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  1. I was at 2.52” as of 5:45pm via the Stratus rain gauge. That’s total since yesterday evening. Some of the heaviest rain thus far has been in past 1/2 hr thus likey closing in on 3” at this point.
  2. That band Forky mentioned from this morning over NNJ and a persisting arching band afterwards accounted for about 2/3rds of my event total. The Stratus measure 3.02” for the entire event.
  3. You would be correct here. Compaction is keeping pace with additional accumulation especially since last evening and over night snow was of more dense nature which is enhancing compaction of the fluff underneath.
  4. This is insanity at this point. Make it stop! Another 3” over night ... accumulated measurements at 33”. And still snowing!
  5. 30.3” as of 9:45pm, Sparta, NW NJ w/ ~2” in last 2.5 hrs. This is my last measurement for the night. It’s possible last couple of measurements have been impacted by wind as they picked up about 3-4 hours ago but still generally under 15 with occasional gusts 20-25. OTG snow depth at this point is remaining steady at about 25”. Snow over the last few hours has had less fluff factor and a bit more dense thus seems to be enhancing compaction.
  6. My Wx station died a while back and haven’t replaced it as of yet. I usually run a degree or two colder than Andover Aeroflex. What’s your total at? Radar finally showing some signs of weakening some. Still another 1-3, 2-4” thru tomorrow seems plausible.
  7. 28.3” as of 7:30pm. Sparta NW NJ. More winds last few hours which may be affecting measurements at this point. With compaction snow depth sitting at about 24-25”.
  8. I know it appeared to back off some an hour or two ago. In the last hour while out clearing the driveway it definitely picked back up. Probably 1 to 1.5” / hour now and no end in sight or at sight.
  9. I was over 25” two hours ago in Sparta. There will definitely be a 30” total somewhere and perhaps 36”.
  10. 25.6” as of 5:15pm. Sparta, NW NJ. Due to compaction snow depth closer to 22-23”. Intensity has backed of and thus snow a little more gritty now with less fluff factor. My guess snow rates here will be closer to 0.5”/hr thru the remainder of the evening.
  11. Glad to see your amounts continue to mirror mine. I’m closing in on or just eclipsing 24” at this point. Snow depth on the ground with compaction running about 2” lower than measured accumulated snow per last measurements.
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