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  1. Her dance studio is already on top of it, the director reached out and said they are going to plan a small show with her Company dancers so she can dance. Just for her. To say I am touched is an understatement. We’ve found quite a family at the studio.
  2. Happy birthday to you! And thank you, I am waiting for an appointment for the state per their test to treat program, so I’ll be okay. Just heartbroken for my kid who will miss her dance recital she has been working so hard to prepare for. Lots of tears this morning.
  3. I have a cough that hurts at the top of my chest, but otherwise okay. Feeling terrible for the kid, who is still testing negative, but we presume it will only be a matter of time before she tests positive too.
  4. Aaand I’m positive this morning. Kid misses her dance recital. I hate everything
  5. Is a derecho still on the table? Or just supercells?
  6. .76” some nice rumbles of thunder overnight
  7. Have faith! Should be raining at your house and I’ve heard some thunder
  8. Thank you! Glad your daughter is feeling better, good luck to her!
  9. I hope it storms, have no where to go so might as well storm
  10. Chelsea Ingram is now doing weather for WBAL leaving WJZ
  11. thank you! Glad that treatment helped you!
  12. Thanks friend. He has some other underlying conditions so was good for him to take it and help limit severity
  13. He is vaxxed and boosted. So far it’s very mild, loss of smell/taste, some congestion and mild body aches. No fever. He’s still asleep so will see how he feels compared to yesterday and two doses of the meds.
  14. My husband has Covid. Kid and I testing negative. He’s on paxlovid so hoping he is okay and we stay negative. Weeeeeeeeeeeee
  15. Ended with just over a half inch here
  16. Really? It rained here from 330 until almost 6, picked up .38
  17. Sunburn for me lol
  18. Only sprinkles here, not even a pity rumble of thunder
  19. I just need a good rain shower to knock down the pollen.
  20. sooooo just another day in the mid atlantic with severe chances?
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