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  1. Down to 26 with moderate snow. About 1/2” down. Sparta, Elevation 900’
  2. Just track in Zulu time. Problem solved
  3. 2.7” thus far. Intensity varies from light to short periods of moderate snow.
  4. Flurries here with scattered light echo returns.
  5. All snow here with solid ~0.5” on all surfaces.
  6. Précip type is currently dependent on intensity and secondly elevation. All snow here at the moment but expect to go back to mix with lighter area of precip rotates in from east in next 30 minutes or so.
  7. Snow starting to mix in here in Sparta. 900’ elevation. Probably all snow or mainly snow in the parts of town at or above 1000’.
  8. Mostly sleet now as visibility way up.
  9. Some pingers mixing in SE Sussex County but still mostly snow.
  10. Will be very interesting to see where axis of heaviest band begins to set up over the next 2-4 hours. Those 30"+ outputs on some of the most recent models is pretty crazy. I will keep expectations tempered some and expect 20ish inches but realize that 30" is a very realistic possibility. Can't measure till is actually on the ground. Enjoy!