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  1. You might catch a decent storm this evening. Probably just to your north but close enough to watch for.
  2. Indeed. I wonder what the leafout situation is in the Monadnocks. Could be the right combination of heavy wet snow there and leafout?
  3. Put that 10 year “I didn’t get fired” recognition to work! I’m getting interested here. Perhaps excited for something historic.
  4. Euro stil looking like somewhat of a redux of 4/26/16 on May 2nd this year. I’m all for it.
  5. That’s my spot. You go over to the electrical box on 15 and cross some wires.
  6. Probably the best radar presentation of the season from KGYX.
  7. I wouldn’t be so hard on yourself. 4 days ago i had partly sunny, breezy and somewhat mild for today.
  8. She just said that to get you to stop texting her. :-p
  9. Yeah i have a mix of sleet and fzra here now. I think that 10 spot over my house is gonna be a stretch. :-p
  10. The first 48 hours are usually in by 2:10 am/pm. I’ll usually wait for it if something is going on.
  11. The models were still having problems with the interaction between the northern and southern stream waves. The 12z ecmwf seemed to have figured it out for the most part y’day. Once you close off a mid level low to the east of our location in March, it’s going to favor snow.
  12. The southern stream vort was/is pretty compact. Perhaps stronger and deeper than models predicted. As it continued to deepen you probably developed a stout northerly ageostrophic draw which aided in cooling the sfc-700 layer. Helped those winds to be more easterly vs se.