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  1. Memphis definitely guna come into play here soon. Was sleeping on today apparently.
  2. Think it will be a pretty different situation come daylight unfortunately.
  3. If this manages to cycle once again I’ll be blown away.
  4. Oh yeah that hook is definitely coming back around. Very similar to its previous cycle.
  5. About a half hour ago it fully cycled and wasn’t even severe warned, only to rapidly intensify and drop a monster. Let’s see if it can do it once more.
  6. Looks heavily rain wrapped at the moment.
  7. The little kidney bean near Shannon MS has exploded from nothing the last few scans.
  8. Agreed. Currently working with extreme effective shear on the order of 80+ kts. Will only move into better SRH with time.
  9. Think I saw that too. Looked like the Hackleburg storm in terms of just being so massively wide. If that whole thing was indeed the wedge.
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