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  1. low of 22 and super frosty as well
  2. ha, well that makes me feel better (obviously my bigger worry is a dance recital lol). We always score when we are hoping cold air comes in as precip is still around hahahahaha
  3. Okay, thanks. I will have to really start paying attention it seems.
  4. ....is the 9/10th threat a thing re: winter weather? looks warm
  5. Wondering if the game is on the radio, I can finally leave isolation and of course Mr Map now has it. So many errands to run lol
  6. wooohoo! Good to see you friend (its me, Katie )
  7. it shows the name, or you can click them.
  8. Yes lol thanks, didn’t have it saved to post
  9. Was really fun (and stressful) tracking that one. @Kmlwxand I were posting on accuweather together ahead of it. I remember sitting at my aunts house after rehearsal with a bottle of wine when the snow started lol
  10. lol see my post to cape above great minds and all that
  11. lol I wasnt where I am now in 2009. And I was kidding. I know it’s not the best storm we’ve gotten, but it was super memorable for me and that’s what makes it my favorite. Jan 2016 was cool for sure, tho.
  12. It’s gonna get old real quick if we are living and dying by every eps run.
  13. Dec 2009 was the best snowstorm ever hands down and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise. Though, I may be biased
  14. i need people to post their pics so i can experience it hahahah. this isolation business is terrible
  15. Pfft I always wait until Dec 1. Pick something good!
  16. It is time @WinterWxLuvr for the annual picture update
  17. Happy almost winter, weenies
  18. Only the friendliest for you
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