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  1. Went out with friends to Big Truck last night, absurdly warm evening but a good time. This weekend is their 1 year anniversary of opening and lots of specials all weekend
  2. Soooo excited for you friend! Lots of crossed fingers for you!
  3. clouds are drifting west to east, so they are in a clear spot while you're still cloudy. you should clear out soon
  4. gotta let me know your spots up here so i can look too
  5. which is pretty sad. NFL is running horribly. The head office protects their own and most importantly the $$$. Gruden being let go is an exception, not the rule.
  6. I hope they get released and Snyder gets the boot. Seriously, the guy has got to go.
  7. Sure would be nice to see some sun.
  8. i went to bed before their comeback so i missed him being 'good'. but slept well laughing at his fumbling. and then again the missed 2pt conversion.
  9. he's fun to laugh at. his fumble had me in tears I was laughing so hard.
  10. Fog finally burning off to sunshine
  11. sun is trying to come out up here
  12. totally different world up north. cloudy, foggy, only 70
  13. Second Summer (or third/fourth/fifth at this point)
  14. that's good. i told my husband to fertilize the grass yesterday thinking we'd be rainy today... he hasn't yet asked me when the rain is coming lol
  15. Yesterday was stupid warm. Today looks to be the same
  16. Kick the damn ball through the uprights already WTF
  17. it is very new for me. no jokes please lol
  18. and again this morning, despite my warnings of how chilly it was. Gotta say, its a first for me to have my kid completely ignore my suggestions. Guess I should get used to it...
  19. Happy Birthday @yoda !!
  20. I just need KSBY to get at least .11-.25 of rain, ideally no more or less
  21. Not sure I'll see much this afternoon, the morning MCS over PA has me mostly cloudy with off/on rain as precip expands south occasionally. But guess we shall see.
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