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  1. Top of wildcat looks fun. Cannon webcam looks pretty boring though
  2. Rebuilding our pack here in Hampton
  3. Ya it’s actually borderline moderate snow in Hampton NH. Sitting at the bar having a beer waiting for my to go order and it’s starting to stick to the cars. 34f here, pretty impressive for April 1 with the marine influence I get.
  4. Crappy lighting for a photo, but you get the idea. Fatties falling from the sky.
  5. Thank you. Snowing lightly on the coast for about 30 min now but looks like a good squall going to pick things up soon.
  6. https://www.bostonglobe.com/2021/03/31/metro/national-weather-service-launches-final-weather-balloon-chatham-site-office-closed-due-coastal-erosion-threat/ Anyone got more info on this? Just curious and it’s behind a pay wall.
  7. Live news stream shared from the southeast forum.
  8. Damn...anyone watching the cell southwest of Atlanta? NWS Peachtree might be taking shelter shortly. 1206 AM EDT Fri Mar 26 2021 ...TORNADO EMERGENCY FOR The City of Newnan... ...A TORNADO WARNING REMAINS IN EFFECT UNTIL 1215 AM EDT FOR CENTRAL COWETA COUNTY... At 1206 AM EDT, a confirmed large and destructive tornado was located over Newnan, moving northeast at 55 mph. TORNADO EMERGENCY for Newnan. This is a PARTICULARLY DANGEROUS SITUATION. TAKE COVER NOW!
  9. Great post. Obviously the survey will tell the whole story, but this a great analysis of the radar representation.
  10. Went from drinking a nice IPA on the porch while playing some acoustic guitar in the sun to that fog rolling through in a matter of minutes. Not great...but I’ll take it over being in the southeast right now!
  11. Just doing a real quick guesstimate that’s like what 6-8 mile southeast of the tornado that passed through earlier?
  12. Ya agreed, looks like junk on normal reflectivities but velocity scans are still damn impressive. That’s a rough spot for a radar hole. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if that’s still producing a significant TOR considering its history....back to mostly lurking for me. Stay safe down there today and keep the great posts and info coming.
  13. Quite a bit cooler in Hampton today then I was expecting. Still plenty nice enough to fire up the grill later though for the third day in a row! Also wishing for a good outcome for our friends in the south. Birmingham metro is under the gun in a bad way. ~65dbz debris ball on this sucker as well
  14. Great points havoc and great conversation, it’s why I love this forum. I would say most people would recognize the SPC maps even if they don’t know the agency by name, maybe that’s a different problem in itself. We are definitely in the niche here and sometimes that’s hard to remember. TV Mets like Spann do a phenomal job putting it into layman’s terms. Having said that I’d still love to see a change up of how the SPC issues it’s enh/mod/high outlooks. About to join a long conference call for work so I’ll have to take off for a while but I hope to hear more suggestions.
  15. I’m well aware of that, but does that convey the right message to anyone but weather nerds or meteorologists? Does the general public really look at a D2 MOD outlook and say “Shit this could be a really bad time tomorrow?” Talking with my friends and family that’s a huge no. But I’m born and raised in the northeast, perhaps I underestimate the weather folks are prepared for in the Deep South. Edit: I feel like these people are also relying on local media instead of the SPC as well, which honestly might be a good thing.
  16. My only gripe with this (no matter if you fall on the more conservative or aggressive side of this forecast) is the absolutely absurd scale in place. What percentage of the population is looking at the discussion compared to just looking at the overall rating? The SPC shouldn’t have to issue a high risk to convey the risk at D2 but I think maybe they should because saying “moderate” doesn’t concern the ceiling of this outbreak at all. Why write in “violent long track tornadoes are possible” if we are just going to say mehhh, this is moderate aka literally meaning average.....
  17. Ya definitely not cheap, and not trying to drag politics into this to much but obviously it is intertwined. The cost is minuscule even if it only saves a few lives. I’ve read it cost somewhere like 1.5 million - 2 million a year just to keep one active duty service member in Afghanistan. We could spend our money in better places, but I don’t want to beat the bush here and ruffle to many feathers in this thread...it’s prob best saved for a discussion at a different time.
  18. That’s absurd, I did not know that...with the insane amount of money we spend on other things that’s just crappy our politicians can’t agree on something seemingly smart and simple. And obviously the NWS is a government agency, but does congress really have that tight of control on the budget? I figured they approve a certain dollar amount and then it’s up to the NOAA/NWS how to allocate or am I grossly mistaken?
  19. Current trends don’t support long track violent tornados overnight in my opinion. Sure as hell hope I’m right. Nocturnal violent tornados are straight up nightmare stuff in the southeast. Either way hope all the folks down there stay vigilant and stay tuned into the warnings through the night. Worse atmospheres have produced way more serious TORS then what we have seen so far.
  20. Ha! Not a TOR but Selma getting hammered again by a supercell. That’s just outright insane what they’ve gone through today. Would love to see a zoomed in loop from today’s radar from there.
  21. I mean come on is this the third time today Selma has at least had a decent shot at a tornado? Just ridiculous in terms of the probabilities of that happening... There was definitely that one confirmed earlier.
  22. Choo choo the tornado train. F having this aimed down your doorstep.
  23. Ya bad choice of words on my part, but looks like Jackson area could be good once the line passes through. One TOR warned cell on that line but not to impressive on velocity scans.
  24. From earlier today. Looks pretty big but the base is obscured by the hill...from what I’m seeing these tornadoes don’t look super intense but there’s sure as hell a lot of touchdowns. That’s obviously a premature observation with a long way to go, hopefully it stays that way. Anyone else think MS might of kinda dodge a bullet as well? The main line of storms is getting ready to move through Jackson. https://mobile.twitter.com/meteodon/status/1372299928018558980
  25. Yup, that’s all I’ve been watching from this system. Going to be a long evening down south and tomorrow looks nasty as well. I don’t give a crap about this storm here...screws over any of the ski areas from late season snow which is all I care about this time of year.