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  1. I think it gets overlooked stuck between Killington and Stowe/Smuggs. It is massive (Mt. Ellen is like 2600' of vert), their trail pods are ~1,500' or more, and it gets tons of snow. The trails have "character" and they open trails when most other places would not so that makes it fun. Stein's is one of the best spring-bump runs in New England imo. I had a season pass there for a couple seasons and it was well worth it even though it was a 3.5 hour drive each way. Even on weekends, I never waited more than about 10 minutes and that always from the base. Awesome to make the hike to Castlerock when they don't run the lift and there is fresh snow. When I was in the midst of internship placements I was pretty excited with Dartmouth, probably because it was only about an hour from MRV lol
  2. Really happy to see Wildcat getting at it this year with opening and some nice communication for a change. Now that it is only a 90-minute drive I might stop in. Anyone know what is up with Sugarbush? Not their typical early offering, Super Bravo being cranky again?
  3. Ha, glad to know some things don't change.
  4. Yea, I am not sure what it is but the Madonna Liftline, Robin's Run, etc. seem to need a lot more snow than similar trails with lots of ledge like those at MRG. That Madonna Liftline is as ass kicker though. In terms of exploring there are about a half dozen unmarked chutes and trails similar to Black Hole, some are a lot more technical and folks have put home made trail signs on them. Just the Sterling area is a ton of fun and has a lot of marked and unmarked woods that require less snow, more hardwoods over there than conifer.
  5. Did some people get their passes suspended for a few weeks to start the year? lol
  6. And some other things. If I remember right I think there are only three lifts at K that give you access to over 1,200 - Skye Peak, SkyeShip, and K1. I was just describing Wildcat to my wife tonight and she really wants to check it out now that is only a little over an hour away. That damn quad hauls ass and so much character in those trails.
  7. Whiteface opening top to bottom offering 3000' of vert?! That is atypical, right? Maybe showing they have the firepower to host some early races like Killington did in the years prior to the World Cup coming? I remember skiing mid-November on 90%+ man made at K, they would be T2B from K1 with North Ridge and East Fall, most of Snowdon open, and off of Skye they had most of Superstar, Skyelark, and Bittersweet open.
  8. Coming down good right now, coating on everything.
  9. About 2" on the deck, driveway and the roads have <1". Most of it fell between 4:30-5:30 this morning.
  10. I completely understand it now lol. Damn glaciers put beach sand all over the place up here.
  11. Just in the northern part of Gray. I see you're in Raymond, I fish Panther Pond quite often. Euro is on board for everyone north of the Pike.
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