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  1. Current mesos appear in tandem. appears a more northern/nw track once and if the other meso swings around east
  2. Visually, Ida is essentially text book for an intensifying eyewall at present. You get deformation from isolated intense cells bursting within the eyewall, this leads to mesos. Also radar is still long range with the beam height above ~25 k ft at this time, so it is possible the reflectivity dbz of the core band will become more of a bright ring as Ida gets closer and the beam reflects from lower is the eyewall. We're essentially limited to the higher/most intense elongated cells at this height. Do more dominant meso(s) have an effect more or less of steer. Wobble more or less?
  3. Currently based on Radar, with a possible more dominant northern vortex. This looks like currently it’s goin straight northly Dynamically it can pull some of the rest northerly in natural fluidity Next hour will be interesting
  4. It’ll be a mixture of highly engineered drones soon I’m thinking. Later human presence will be then evaluated. there will be humans in the thing I’m guessing either way always obviously regardless
  5. It’s been getting that other look now very recently. Looking more balanced wrapping around Into a more circular disk. It’s intensifying as we speak. if this took a step west yesterday right before Cuba between San Juan y Martinez and Sandino… we’d have a classic buzzsaw by now. edit: this is why I was focused a lot yesterday right before it was hitting western Cuba. If it jogged west just a bit before hitting land. The little farther westerly track would of had this set in buzzsaw prime mode by now. Low elevation. Quicker exit. More time. it’s been intensifying as we speak. Those light bumps yesterday chugged it a bit. Even if by mere hours
  6. It seems the current track has the center going between San Juan y Martínez (which has a elevation of 70ft) And Guane which has an elevation around 82ft. If it was tracking more to the East, maybe the terrain there would of had a little more of an effect (200-300ft). Even then, it wouldn’t be that much imo. Edit: Looking at the last 2 frames it looks like it took a good step west. might go over Sandino area. Which has an elevation around 33ft.
  7. Have to see if it’ll close off soon. Based on Radar, it certainly has been trending in that direction and continuing. Can’t remember off the bat in recent memory seeing one close off right before/on landfall.
  8. The line is losing some steam on its way to Chicago. Sucks. It had some nice frequent lightning and ctgs a bit ago.
  9. Showing power outage in Boone county, IA. Cell looked impressive rolling through on radar earlier.
  10. With dews above 70 today, a pop up is now getting steam and down pouring after midnight producing some faint rumble activity . Air smells phenomenal. Missed those nights for awhile now.
  11. 83 but it’s been feeling sticky today with dews around 72. Might get some thunder action soon in a few minutes.
  12. The comma head looks really nice right now.
  13. Shifted northeasterly towards us nicely past hours. Nice swirl on the velocity on the svr warned by Princeton. Showing some nice gusts
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