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  1. PowderBeard

    The 2019-2020 Ski Season Thread

    Love it. Had a pass there the past 5 years. If you havent tried it get there. We have turned the mountain into one big glade lol
  2. PowderBeard

    September Weather Discussion 2019

    65*, all the windows are open, a nice 10-15mph breeze. Hoodies on. Awesome morning to get some yard work done. Fall is here.
  3. PowderBeard

    August 2019 Discussion

    There is a great new nickname for him.
  4. PowderBeard

    August 2019 Discussion

    Need baby wipes.
  5. PowderBeard

    SNE "Tropical" Season Discussion 2019

    Surprised no one has started wishcasting/discussing a Floyd-like track.
  6. PowderBeard

    Fall Foliage 2019

    Bay Rd and the north side of the Holyoke Range has been slowly changing the past 2-3 weeks. Same for all around the Quabbin.
  7. PowderBeard

    SNE "Tropical" Season Discussion 2019

    12z at hour 312? lol - Looks fun!
  8. PowderBeard

    August 2019 Discussion

    Temps in the mid-70s, DPs in the mid-50s, a nice breeze. This is coastal Maine summer weather.
  9. PowderBeard

    August 2019 Discussion

    Always hear folks doing with snow, why not play the "Best bands set up ~50 NW of modeling"-card for downpours? lol
  10. PowderBeard

    Winter 2019-2020 Discussion

    Got a firewood moisture meter yesterday and got my winter stoke going. Have about 3.5 cords <20% moisture for our new Jotul F600. However much of the red oak is still high teens and I would like to see it 15% or lower. Have another 1.5-2 cords of red oak seasoning for next winter that is already 20-22%. Pretty amazing it is all from gypsy moth damage and I only started collecting last fall. Still a ton more to take down around the yard and town.
  11. PowderBeard

    August 2019 Discussion

    We downpour, wet August.
  12. PowderBeard

    Summer 2019 New England Banter and Disco

    Absolutely nuts. Made me think about the stairs at K.
  13. PowderBeard

    New England Convective Discussion

    Same thing as previous deals. Everyone gets worried about the morning rain, too many clouds, then a round goes through mid-day/early afternoon, sun comes out and sets things up for the 5-8pm window.
  14. PowderBeard

    New England Convective Discussion

    Clouds in lower hippy valley are clearing out.