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  1. Pretty amazing scenes this morning.
  2. Yup, never woke up to a frosted lawn or garden. Pretty wild.
  3. Ripping again to close....well it was a great winter folks!
  4. Snow and wind really picking up again. Just over 2.5"
  5. Yea, that area down to Webster probably jacks given the early bands with more to come.
  6. Plow just went by, then the mail truck slid about 20' past our box and into the gutter. Greasy roads.
  7. Wind picking up, some good gusts ~25mph. Here we go! [9 AM: Moderate-Heavy Snow Band] Moderate to brief heavy snow in the red-shaped area will progress eastward into central MA and northeast CT in the next hour. Expect a brief period of 1/2 to 1/4 mile visby and a quick inch of snow resulting in difficult travel.
  8. Nice! The best band is still to your west too.
  9. Inch down, roads getting covered, and the good stuff isn't even here yet.
  10. Thinking about heading up to Lake Wyola area. The road off 202 to the center of town climbs about 500' of vert in a mile and the center of Shutesbury is about 1250', probably a couple inches up there by now.
  11. It's amazing, happy others got to see it so I know I'm not crazy. I have seen 300-400' making a difference but never 100' over less than a quarter mile. Like a switch flipping.