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  1. That band shifted a couple pixels just south of 88. Hopefully it comes back up a smidge lol
  2. Snowing pretty nice in eastern dupage along 88. Just came in from shoveling. Adding to the trench like paths along the sidewalk and driveway. Keep it coming
  3. Getting some decent wind driven snow here in eastern Dupage. Covered everything. Up north looks nice
  4. My GF is a nurse in Dupage said they noticed things seem to be getting better in the area. They’re well staffed now with extra workers by her (a lot were off sick past couple weeks) and can take a day off but she doesn’t want to. Less admissions are coming in the covid unit too. That’s good news at least that things are leveling out around the area.
  5. What’s hard to understand here? Trying to be healthier and exercising more benefits both physically and mentally to combat the effects of covid. People simply have more time at home, and have been adjusting whether they work from home or not. There’s a lot of cases about people being bored at home and start day drinking. Being stressed etc. If one wants to bike ride more, get in tone more by doing push ups at home etc, AND it helps lower the chances of a bad covid fallout in ANY degree... Its a win win. Yes, there’s people who don’t have time or the energy. True. But there’s a lot that do. And it’s widely documented there’s a lot of people having difficulty finding what to do with themselves being at home always. Jumping to accuse people of fat shaming or calling them “middle class white dude” is uncalled for. And not “facts”.
  6. Nicely stacked. Can see a 3D effect
  7. Some intense looking cloud tops starting to pop up around the core
  8. Wondering if the pin hole is teetering those cold tops around and causing it to look not as organized and if that second outer ring will ultimately broaden it out in the future cycles. Trend and timing. Going to try to look back on past pin hole radar examples to study their evolution and possible outcomes
  9. My GF is going back to work tomorrow at the hospital. She showed no symptoms. After 10 days they’re allowed to go back to work not showing any symptoms. I feel ok too. So far. Tomorrow will be about 2 weeks in total.
  10. They should make it mandatory to wear masks in stores. I’ve seen people walk around in some without a care in the world. it’s not hard to wear a mask. And not covering your nose when you do wear one is completely ignorant. Do it for others safety at least. And like I said I have a fair view about this situation. It’s a difficult one.