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  1. I’m tornado warned worn out for today. No more please
  2. My mom in Pasadena said it would come out briefly before going back in, so yeah not much
  3. More broad rotation up near me. Pann was just talking about it on-air Can't get shit done with work now, so thats it for me today hahahaha
  4. Pretty sure its going to overflow
  5. it seemed broad on radar. The one warned east of me just skirted by. Absolutely pouring though. warning has been cancelled.
  6. thanks. warned one to my west is cancelled, east one is SUPER CLOSE but should miss me just on the other side of 83 pouring rain
  8. holy **** did the EAS alert just scare the shit out of me
  9. that will miss you. going east.
  10. yeah. I'm on it. Work is under the tornado warning to my south, saw the rotation to my west. Def a tornado on the ground in AA County, TVS popped up briefly on radar
  11. ya. just emailed work about it. i'm surprised its not warned
  12. oh boy. it does have a look to it That's good you got the alert. My mom is in Pasadena, should miss her to her east. Looks like it will go towards Lake Shore/Gibson Island (she's closer to route 2, along 648)
  13. its just you. enough with the bust and whiff shit.
  14. Up over 1.2" after a cell came through, winds still out of the E The stuff to my west is going to be here soon, I think. I might just be west enough to be on the edge of the heaviest stuff.
  15. Kid is home safe. Was in a lull for a little bit but looks like cells popping up to my south.
  16. I'm surprised it doesn't extend into PA
  17. still NE/E wind up here too. Been pouring for a bit though. Over 1" for the day
  18. Glad to see schools being proactive. Even if the severe threat doesn't pan out as end of the world stuff, the rains will be problematic enough.
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