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  1. 31 for the low down here near FXBG
  2. Dang, yeah very different here. Working in yard with the sun, it actually is pretty warm.
  3. Talking about today.....actually not to bad here around FXBG, sun peeking out occasionally and temp around 60-61. Feels nice outside
  4. 1.24” with the overnight event, lots of lightning around FXBG, but highest wind gust was 41mph.
  5. Currently 82/67 just NW of Fredericksburg. Hope to see a light show tonight with the lightning, although, the rain amounts could be pretty heavy (1”+) over a few areas.
  6. 1.28” so far down here around FXBG, brings the monthly total to an even 7.00”
  7. Don't know if it matters down toward FXBG, but sun came out and we are at 67/48.
  8. Ended up with 0.68" of rain (a lot more than I expected) from last night into this morning, it mixed with some snow toward the tail end so I guess I could record a trace of snow as well.
  9. Really good storm moving through just NW of Fredericksburg right now. Heavy Rain, Lightning, Thunder and just had a 44 mph wind gust. ETA: Severe Thunderstorm Warning just issued https://twitter.com/NWS_BaltWash/status/1247607555137757184/photo/1
  10. I’m so pessimistic on this whole thing, but what else is there to track so.....all in I guess
  11. I was casually interested, now I’m a bit more than casually interested, but with the way this winter has gone, I won’t feel great about it til it melts Saturday, lol. Been some good North bumps so far, Here’s hoping they continue.
  12. you don't happen to have a QPF total map?
  13. Its for this alone I don't hold much hope around Fredericksburg. Snow TV/White Rain yes, but with the airmasses we've had, anything more than that feel like a pipe dream unless things change (here's to hoping)
  14. Yeah, been following that a bit. Thinking river flooding (in addition to flash flooding) may become an issue later this week. It’s not winter weather but at least it’s boring weather. 5 inches of rain in some places in about 36-48 hours or so according to EURO
  15. Think you’re referring to February 2009 around Lancaster, PA. Narrow band set up and absolutely dumped on parts of Lancaster and Chester county.
  16. You’re not kidding. Grew up near Scranton, PA. Was 7 for 1993 and 10 for 1996. In high school for PD2. Then I decided to go to school in San Antonio and love there for a year after school (2004-2009), it was a great time, but dang did I miss big east coast snow storms. Got a job and moved to DC in August 2009, wow what a year to move to DC. Lived in Philly for 12/2010 and 1/2011. And now I find my self outside Fredericksburg. 2016 was great, but man oh man, I cannot wait for the next one. That’s what keeps me going, knowing eventually everything will line up and we will get buried again. You’re absolutely right, you can never get enough!
  17. Light Snow and 29, NW of Falmouth, VA eta: shocked it’s snow for the time being, because the band around 5:30 am was heavy sleet. 2nd eta: sleeting now....so about ten minuets of snow, then sleet and now again back to mostly snow.
  18. For comparison, this is EZF at the same time frame. Still not much of a warm nose at there at 18z, it's probably sleet in EZF
  19. Agreed, this as is, is pretty nice, but there is definitely room to improve further......hopefully.
  20. The 6z GEFS shows snow in Mexico City, I know it's like 7,000 feet in elevation, but how often does Snow in Mexico City happen?
  21. 11/12- T 12/11- 0.2” 1/7- 1.0” Total- 1.2”
  22. Heavy Snow and 32 just NW of Fredericksburg ETA: roads have caved