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  1. Most storms this season haven't missed. It's just been just been too damn warm
  2. Yeah, another storm where it will be very warm just hours before the storm.. We will see what happens. But hopefully don't lose the precip again before the temp drops.. Probably won't know know exactly what will happen untill Sat evening lol
  3. A little bonus streaker dropping in for some of us , for the next hour
  4. What radar are you exactly looking at that dosnt show the light snow on it? Looks like the 2nd band southwest of us is drying out so who knows if we will get anything else in this area after this first batch comes to an end
  5. Doubt it will last much past 3am here. We are back to the light/barely accumulating snow here for now. Looks like we will have a break for a bit, then hopefully we can avoid the dry air and get the 2nd batch to fill in coming up from the southwest part of the state if it doesn't die out. Prob about 1/2 to an inch here in Glen Allen
  6. Back to Moderate snow here in Glen Allen prob getting close to an 1/2 lol
  7. The heavy Bands make all the difference for sure.. hopefully we can hit another one b4 the storm heads out and the dry air moves in
  8. Yep, looks like we hit a nice band, roads starting to get covered here in Glen Allen .. band seems to be moving east into RIC, so back to light /smaller flakes for the moment here
  9. Yeah, starting to mix but if course it dosnt matter when it's still 39 Need some heavy rates now ..lol
  10. Just rain here in Glen Allen.. looking a tad better with precip so we will see
  11. The cloud tops have lowered, definitely darker out there now..
  12. Well we will find out how good the models really are in the next few hours . The temps are still is in the mid 40s anyway, but models are showing dry air moving in right when the heavier precip gets to this area and basically put up a wall around the Richmond area.
  13. Gonna need to cash in during the transfer here. The 6pm -10pm timeframe will be key hours here if we get anything measurable or not, most likely... (Assuming the models are right and the dry air takes over again)
  14. It's more where the storm is developing and yet again we are right in the middle of the two storms. So dry air is what is the killer again as the Main storm transfers over to the coast.. We could get lucky if we get a good band to hit but the models have all been showing the transfer point for the snow right around this area . Owell enjoy the pics from the north/coast if none of you are heading that way
  15. Not gonna be fun looking at the radar for the next day or so.. It's gonna look something like this for this area. Just getting fringed & missing most if not all of the good precip. This current one now, looks like a runner sprinting away from our area .lol F Dry air .lol Let the radar hallucinations begin
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