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  1. no such name has joined. but thanks for the heads up.
  2. That's fine. Late next week looks rainy anyways, but thankfully only a day of it. I dont mind seeing it if it stays off the coast. When we went last time Humberto passed by one day, was still sunny on the beach, but waves were up. Otherwise, it was great.
  3. As long as they stay way from the South Carolina coast next week, find with me
  4. One more sleep until the beach!!!!!!!!!
  5. Mindy will probably cause swells too for the first few days of our trip, but we will be fine. Cannot wait to go
  6. My beach forecast looking good for most of next week Temps in the low 80s along the coast, nights near 70, rain chances to end the week but that's okay.
  7. 1.1” from last nights storms
  8. Same for me! The Gettysburg and north part was booming. Constant flashes, anvil crawlers, even some shooting out the top.
  9. Nice light show for the passed hour, first the stuff that went through Gettysburg, then the line that filled in. Rumbling to my west now
  10. mappy

    Winter 2021-22

    you're now comparing apples to oranges. ACE isn't used for tornadoes
  11. mappy

    Winter 2021-22

    I'm not familiar with it.
  12. mappy

    Winter 2021-22

    no, storm size isn't a parameter when calculating ACE
  13. mappy

    Winter 2021-22

    Are you me from my junior year of college? I did an end of the year project on ACE values from hurricane seasons and their correlation to the winters that follow
  14. Its a good observation. Our 'severe' storms are lame compared to the plains lol. Its also worth noting that we've had two tropical systems come through, prompting quite a few warnings.
  15. I briefly went through only those within LWX out of 50 warnings only 9 produced tornadoes 3 on 5/3 1 on 6/3 2 on 7/1 3 on 9/1
  16. 91L better do its thing and get a move on to the atlantic
  17. Damn right. Did a ton of yard work we’ve been ignoring. After all the rain the weeds came up pretty easily
  18. Homeowner looking out backdoor, tornado is off to his right behind trees but you can hear the roar. 2 min or so later it hits his house, he and dog are in basement. House shakes, alarms going off, pitch black. He comes upstairs and walks to that front of house window to see what just came through. the video is 3:45 min long. That tornado was moving really fast. Scary.
  19. Nightmare fuel. For as much as I love following the weather, I am terrified of tornadoes and flash flooding after seeing everything they can do.
  20. Oops, meant to post this here in banter
  21. This is a really good thread
  22. The apartments that flooded in Rockville, the water was up to peoples chins in their apartments, and those weren't even underground.
  23. the three that died was an 80 something yr old, the toddler and the toddler's parent (I believe) So yeah, I think in that case you have only one able bodied person to deal with what was happening... so sad.
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