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  1. Only reason I know of this is because the New England Historical Society on FB. They have some really interesting little reads. https://www.newenglandhistoricalsociety.com/the-deadly-october-gale-of-1841/
  2. So many roads closed in town. Just saw a FB post it took someone almost an hour to get to Ludlow (usually a 10 minute drive) due to all the road closures. Waiting to hear if the Quabbin access road is open. No point in trying to do anything else.
  3. This is unreal. We have moved to the middle of fhe house. Our living/sun room is getting pelted with branches and had a limb just miss the side of the house. I don't know if it is our exposure on this hill or what. Last hour has been better than Irene was in RI for me.
  4. What is happening right now?! We are getting thrashed. Gusts have to be above 50. Never seen wind like this.
  5. Rocking and rolling now. Some good roars.
  6. Looks like just north of the Mass/VT border is the spot to be. Another impressive cuplet west of Dover. edit: older return
  7. Tornado on the Mass/VT border.
  8. Brother-in-law in Manhattan on Pier 17 said wind is really starting to move in the past few minutes. Consistently >35 knots, no real gusts though.
  9. Some cells really starting to pop in western CT/Mass.
  10. Agreed, it's an afternoon and evening show.
  11. There was a western shift on models very early this morning. Precip shield looks further west than modeled yesterday too.
  12. One to the south looks like it really went nuts on velocity.
  13. Maybe some new trails at Berkshire East?