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  1. Your nest cam was used today in the office for awhile. Watched the downsloping do it’s work on the clouds.
  2. In addition, both the 18z nam and 18z hrrr have a s-n oriented updraft helicity swath over my folks house on eastern LI that extends northward into Old Saybrook CT.
  3. Wondering if the 18z HRRR has the right idea with gust speeds and general location of highest gusts. Seems reasonable for the most part.
  4. Interesting wind profile if it verified. WAA in H7-H5 later with CAA above it would seem to keep lapse rates nice and steep in that omega zone.
  5. This may be the most bizarre storm I've ever worked.
  6. get myself and a large group of people kicked out of a bar?
  7. "If this thing forms an eye I'll bust"
  8. I didn't catch your final total. What did you end up with? You about halfway to your seasonal avg yet?
  9. I'm sitting here at work just laughing.
  10. What would you have told me if I left my evening shift last night at midnight forecasting this...
  11. If you told me Dendrite would get 2” of liquid out of this i would have told you to get your head checked.
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