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  1. Since our daughter has been born there has been a pandemic, murder hornets, and now these current events. I've been looking for a 666/Omen-like birth-mark.
  2. I know it was always a bit of a thing but first fews days of the month at grocery stores looks brutal. Driven by three and all had a 30+ person line to get in this morning. New normal?
  3. Yea that is a lot to maintain. When did you throw it down? First time using milo on my own lawn so I'm curious how long the iron brings out the chlorophyll and keeps the dark green, most iron sprays only work for a week or so.
  4. Nice jotul Thanks, she's a beast. Older two-door F400. Not the longest burn times but heats 1500' a little too well.
  5. What a great way to end May, impressive heat. Not much in terms of dews though. House never got above 64* today.
  6. Saw the pics on FB, looks like a few new lines. How much vert? lol
  7. Look for the peregrines. Love watching them and the red tails out the office.
  8. lol, only because June typically brings some heat. Hell you could spoon feed urea the next few weeks if you wanted to.
  9. Yup, left the windows open and still in one. Too windy to hit the Q so it's another perfect landscaping day.
  10. 66/33 with a 10-15mph breeze, leaves turning soon?
  11. When do you all throw down grub controls? I know June is the time but I have not seen any beetles yet but it is June so they should be coming. Been monitoring the rose bushes for damage. Had a serious issue with them and just put down Bayer to kill them last fall and earlier this spring.
  12. 0.17", drought buster. Refreshing morning with all the windows open and a good breeze.
  13. Radar more impressive than what was modeled earlier in the day. Each HRRR run is coming along too.
  14. Goalposts have already been moved to describe 83/65 as "oppressive", it will be "slightly oppressive."