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  1. Rap and the derpy derp look super interesting up this way. Any further southeast and you could be in for a pleasant surprise.
  2. Boy I sure would love for that to be right but it always tends to overdo literally everything so there’s that as well.
  3. Yea trends this afternoon for Sat system have def become interesting to say the least. Euro looked great.
  4. Yea southern/central into northern va getting nuked at 138. S/w looked healthier starting at 126.
  5. Pouring snow down now but temp still 34. Gorgeous at the minimum.
  6. Congrats on the snow there! This is one of those “snow tv” type of days here. Nothing really sticking but it is really pretty outside. Larger dendrites starting to fall as that last band starts to push in from Blacksburg. Curious if Disc got anything out his way
  7. The band that’s formed down this way just west of the blue ridge looks like it means business. Been watching that thing for a good 30 min and it has continued to strengthen. Pearisburg is getting the goods. Hoping this continues to march this way. Congrats to everyone north of here cashing in. @psuhoffmanand @nj2vakeep em comin
  8. Very nice band starting to take shape just off to my west. Will be thee opportunity if there’s going to be one. Been watching it for about 30 min and it continues to strengthen. Temp has been going down nicely. 37/28
  9. HRRR been pretty darn consistent with that 81 band from about Blacksburg all the way up into Winchester etc Nam attempting to show something similar
  10. Nam is strictly a NW VA type short duration event.
  11. 00z HRRR delivering the goods up this way. We’ll see what the Nam has to say
  12. Good to see 18z 3k with more precip. Been running awfully dry since the upgrade awhile back.
  13. Damn! HRRR escalated things quickly although it’s long rang HRRR so I’m taking it with a grain of salt. 12z Nam was more aggressive as well so maybe I waived the white flag too soon.
  14. I don’t want to be Debbie downer but I smell a bust on this one. After seeing the 6z gfs just kinda go poof with the qpf it kinda put the nail in the coffin for me
  15. 0Z 12k Nam looking more GFS like each and every run as we draw closer.
  16. Yep was just going to literally type that. Icon looks more gfs like as well with band in SVA. I guess if I set goalpost for 2” I’d be pleasantly surprised and happy for that matter.
  17. I’m def not discounting any of that by any means. I agree with you for sure. My expectations are below tempered like basically expecting the grass to get coated lol so no disrespect taken whatsoever. I thoroughly enjoy this forum and the people that are in it. Your posts are always very fact based
  18. This is what I was alluding to. I’m so far on the nw fringe of the forum no one can really relate. Still a 2-5” type ordeal here but it’s still on an island with that.
  19. I was literally about to quote you from yesterday about this. As soon as I viewed the model and saw it I laughed bc I remembered what you had said. Never fails!
  20. Man gfs on a complete uninhabited island of its own
  21. dude 84 hr frame it’s just dumping snow down your way. That was a really nice run and 5h looked very nice as well. Better dig with the energy
  22. I hate these kind of storms man. Geographically you and I get stuck in no man’s land because southeast crew could care less about mostly cloudy skies and most of the MA crew is all around DC northern VA area hours from us so it’s like we don’t have a happy medium
  23. Where do you get access to RGEM that early? I checked pivotal and TT
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