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  1. Was thinking the same. What an incredible storm.
  2. Appears to be picking a perfect time to cycle. Hope Jasper made out okay.
  3. Confirmed large and extremely dangerous. Brutal.
  4. Certainly seems like a pretty impressive environment right now given the slight risk. Interested in how this develops.
  5. Here’s my favorite shot from the event. This is right as it wound down. In a winter that seemed absolutely doomed (sorry it still may be for some), this was a gorgeous day. Zero rain to deal with, high end rates throughout, didn’t have to deal with any driving, it really was a fantastic N GA winter day. Hope the tide turns for the people that missed out.
  6. Radar says we’ve been done. Atmosphere says not yet and keeps delivering the same steady monster flakes we’ve seen all day. What a memorable one here. Should finish close to 5”
  7. 3.5” and counting. What a beautiful day. Can’t stop won’t stop, rates just picked up once again. Incredibly consistent.
  8. 2” and counting so far in N Gainesville GA. Been ripping nonstop for over 2 hours now. Temp has been bouncing between 31-32. Some of the biggest flakes I’ve ever seen forsure. Looks like plenty more to go. Will take pics when it’s looking close to winding down.
  9. Intensity has picked up very quickly here. You love to see it!
  10. Finally seeing first flakes on the north end of lake Lanier in Gainesville. Returns look juicy back west, hope she comes through.
  11. I will be heading up to Gainesville tonight and will report back with pics and obs hopefully as the event progresses. After being essentially blanked last year, a few inches would be a nice consolation prize for this "winter."
  12. Parents have a house up there on the north end of Lake Lanier in Gainesville. May have to make the trip up tonight. Models last night had me interested, seems like it's game on. Not expecting a whole lot but could be some real pretty scenery.
  13. In SVR news, currently a tornado emergency in Alexandria, LA. This looks pretty devastating.
  14. Made it up to Hogpen Gap yesterday up in N GA and was nicely surprised by the color still around. Perfect day too, almost 65 and not a cloud in the sky. Here's a shot I thought was worth sharing.