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  1. Looks like it. Relying on KHGX now.
  2. Gusting to 98 at Lake Charles Regional Airport. Worst of it is on the doorstep for them. https://www.wrh.noaa.gov/mesowest/getobext.php?sid=KLCH
  3. Looks like the NWS said screw warning the individual cells rotating in and just threw up a tornado warning for the whole band east of the eye.
  4. Anyone know how high that cam was? If I recall I thought I read it was 9ft but can't confirm.
  5. Mark Sudduths Cameron webcam (cam8) should be getting inside the calm eye in a matter of minutes now. Maybe we will be able to see something other then a wall of grey and see how high the surge is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3bwtnmk1lA&feature=youtu.be Edit: and its toast....might be underwater now and can no longer transmit.
  6. Yup. As bad and as horrifying as Laura will be, I couldn't shake the thought today that Laura could of been one of, if not the worst natural disaster in US history if it came ashore 100 miles or so west into the Houston metro. This is of course no condolence to the folks about to lose everything in SW Louisiana.
  7. Quite the photogenic storm up this way.
  8. Sunrise before the storm in Hampton. I must admit my expectations are low but we shall see what happens.
  9. Haha oh man I happily forgot Big Joe even existed. I remember 16 year old me tracking hurricanes and I thought that dude was the GOAT of forecasting tropical systems....ohh how much I've learned. But anyways, when should I start boarding up in Hampton?
  10. Tropics looking pretty open for business as the AEW starts cranking come early August in addition to what's already out there now. ECMWF spaghettios is pretty eye opening for the first week of next month. Things are shaping up to be a pretty wild year, lets see if we can get a storm to finally swing up our way.
  11. Looks like this could turn in to quite the active day. A lot of short term models are holding that line together right to the coast. Starting to see some broad rotation on this cell in Maine as well.
  12. Decent looking shelf cloud looking west off my back porch in Hampton.
  13. Damn, those velocities on radar down by Woonsocket are no joke. I got split big time here in Hampton, ground is barely even wet. Temp went from 86 down to 62 in an hours time though right on the coast.
  14. Might as well revive this thread as it looks like the tropics briefly turn active in the WPAC and BOB. TD 01 in the looks like it should make landfall in the Philippines as typhoon as conditions look quite favorable ahead of it as it tracks around the subtropical ridge. The ECMWF solution in the BOB is what really grabs my attention however. It's never a good thing when the Euro is showing a storm as such in this region. Long ways out on that one so things will most definitely change, but the potential is there.
  15. Wasn’t expecting to get blasted like this on the coast with wind. Easily 35mph plus sustained right now with gusts to 55-60. Funny I’m not under any wind advisory...that last storm that walloped the south shore it didn’t even gust above 40 here.
  16. TDS on SE Texas storm. Warning definitely needs to be extended. Edit: right on cue, classic donut hole on radar.
  17. Gusted to 69mph at KMLU as it passed through. https://mesowest.utah.edu/cgi-bin/droman/meso_base_dyn.cgi?stn=KMLU&unit=0&timetype=GMT
  18. Ready to bomb out, you guys are going to keep getting crushed as this thing gets going in the GOM. Jealous.
  19. Thinking about taking a ride up to the lake house in Ossipee after work and staying the night but it's not looking great for that area, just a little to far south and not much elevation...plus the whole don't travel if necessary thing would make me feel guilty about going up there. Hopefully we can score some decent storms later and I''ll be keeping an eye on the coastal flooding at home, definitely been a nuisance for some folks the past few tide cycles. This weekend is looking increasingly nasty in the south. Dare I say we could see a high risk day on Sunday issued by the SPC? 12z NAM soundings are pretty crazy across southern areas of MS and AL.
  20. I knew you would be on top of posting this once I saw them expand it. Looks like an active severe wx week for much of the country. If the Euro is right the southeast really has to keep an eye out on this weekends threat.
  21. 12z NAM gets the coastal going a little sooner again. Could be a coastal beat down with the astro high tides.