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  1. HLM and other regression heavy stats then Bayesian for the win! Accounting for variance and predictive power is where it is at. I was weak in math (barely survived trig in high school) but stats is different than algebra, calc, etc. imo. Any much more useful - at least in research and predictions.
  2. "Wind" being the key at Jay - they have no problem shutting the tram and Freezer down for "wind" during slow midweeks in January and February. Is it warranted sometimes - sure. But it's an easy excuse.
  3. A t-bar at Jay would be nice so there is some way of skiing that place when there is wind or crowds are low.
  4. Best of luck! You'll be back! (I thought hip replacements were anti-bump surgery???)
  5. Looking forward to some flakes later but thinking more about a slick commute tomorrow morning in western and central Mass.
  6. Seriously - last November was nuts if you were up for earning turns. Magic was incredible prior to Thanksgiving.
  7. No winds to speak of but 3.55" of rain.
  8. Yea, why isn't there an obs thread yet? lol
  9. Did some reading on previous gales. Cannot believe some of those had Cat 2-3 conditions.
  10. 35* for a low this morning. Amherst has had multiple frosts the past two weeks but we cannot get one here. I'm guessing being a bit higher up has something to do with it. Want the mosquitos gone.
  11. Either way people will be posting first turn pics Thursday night/Friday am lol
  12. Think it will be colder here tonight. Already 41 with the woodstove cranking.
  13. Every pic of that area always looks bone dry. Does it bake in the sun all day? Is it compacted in or loose?