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  1. VIX is climbing. My tin-foil hat says Hedge Funds are behind a lot of the crypto pumps. They need it. Edit: Borrow rate for AMC >70% LOL, godspeed to all those involved on that.
  2. If it really went nuts (got >$1) and started to be supported by places like Coinbase then the ride would keep going. I'll be curious if those April peaks of .40-.48 act like support now from the bottom falling out.
  3. Well, there could be a day or two this year Gamestop is the most valuable company on the planet and Ryan Cohen is the first trillionaire so...lol
  4. Damn that is a great idea, will have to try it out. I'm truly amazed at how well it performs. First time since we bought the house 3 years ago we have been able to eat dinner on our deck.
  5. Elon Musk hosting SNL, already making "Doge-father" jokes on Twitter, I wouldn't be surprised if it was >$1 come Sunday morning. I had fun from .08 - .35. Problem is so many people use Robinhood they will turn off buying again/say there are technical issues like they did April 15-16 when it peaked. That would be my primary concern. January 27th still haunts me.
  6. So far just a couple moths along with the flys and mosquitos.
  7. Not sure if it was the late snow but lawn is looking rough. Thin with lots of clover and chickweed. Still early, leaves just started to show a little. I'll start spoon-feeding some urea this week to push some top-growth to see if I can't block out the "un-wanteds." Still a ways away from milo type given the cold temps. l Edit: Ranted a few times earlier in the year about how bad the mosquitos and flys were. Did some homework and discovered "Dynatraps." HOLY ___ are they amazing. Have one about 30' off our deck and it has cleared them out. When from not being able to be outside past 330/4pm to outside all the time and haven't seen a mosquito in over a week. Would highly recommend.
  8. Would love a "Downeast" type summer.
  9. Dalton cleans up wherever he goes.
  10. One way to tell is the taste/texture. The "old legend" I've heard from DCR folks is it takes about 12-18 months for the diet of the fish to change the meat. I can see some truth to it. The stockies are more soggy/mushy no matter how you cook them, thus why I make a version of "crabcakes" with the meat. Whereas native fish/long-term survivors the meat flakes and chips, so those are filleted and seared/baked.
  11. Agreed, those natives are hard to come by. I'm always nauseous when I see people taking tons of smallies from the Quabbin to eat or "fertilize" their gardens. Damn things take a decade to get 4 lbs. Speaking of the shallow lake trout convo from earlier. Stumbled across one the other day while smallmouth fishing in about 12' of water. Went 28" and just over 7 lbs. I looked down and couldn't see the blade bait with its mouth closed and knew he would be moving on to the big pond in the sky. Us and our neighbors enjoyed him for dinner though. Did get a couple dozen bronzebacks between 3-4lbs.
  12. Really got into finance a few months ago but I'd bet Archegos was the tip of the iceberg and I'd bet many funds have engaged in similar crazy leveraging practices. Seems like cryptos (e.g., Doge) and penny stocks being pumped and dumped to raise $ in ways only whales can (e.g., CXC was $0.01 mid February and hit $3200 earlier this week). Banks are claiming all is well, selling tons of bonds, and closing locations (e.g., BoA). Bread and circus like the Roman Empire to distract. Goalies - I'm all in on Swayman and he will probably have "sophomore slump" in the next year or two.
  13. 9.5" on 4/16 62.5" on the season. edit: forgot PMs
  14. Just under 9" and no signs of slowing.