep their thoughts to themselves about covid. we've been down this road before, lets not do it again.
  10. 34/32 with snow. they are very melted snow flakes, but snow all the same.
  11. For the school closing? lack of snow? lot to cry over hahaha
  12. I assume they still expect a changeover, which could have impacted the 2hr delay opening, so screw it, lets just close instead. The kid's 3rd "snow day" without the snow hahahahaha
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