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  1. Mostly sleet now as visibility way up.
  2. Some pingers mixing in SE Sussex County but still mostly snow.
  3. Will be very interesting to see where axis of heaviest band begins to set up over the next 2-4 hours. Those 30"+ outputs on some of the most recent models is pretty crazy. I will keep expectations tempered some and expect 20ish inches but realize that 30" is a very realistic possibility. Can't measure till is actually on the ground. Enjoy!
  4. Light snow in Sparta, NW NJ. temp 27. Early start equals likely higher end of forecasted range.
  5. 2/16 President Day Storm Obs

    16 / 11 changed to sleet.
  6. 2/16 President Day Storm Obs

    Temp and dp again down another degree to 17 / 11. Still a light NW wind. Moderate snow continues. ~2-3"
  7. 2/16 President Day Storm Obs

    Both temp and dp down another degree to 18 / 12. Wind still light out of the NW. Moderate snow continues. ~1.5-2"
  8. 2/16 President Day Storm Obs

    Moderate snow about 1.5". Interestingly temp has dropped back to 19 from 21 and dp as dropped from 15 to 13. Winds very light but out of NW.
  9. My wife and I visited Buttermilk Falls located in Walpack, NJ on this sub zero Valentines Day morning.
  10. Spent an hour or so at High Point, NJ earlier this afternoon. I estimate winds were gusting 40 to near 50 as I could almost fully lean into the strongest gusts. Back home currently 6 with a wind chill of -6.
  11. 4pm 20.4" w/ 2.2" past hour. Still heavy snow but rates now in the 1-2" / hr range.
  12. Sparta, NW NJ 20 / 15 Wind N 8-12 gust 15-20 Heavy Snow 20.4" (2.2" past hour)
  13. I agree. Surprised me some. Though rates seemed to have now backed off a touch. Maybe 1.5-2"/hr.