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  1. The moisture and flow look to be present for quite a while (overnight Thursday) for Bolton - north . Hope it just keeps going. I'm optimistic 24" could be on the low end.
  2. Been in a decent band for the past 20 minutes in Amherst. Nice to see before the incoming switch.
  3. Already took Wed-Thurs off work to head up. Can't wait to see that upslope start cranking.
  4. Inch down, streets starting to get covered. Decent band the past half hour.
  5. Flurries to a light coverage and decent rate in 20 minutes.
  6. First flakes in Amherst.
  7. I'm still new to this but in many cases last year the bands would set up 30-40 miles W and NW of what was modeled. I wouldn't be surprised to see western CT and the Merrimack Valley/southern NH do a little better than currently projected.
  8. Going to skin an early lap or two at Stowe tomorrow. Looking forward to it!
  9. J.Spin and PF, which radar do you guys use for those images?
  10. If they started doing this their season average would drop by about 60" maybe more lol. I cannot tell you how many times I've been there when they reported 2-3" or 4-5" and there is maybe a dusting. My favorite line of theirs is "it all blew into the woods".
  11. My eyes are glued to the MRG cam. Considering a skin up tomorrow since I have the day off.
  12. Anyone else in the Amherst/Hadley/Belchertown area hearing what sounds like thunder? Been almost constant for the past few minutes. Nothing happening at UMass. Weird
  13. Sorry, Matthew's track to hit NE was more like 4-5 days out. You're correct. Closer in the GFS was insisting on a track to sit just south of NE and the Euro put it OTS.
  14. Speaking of Matthew, that was quite the humbling storm. The disaster that was attempting to forecast Matthew last year should have shown everyone how even 2-3 days out there can be massive changes. 72 hours out it appeared as though a direct hit to SNE was imminent. Sandy was looking to run up into CT 48 hours out and took the hard left into NJ. At this point I would say the only thing we know is an east coast landfall is likely. Way too early to say it will be NC in spite of the consistency, we are still a week + out.
  15. Had a good 15 minute storm go through Amherst around 7:30 this morning. Still feeling pretty swampy.