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  1. Then it would have been the best.
  2. larvay

    Early August Wx Discussion

    It's cool that you're raising them as though they were your own.
  3. larvay

    Blizzard Observation Thread Feb 8-9th 2013

    Very light snow in Chicopee for the past few minutes.
  4. larvay

    Fab Feb. SNE Banter/Disco Leggins

    Not with any great frequency, from what I understand.
  5. larvay

    Fab Feb. SNE Banter/Disco Leggins

    I can't supply any data as to yearly averages, but when I moved to Northampton in '73 I quickly learned that any storm of 6+ with little or no taint was a major win. 2/78 (15-16") might have been our first legit 1-ft. storm in those first five seasons.
  6. larvay

    February 2-3rd 2013 Clipper/Redeveloper

    Wow, your folks did a number on you.
  7. Your grammar will never suck as much as that disclaimer does.
  8. larvay

    Summer Preference

    If it's warm enough for A/C, it's definitely too hot. Also, it should rain frequently, preferably with vivid lightning.