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  1. LOVE the prancing moose emblem. Volvos > Subarus in the snow after my wife and I have owned one of each. Wouldn't mind a V90 with a 3" lift on it one day for a winter whip lol
  2. Finally some good cold. I think this is maybe the 6th day all winter we have had lows in the single digits.
  3. Nice! Only got another coating prior to the rain. Was not expecting this wind. Have some 2-3" limbs down in the front yard.
  4. Grass, woods, driveway is white. Some big fat cotton balls have been falling here and there. Loving it.
  5. Everything is white again. Guess it is something.
  6. I hope you get it but almost wonder if you would have more luck with a sneaky Norland? Parts of coastal Maine from Camden to MDI have got a couple in the past decade that put down 6-12".
  7. I was shocked to see them listing lower liftline as open with snowmaking. I know they have done it before but I didn't think they did it often.
  8. 2.5". Welcome back winter.
  9. That was getting worrisome. Quite the slot opening in central VT.
  10. Just under an inch. Pure pixie dust.
  11. Very surprised at it starting this early given the dry air modeled earlier. Anyone have any good reads on snow growth? Pounding pixie dust and got a quick covering.
  12. Cold stuff and decent lift. Ratios might surprise? Looks like lots of dry air to over come in the beginning though.
  13. Holy snow squall. We blizzz
  14. Nice to wake up to snow falling and whitening everything up.