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  1. I'll take the over unless this thing takes a quick right and really speeds up.. of course that's what is pretty much expected... I'll just hope for a good downpour with a band for the OVER .3 edit.. owell I was wrong.. dosnt look like any more bands will make it out this way.. owell. ha
  2. looks like some outer bands from the hurricane are starting to come through the state... Would be interesting to see if any big storms/tornado's come up this far.. Def is felling tropical at the moment... Wilmington, NC radar https://weather.com/weather/radar/interactive/l/facf0cf6c21c3d11d04112d44542f76f1d54b2d7745168aacf4f04c4115231a5 Richmond, VA radar https://weather.com/weather/radar/interactive/l/6cd5f8297c7fc8a538e1f342171c0569f98ba22caa58df360a02096e7e677b0f
  3. NWS Newport/Morehead NWS Newport/Morehead (@NWSMoreheadCity) / Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/nwsmoreheadcity?ref_url=https%3a%2f%2fwww.americanwx.com%2fbb%2findex.php%3fapp%3dcore%26module%3dsystem%26controller%3dembed%26url%3dhttps%3a%2f%2ftwitter.com%2fnwsmoreheadcity%2fstatus%2f1169626122981527554
  4. If the storm doesn't come closer as currently expected you should be fine. The shoreline isnt that far from the boardwalk already...so if the storm somehow does get closer you may have a hard time finding a place on the beach... Fyi... There are great outlets just b4 you get into Rehoboth on rt1..(tax free shopping ) Henlopen City Oyster House is a great place to eat IMO. Or you can stick with the cheap eats on the boardwalk at DoggieStyle, Thrashers (Fries) or Gus & Gus (Chicken&Fries) Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk Webcam | Visit Delaware Beaches | Rehoboth, Bethany & Fenwick https://www.visitdebeaches.com/live-webcams/rehoboth-beach-boardwalk-webcam/
  5. Here is a good article from miaminewtimes.com that list several public missing/found people & info sites. Just an FYI..These are public boards/list & may not be all updated/accurate. https://www.miaminewtimes.com/news/bahamas-residents-use-social-media-to-find-family-relatives-after-hurricane-dorian-11258379 http://dorianpeoplesearch.com/?fbclid=IwAR0qNxq9bkqgzXuQFnxstEbM_VtbUsdSbDoNRljS-LXnVJtCCO6lA0g9WLo Abaconians Reunite https://m.facebook.com/groups/939911119429037/
  6. What will be left of the storm is The big question..Once this storm gets really moving we will know more.. Till then it's a guessing game.. Rain/surge really could be the main threats in some places now
  7. Bahamas Press (@Bahamaspress) bgg Check out Bahamas Press on Twitter. ONLINE NEWSPAPER and MEDIA WIRE. https://twitter.com/Bahamaspress?s Bahamaspress.com | The Real News in The Bahamas http://bahamaspress.com/
  8. Wilmington, NC Weather and Radar Map - The Weather Channel | Weather.com https://weather.com/weather/radar/interactive/l/facf0cf6c21c3d11d04112d44542f76f1d54b2d7745168aacf4f04c4115231a5 Myrtle Beach, SC Weather and Radar Map - The Weather Channel | Weather.com https://weather.com/weather/radar/interactive/l/Myrtle+Beach+SC?canonicalCityId=2ba6193899a8c0c8b67388e752aae7129168bd9c13a52114b374c823ddf7f1ec Charleston, SC Weather and Radar Map - The Weather Channel | Weather.com https://weather.com/weather/radar/interactive/l/b3477bb7d4d53e5e9491d54c1468347fead05005f24b71aeb718feaa0157309a Kitty Hawk, NC Weather and Radar Map - The Weather Channel | Weather.com https://weather.com/weather/radar/interactive/l/Kitty+Hawk+NC?canonicalCityId=297bd14c54dca4f1e742ef419d37056546694cf78aabde3747f51a6b3df2a76c
  9. U must of not looked at things like twitter or YouTube lately ha... Anyways still IMO this news station near Freeport in the Bahamas is one of the best bets currently for the local info/video of the storm . Anyone who has Roku or a streaming service can view... On Roku Bahamas- ZNS Tv https://znsbahamas.com/http-original-livestream-com-houseofassembly/ Facebook. ZNS News.com (The Official Page) - Home https://m.facebook.com/znsnewsoffic
  10. Wide incredible vapor loop showing everything expand ... The system in the gulf and behind the storm both need to be watched also..
  11. Didnt see a specific thread for news stations or live info about Hurricane Dorian...So I figured I start one.. Anyone who has Roku or a streaming service here is a kinda low quality, but very good live news station out of bahamas brodcasting info/ storm footage at times. On Roku Bahamas- ZNS Tv https://znsbahamas.com/http-original-livestream-com-houseofassembly/ Facebook. ZNS News.com (The Official Page) - Home https://m.facebook.com/znsnewsofficial/
  12. Not sure if this is the right place to post this but. . Anyone who has ruko or stream service there is a live ..kinda low quality mainly news/info but showing just live footage at times. On ruko Bahamas- ZNS Tv https://znsbahamas.com/http-original-livestream-com-houseofassembly/
  13. https://www.star.nesdis.noaa.gov/GOES/floater_band.php?stormid=AL052019&band=09&length=96 Looks to me the whole hurricane is starting to increase in overall size...