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  1. seeing blue skies to my west. dogs are outside and filthy dirty. they sure do love playing in the mud after it rains. bastards.
  2. Rain pretty much through now, total on the day 2.65", storm total: 3.20"
  3. Up to 2.40 now since midnight
  4. Carroll County closed Under a severe thunderstorm warning currently, absolutely pouring.
  5. 1.02 since midnight .50 yesterday
  6. I didn't take it that way, you're good!
  7. pretty nice downpour right now
  8. 3:21pm is when it officially happens for us. So, if I understand how equinox works correctly, that is when the suns rays are exactly perpendicular to the equator, where it is 12hrs day 12hrs night split evenly on the earth. Then the shift slowly happens between now and the winter solstice to be in the southern hemisphere.
  9. At zenith, or straight overhead. Runs north to south, happens at the same time for everyone worldwide. But obviously depending on timezones, the time at any location during it is different.
  10. Happy Birthday to @Baltimorewx!!!
  11. lol actually haven't read it much. yesterday was a crazy monday at work after vacation.
  12. This Monday is the Mondayist Monday ever.
  13. Sweet, came home to a lovely fall like forecast. Sure beats the heat and humidity in SC
  14. Home station showed 0.01 yesterday despite storms going through and the warned cell that was in Harford Co. lol
  15. Had no idea it was launching. Sadly a thin layer of clouds when it came by so didn’t show up well in pics, but the engine dropping startled us lol just a big bright orange ball falling into the ocean
  16. By total accident, we saw Space X go by, and their first engine drop into the ocean out from our place. We were on the balcony looking at the ISS coming by and saw a rocket instead very cool!
  17. Hope everyone is having a great week
  18. Thankfully being friends with your old ass makes me feel young
  19. We always liked Peppa too. Tough when they grow up hahaha, K now watches a lot of Disney shows instead of cartoons including the remake of All That which makes me feel very old lol
  20. Beautiful morning in Garden City
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