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  1. Had some pea sized hail with a storm that came through around 3
  2. I'm hugging the nam for tomorrow. scattered storms at best up my way.
  3. I’ve looked at them too. Gfs seemed more robust while euro was hit and miss.
  4. Is Saturday a pop up storm kind of day? Having people over and wondering how it could be
  5. Was 4 months pregnant when it came through, didn’t lose power. Fine by me. Wrecked a lot of areas tho.
  6. Good choice, we’ve been many times
  7. Thank you! And damn straight!
  8. Quiet you lol Thank you! It’s always a good time
  9. Hey! I actually had an outfield base hit Friday, and had to run from first to home to score, so
  10. LOL I am not 85 years old. 50+ years too much hahahaha. Thank you for the wishes! Thank you! Softball later, I was told there would be jello shots just for me. Ill take it
  11. rained for quite a bit in Hunt Valley
  12. No storms though! I actually wanna play softball tonight.
  13. Thank you! @H2O @toolsheds @WxUSAF
  14. Didn’t hit me head on, line broke up just as it hit my area at the time, but half my apartment complex lost power while we didn’t. Lol. Def not worthy of adding to your recap, just wanted to share how I missed out
  15. Cells popping up overhead
  16. Rough day for the Ravens organization, first Ferguson and now Siragusa dead too
  17. It’s brutal. I just needed rain, which hasn’t made it over the Carroll county border
  18. HRRR not giving me a lot of confidence on getting rain before 6pm
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