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  1. About to be over here in the next hour in here in the West End Henrico.. owell at least a saw a good snow shower with a nice cool breeze ha No accumulation
  2. Sorry I left there.. Now in western Henrico just very light off and on flurries/snow showes here
  3. It's off 295 about 10 mins south of short pump more of a very light snow now
  4. Light flurry here off of Brook Rd VA Commonwealth
  5. anyone know where the line is now.. snowing in Chester now right?
  6. well honestly nothing was to start here until after 3-4 pm anyway.. so we will see (of course It looks like the storm is moving a little faster then scheduled)
  7. Well not gonna give up complete hope YET... Some filling in still going on .... Enjoy it in Norfolk should be a good one down there...
  8. Yeah as I mentioned earlier the decent precip line is drifting even farther south... so unless we somehow get some backfill off the ocean that looks pretty doubtful now the way the storm is headed it looks like we will just get some pity snow flurries-/showers anywhere north of chester
  9. What interesting is seeing the back fill in from the ocean back into the southern VA area almost to us...
  10. and FWIW its there is a rain shower in Chester at the moment from that line.. Prob is getting the heavier precip up this far.... You can clearly see the line on radar right under Chester down toward Martinsville VA
  11. ha ha I know its most likely Virga but a decent band was forming that's why I asked if anything was hitting the ground.... If we dont have anything by 7pm I dont expect us to get anything measurable . This system is moving quickly
  12. "CLOSE" Being the key word Either this or this
  13. Yeah Its def hitting a brick wall if you look back of the storm in Nashville TN area and everything drifting south... to me the boarder or VA/NC somewhere around roanke rapids nc looks to be the sweet spot .. Storm def looks to moving quickly ... looks to be a little front running band headed to chester area is that producing anything?
  14. Lynchburg VA is already reporting rain from some overrunning precip.. so guess we will see