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  1. My girlfriend’s parents were evacuated. They are within .5 miles from the plant. They heard a boom and got alerts on their phones. Her mom was mad because her dad was taking time in the bathroom lol They packed extra things in case they can’t go back for awhile etc.
  2. Was just outside for the annual town garage sale. Had pop up showers and Thunder going around us for awhile and it finally started pouring on top of us. Mowed the lawn yesterday with the tractor and was worried the grass would dry out. So this current down pour is very nice. Finally heard some thunder activity. Only took til June 11th around here lol
  3. Definitely can feel the dry 90 today with the humidity at 23% and dews at 46. Didn’t break a sweat that much. And with the home ac system down at home. Nice breeze today too.
  4. Warned now for Duval, McMullen and live oak counties in south central Texas.
  5. Forecasted to be a future F5 lol. Googled extra info earlier and came across this: “The 1996 Oklahoma F-5 tornado was a major tornado that touched down 25 miles SE of Wakita, Oklahoma. The F-5 twister is the strongest tornado with wind speeds up to 300+MPH, the tornado developed after two systems (The F-4 Wakita tornado and one unknown system), the twister spawned in a field and believed the base was a mile wide.” Saw this as a tribute to Bill Paxton and thought it was cool^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^835943665046540288|twgr^|twcon^s1_&
  6. Watching a chaser live on it. Looked like a nice scud a bit ago. But keeps driving out of view lol
  7. Still love that movie. Love the soundtrack too. Remember when it first came out at blockbuster I was 12 and it was rented out. I ran back home to get more money and buy it on VHS instead. Still try to save it yearly to watch it when our first somewhat severe tstorm comes at night in spring which hasn’t yet. Maybe later this evening finally lol Speaking about F5s.. I’ve been rereading the May 22 2011 Joplin Tornado thread. What was strange is on pg 25 someone posted about the El Reno Tornado.... with it’s ef-5 rating being measured on radar. Couple posts down someone replied saying it’s because a research team used a mobile radar and got it’s surface to near surface measurements close to it. I was thinking wait wasn’t the El Reno Tornado in 2013? Are posters able to go back and edit their posts? Started double checking and saw there was another “ef5” in El Reno in 2011.. similar circumstances to the 2013 one. That’s remarkable. Surprised that slipped away from me. Was probably more focused back then on the April 27 outbreak and Joplin and completely glanced over the 2011 El Reno one being a ef5.
  8. That band shifted a couple pixels just south of 88. Hopefully it comes back up a smidge lol
  9. Snowing pretty nice in eastern dupage along 88. Just came in from shoveling. Adding to the trench like paths along the sidewalk and driveway. Keep it coming
  10. Getting some decent wind driven snow here in eastern Dupage. Covered everything. Up north looks nice
  11. My GF is a nurse in Dupage said they noticed things seem to be getting better in the area. They’re well staffed now with extra workers by her (a lot were off sick past couple weeks) and can take a day off but she doesn’t want to. Less admissions are coming in the covid unit too. That’s good news at least that things are leveling out around the area.
  12. What’s hard to understand here? Trying to be healthier and exercising more benefits both physically and mentally to combat the effects of covid. People simply have more time at home, and have been adjusting whether they work from home or not. There’s a lot of cases about people being bored at home and start day drinking. Being stressed etc. If one wants to bike ride more, get in tone more by doing push ups at home etc, AND it helps lower the chances of a bad covid fallout in ANY degree... Its a win win. Yes, there’s people who don’t have time or the energy. True. But there’s a lot that do. And it’s widely documented there’s a lot of people having difficulty finding what to do with themselves being at home always. Jumping to accuse people of fat shaming or calling them “middle class white dude” is uncalled for. And not “facts”.