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  1. Had a great day out last Thursday. Went out of the CT River-Oxbow section around 11am. Fished the main river for smallies until about 2pm. Current was just too strong, not even a follower. Went into the Oxbow flipping the jig around wood for an hour. Nadda. Frustrated after 4 hours without a bite I started throwing a suspending jerkbait in 10-15' of water in front of the wood I was just flipping and that's when it got fun. Boated about 15 largemouth in 90 minutes, only one fish under 2 pounds. Biggest was 4-11 lbs., best 5 went about 17 lbs. My best bag out of the Oxbow. Water was 43-44* in the main river, 45-46* in the Oxbow. The week prior I had a 5-11 largie and some other good ones from the wood when the water was 2-3 degrees warmer, I think it just was not warm enough for them to move onto it so they were suspending just off the hard cover. You can notice the bellies on the fish, they had/were seriously feeding up for winter. Notice the talon scars on the top of this 4-11 right below the spiny dorsal fin. Some bird almost got her when she was younger. This jerkbait has been absolute magic this year for fishing more than 10' of water on the Quabbin and CT River. Strike King is making decent baits again.
  2. I really need to read up more to fully understand the NFT and gaming area. Seems to be an interesting intersection, the main meme stock has been hiring as many NFT/crypto folks as they can recently. SAND and MANA are green in a sea of red today.
  3. Looks to have found some good support, reddit has only jumped on board in the past week. It was my first crypto buy at about .45, I've DCA'd up to about 1.05 and am still holding. I'm used to stocks so probably should have taken some out but I'll learn. All the Github "leaks" and GME responding on twitter to the rumor make I may take my cost out soon/if an announcement is made and let the rest ride.
  4. My dyslexia got me in this post. I saw LC in the quote, immediately jumped to LRC, saw your comment, and thought "No!" lol
  5. Grabbed GOEV weeklies at 11, 11.50, and 12.00 yesterday morning were $15-25 a piece lol. Ran to $13 in pre-market twice. First and maybe the last time I ever play weeklies, but I'm watching the meme plays from next week until February, lots of exposure and the stars look to be aligning again.
  6. Always had this view. Took the plunge a month ago and now instead of doing work I'm learning everything I can about crypto. Never thought I'd say it but there is a lot less BS involved with prices/volatility than dealing with stocks/options imo. The latest BBBY after-hours run due to their buyback followed by all the meme stonks pumping the next 24-hours just confirmed my suspicions about ETFs and I don't see myself playing with stocks much more.
  7. Winds are cranking. A few gusts around 40, sustained at about 20-25.
  8. Thinking it might be a good idea to throw some grub treatment down. Have a had an opossum in the yard eating the past three nights.
  9. I think November has had better skiing than December a couple times in the past five years. 38*, crunchy grass tomorrow morning?
  10. Crotched in NH probably has the best system around. When I was a Peaks holder in 2011-2014 they would "resurface" the entire mountain (~100 acres) after any liquid event or free/thaw cycle. Basically just blanket the mountain in 4-6", the conditions were always fantastic, rarely heard hard pack noises. They run into issues come February because they have limited water supply.
  11. Blue Hill has gusted to 45. I'd put the over/under at 64.
  12. Not sure about Superstar but I know North Ridge (Rime, Reason, Upper EF) area they can get enough base in about 12 hours, then a few hours of pushing/grooming to open.
  13. I think I will try Icelantics for my next pair of 110-115 waisted sticks. Any likes or dislikes? I usually prefer a super stiff ski with a little rocker.
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