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  1. Just under 4". Looking great out there.
  2. HRRR wants to put a couple more down in eastern areas after midnight.
  3. UMass campus had over 3" around 6pm. Just under 3" at home.
  4. Had to drive to Amherst for my covid vaccine. Roads have about 2-3" on them and a usual 25 minute drive took almost 40.
  5. Same here and wunderground radar shows 30 dbz lol, starting to see more and more though the past couple minutes.
  6. Mobile, Alabama crippled for days with 2-4" of snow lol
  7. Really wish this thing was a bit further west for @USCAPEWEATHERAF. Would be awesome to watch on radar. Edit: From looking through older ones the good part is the GFS does tend to model them a good 75-100 miles NE. Have to wait until Thursday.
  8. Random observation looking back on previous Norluns in Maine and NJ, Reggie has done quite well with them 12-18 hours out. Beautiful one Fri-Sat for downeast Maine.
  9. Yea comes in like a wall then swiss cheese. Be nice to see in the day light hours.
  10. Going with 3" here. Somewhere in the Tolland Le Massif to Lunenburg snowbelt there will be a 6-7" report.
  11. I absolutely love those rugs, just makes a room feel more comfortable imo.
  12. Was just going to post that. Think v16 might be even better.
  13. Absolutely agree. Do you mean NYSkiblog? Harvey is the man, have had some good times with him at Magic. Gore is a sneaky good mountain in general. Not many places where you can take one lift and ski 1500' of woods back down but RIP Dark Side Lift Line. Other than some of the lower mountain cliffs of MRG it was one of the most challenging around. Could get into a rhythm easier and not landing flat like the lower Birdcage cliff. Every time I look at this pic my neck hurts.
  14. That rug looks like it really ties the room together man.
  15. This would be interesting. https://unofficialnetworks.com/2021/01/21/big-squaw-renovation-proposed/?fbclid=IwAR24rXsCZ0hiXKQ0aPAYrJHUnSEnk9S75EsVionJYMuIssVu12VwQRGjSDY