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  1. The 2 cells to the south west look really nice on the live feed
  2. Watching Pritzker, Illinois, Restaurants will be allowed to have Outdoor seating in Phase 3 with restrictions. In 9 days. Also state parks etc
  3. Another nice line coming up from the south with distant constant rolling thunder rumble in the distance. Classic spring night time tstorm training helmet on. Hope it stays healthy
  4. Soaking in the classic night time mid spring t-storm training that I love. Went for a walk earlier with activity to my south creeping up with a flash here and there spidering out behind a moving towering cloud top in the distance. Humid with the wind at a stand still. First close battlefield rolling thunder rippage just came followed by healthy downpour that’s commencing. Nice night ahead Reading up my Kelly Heroes mid/late spring night timing tstorm training mode.
  5. Came back earlier from a walk. Just in time I thought as the light show just south from here in Joilet was sparking and creeping up. @RyanDe680 are you seeing it? Going to be nice tonight. Activity creeping and knocking on the door now
  6. Became dark quickly about a half hour ago. Got clipped by the southern edge of the storm with pea size hail again. Went through quickly heading ESE around 60mph
  7. Currently 74 degrees with Dew point at 58. Have the balcony open, had a couple bangers hit already with the first storm coming in. First night time mid/late spring/summer storm feel of the year. Flashes and rolling thunder intensifying. Awesome. See how well the back one holds. Some hail hitting now! Pea size sounding. Was very brief. Eastern dupage.
  8. Looking at the radar, it seems like it’s starting to unzip in central Missouri. Seems to be the start where the possible/would be string of pearls going over the Mississippi River in an hour or 2
  9. Lol at people looking to point and blame their political rivals. This was going to set fire whether you were skeptical or not. Move along.
  10. I was at the gas station last night holding change and beer. Made me think that everything around is now a risk from this point on. Continuing to wash your hands alone isn’t going to cut it. I believe they’re going to start giving out some type of a card to show you’re tested and clear to allow people back in public places etc. But even then, how will you know if one gets infected the next day? Vaccine. Which isn’t going to be for awhile. Which is going to be bad. The city life, gone. It’s going to be hard to regulate. Also storm season ahead. God forbid something happens on top of it. Rough.
  11. 22 cases at a nursing home by me in Dupage county. Might be more. 1 death. 60yr old woman.
  12. Woke up to weather channel showing 8-12” for Chicago and I’m like came here and starting looking around and I’m like game still on. No final call yet, but feeling confident 8”+ around here in Oak Brook. Coffee should be ready now
  13. Nice light show to the north of me. Around buffalo grove area based on radar. Some nice horizontal streaks showing definition and height of the storm. Flaring every few seconds. Also just saw the area was under a tornado warning under an hr ago for lake and north central cook counties.
  14. Think this speaks for itself. I freeze framed it and showed it to a friend of mine who isn’t weather inclined and she says it looks scary. 2nd one is from a few hours ago.