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  1. still foggy AF in Parkton
  2. will you guys grow the **** up and move on already.
  3. probably the same guy who said snow on the weekends sucked because more cars were on the road
  4. Hugs. You got this, stay strong. Same for all our teacher friends here, who are juggling SO MUCH. And us parents too -- its tough.
  5. LOL wouldn't surprise me at all. All four teams are terrible this year.
  6. so many reports for stupid shit. act like adults yall.
  7. with that said, snow would really help my mood.
  8. i mean its October... of course its all digital snow. you know the drill
  9. goodness. if dropping turds in the forms of posts wasn't bad enough in the Hurricane Delta thread, dude has to come here and do it too.
  10. lets be sure to quote the full tweet next time instead of ripping the image as your own.
  11. your posts are garbage per reports
  12. SteveCop = @Superstorm93
  13. oh yeah, she was on it. It was fun.
  14. not just forte, but FORTISSIMO and all the others Yeah, she had music yesterday and it was one of her assignments after class. dynamics, tonality, tempo. was actually a fun exercise. and I have to laugh at her when she was asked what scenario she might do something in major or minor she said "sing someone happy birthday" (major) and "sing at a funeral" (minor) lol
  15. a fun school exercise today -- going over examples of different dynamics in music... lets see how loud and quiet we can be!
  16. 9-7 is as close as I could find to a .500 season. still pretty bad
  17. my comment was tongue in cheek. but thanks anyways
  18. the NFC East has always been the division where you can go .500 for season and win the division. its comical how awful all four teams are.