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  1. My other half just emailed asking of this was it in terms of severe
  2. mappy

    April Banter 2019

    i never venture in there lol
  3. mappy

    April Banter 2019

    Hurricane Michael was upgrade to a Cat 5 @WxWatcher007
  4. ahh, you did say 1-95 corridor. my bad. i have a hard time believe that slug of moisture south of DC won't hit I-95
  5. Are we looking at the same HRRR?
  6. My understanding of SPCs outlook was the any pre squall stuff had the potential for severe/tornado. Otherwise, the worst would come through later with the main squall line (later tonight).
  7. rotation looked good when the warning was first issued, its weakened a bit.
  8. to be fair, I have mod powers. but pffft if i am going to moderate myself.
  9. heavy showers moving into the northern areas.
  10. If you get radarscope you can choose between different types of subscriptions to go along with it. I have Pro Tier 1 (additional $10 a year) with gives you lightning, dual-pane display and longer loops Pro Tier 2 includes all of Tier 1 plus SPC outlooks, local storm reports, 30day archive of radar, shear and hail contours and cross platform subscription at $15 a month, or $100 a year
  11. Farting Butterflies Jump to navigationJump to search The most important question of life... Can butterflies fart? The answer? Nobody knows. https://en.illogicopedia.org/wiki/Farting_Butterflies
  12. a butterfly could fart that causes rotation and LWX will issue a warning for it.
  13. Also, SPC issues watches, not the individual CWAs (though they do coordinate together). I would expect both Wakefield and Mt Holly CWA to be put under watches (or parts of the CWA).
  14. next, as EJ said. the mid-Atlantic MD came out first, so makes sense.
  15. Yeah and the MD for us mentions an isolated tornado threat, as well as in the text
  16. from SPCs 1630 outlook With that, I would probably expect a tornado watch for us this afternoon.
  17. latest HRRR does suggest some of the storms may have rotation. MD out for a tornado watch to our south.
  18. Im surprised at the 5% for TOR, at least up this way. Makes sense further south.
  19. I echo what Eskimo Joe said, RadarScope is worth every penny. However, weather.cod.edu has a really great radar too.
  20. fun evening yesterday -- multiple tornado warnings to my west. but i slept through the overnight storms.
  21. mappy

    April Discobs 2019

    last night was awesome.
  22. mappy

    April Banter 2019

    this is the worst time of year for posting. unless a big severe storm spins up that actually impacts us. most have gone into spring hibernation