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  1. PowderBeard

    TODAY: July 17th-18th - Storms/Severe/Flooding

    Power went out for about 30 seconds. Lots of sirens coming from rt. 21 area.
  2. PowderBeard

    TODAY: July 17th-18th - Storms/Severe/Flooding

    First decent thunder, lightning, and winds of the summer coming through Belchertown area. edit: Just went severe warning here.
  3. PowderBeard

    Summer 2019 New England Banter and Disco

    Just like last summer. A quick rain and dews approaching 80 70.
  4. PowderBeard

    July pattern(s) and discussion

    Any snow left in the hole/caves? 2017 there was still 1-2' in late June.
  5. PowderBeard

    Summer 2019 New England Banter and Disco

    We have one in our neighborhood, it has an injured front-left paw and has a limp. The neighbors all said it has been around here for about 2-3 years. I have had 2 encounters with it since moving in but the dog has had more. Speaking of changing undies...his first time meeting the bear it was about 11pm and he was outside doing his last thing of the night. We had the windows and screen doors open and I heard a howl from him I had never heard before. At first I thought he came across a porcupine and feared it got him. I ran out our back slider, onto the deck, and began running down the steps. He met me on the deck steps going the opposite direction and immediately sat by the slider door shaking with his ears back. The bear was trotting through our back woods to get away. His one other confirmed encounter was similar but he spent the next 10-15 minutes shaking on the couch pretty terrified. Pretty happy he does not mess around with them but I rather he have that fear about coyotes than bears.
  6. PowderBeard

    July pattern(s) and discussion

    Not too humid, mid-upper 80s and low 60s at night, I can deal with this. Our house never got above 75* today, was 63* this morning.
  7. PowderBeard

    June 2019 Discussion

    Hoping the black flies stay away down here another week while the smallmouth are spawning on the Quabbin. It was almost unfishable due to a hatch of something in spots last weekend.
  8. PowderBeard

    June 2019 Discussion

    Yea 63 here. I don't know if much will compare to the "swamp" that was last summer. Just haven't felt this yet really this spring.
  9. PowderBeard

    June 2019 Discussion

    Low 80s today with a stiff south breeze and swampy. Should be some good boomers tonight.
  10. PowderBeard

    June 2nd Thunder Discussion

    Nice little line starting north of Great Barrington.
  11. PowderBeard

    June 2nd Thunder Discussion

    Another great spot. Why not make the quick hike up Monadnock? lol Goshen Fire Tower in DAR is another amazing spot. They actually still have an amazing scar trail from an F1/F2 from a few years ago through the park.
  12. PowderBeard

    June 2nd Thunder Discussion

    Going to head up to the Quabbin Tower area when it starts. Amazing views to the north and west.
  13. PowderBeard

    May 23/24 SNE/NNE Thunder Thread

    A tornado warned cell in NY earlier. It's already so cool and breezy in western mass after 2 quick downpours I can't imagine how these stick together and bring much. What keeps them going?
  14. PowderBeard

    April 2019 Discussion II

    Some of the better thunder and lightning since we moved in last July. Good stuff.
  15. PowderBeard

    April Discussion

    Funny. I fished almost exclusively for trout for about 2-3 years. Then when I started bass fishing, come April, I caught more trout with 4-5" suspending jerkbaits than I ever did with "little trout lures" and Powerbait chunks. Given the all trebles its a bloody mess with scales everywhere though. Stafford and Wallum you could go 7-8 casts in a row with a rainbow if you hit a school.