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  1. they have at least one shitass moderator who doesnt care
  2. Yay Monday after being out of work for a week. Throw in two dogs with suspected kennel cough (and probably the third too though no coughing from her yet) and a kid who spent all day Sunday throwing up.
  3. Mr Map mowed Saturday the 17th, then we were away. Grass didn't grow, much, while we were gone so I assume any storms that happened during the week didn't hit the house. The rain last night was welcomed.
  4. picked up .80 from those storms that dropped out of PA last night
  5. Beautiful morning in Salisbury. Those low dews
  6. Got an alert about the watch for home. Would be our luck to miss storms
  7. Thanks! Down on the lower eastern shore now, huge difference in the level of smoke from my area compared to Salisbury. We could barely make out downtown Baltimore when we traveled over the Key Bridge. Could make out the high rises and nothing else, on a clear day you can see beyond the city from the bridge.
  8. Pretty smoky up my way today, just a dense haze. Hint of smell of it. Woke up congested too, not sure if related.
  9. Drive north, been sunny up my way all morning
  10. At least the week looks storm free.
  11. .91 last evening with round 3
  12. Warning on that storm for my backyard
  13. I swear if this somehow misses me
  14. Line 2 was a miss, just sprinkles. Hoping the stuff out west hangs on as it heads east
  15. The split from the line in MD to the piece in PA, is happening over my head Hope a second line comes through
  16. Towers went up and helped block out the sun, he finished as the first rumble of thunder happened. Though looks like I won’t see rain out of it.
  17. Our pool needs water, told mr map to see what we can get today before filling with our crap well water, fingers crossed. poor guy just went out to mow, it’s quite hot
  18. Will be spending my week on the eastern shore as my father in law passed away last night. Hoping for some storm free days as part of his service will be outside. Blah
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