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  1. Hopefully that will hold, going now from mid to short range.
  2. Looking more and more likely, LR model suites are locking in
  3. You can now do a snow chase to Madrid Spain
  4. Nam, just dealt a significant uptick in snow for K.C. area. Now shows 3-4 inches
  5. I have to admire you for that
  6. As mentioned yesterday, we have multiple shots at the cold white smoke
  7. Still a few more chances in the coming days
  8. Surprised to see the radar lighting up this far north near KC
  9. I believe we will have two to three more chances in the next 7-10 days. We are in a pattern where we can score without true arctic air. Stand by.
  10. Getting rocked pretty well in Platte City, 6 and counting
  11. High clouds rolling in after partly cloudy day, 35 for a high today. Expect snow around midnight...Happy New Year everyone
  12. Sharp cutoffs with the snow via Nam, but where it snows, you will know it.
  13. Most activity in this forum I have seen. I came from the mid Atlantic forum where it never snows.
  14. Nam bringing the business to K.C. on New Years Day