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  1. Ha, glad to know some things don't change.
  2. Yea, I am not sure what it is but the Madonna Liftline, Robin's Run, etc. seem to need a lot more snow than similar trails with lots of ledge like those at MRG. That Madonna Liftline is as ass kicker though. In terms of exploring there are about a half dozen unmarked chutes and trails similar to Black Hole, some are a lot more technical and folks have put home made trail signs on them. Just the Sterling area is a ton of fun and has a lot of marked and unmarked woods that require less snow, more hardwoods over there than conifer.
  3. Did some people get their passes suspended for a few weeks to start the year? lol
  4. And some other things. If I remember right I think there are only three lifts at K that give you access to over 1,200 - Skye Peak, SkyeShip, and K1. I was just describing Wildcat to my wife tonight and she really wants to check it out now that is only a little over an hour away. That damn quad hauls ass and so much character in those trails.
  5. Whiteface opening top to bottom offering 3000' of vert?! That is atypical, right? Maybe showing they have the firepower to host some early races like Killington did in the years prior to the World Cup coming? I remember skiing mid-November on 90%+ man made at K, they would be T2B from K1 with North Ridge and East Fall, most of Snowdon open, and off of Skye they had most of Superstar, Skyelark, and Bittersweet open.
  6. Coming down good right now, coating on everything.
  7. About 2" on the deck, driveway and the roads have <1". Most of it fell between 4:30-5:30 this morning.
  8. I completely understand it now lol. Damn glaciers put beach sand all over the place up here.
  9. Just in the northern part of Gray. I see you're in Raymond, I fish Panther Pond quite often. Euro is on board for everyone north of the Pike.
  10. I will never have the gray experience sadly. Started shaving my head in my mid-20s.
  11. Loving the move to Maine thus far. Wouldn't mind a snow on my birthday, don't think it has happened previously.
  12. When we sold out house we decided to rent our new house in Maine months before we planned to move because utilities were included. And it's an amazing house with a big garage. I imagine come April if we re-new the rent will be jumping up big time. We are very respectful about our usage though and take care of our landlord's responsibilities (landscaping, snow removal) in trying to be good tenants and hopefully it will not be too much of an increase. There are smaller and older homes around us with nothing included $600-800 more per month. Just insane. We would like to hold-off buying for another year but shall see.
  13. Seeing the pics and reports reminded me of living in RI for March 2010. I doubt anything will ever come close to that flooding event in RI. That was awful. Governor Carcieri calling is a "once in a 500 year event." A week straight of gridlock on major roads and highways because of closed roads, running pumps and shop-vacs for days on end without sleep. That was from two 6"+ events in a week span if I remember correctly.
  14. Well fishing in Maine is....incredible. Cracked a few largies over 6 lbs already, and it's some fun fishing. Not staring at electronics in 30-50' for smallies. Which is fun but got old after a season. I think I "over-corrected" in terms of boats. Went from out 16' with a 20hp Merc to this beast. Saw the posting from a gentleman far Downeast, couldn't believe it but was real but hopped in the truck and was worth a 5 hour drive to see. Ended up driving it home that night after a test drive. A mint 19+' Javelin, barn/boathouse kept with a new powerhead on the motor. One of the few bass rigs ever made under 20' that took a 225HP motor.
  15. Does it ever rain in NNE? Since we moved up to Maine I think I've seen water fall from the sky once.
  16. I always thought Quabbin translated is "wind from every f'n direction" lol Of course I move out of the swamp and it's finally cool down there.
  17. Yea this is definitely the toughest spring I have seen at the Quabbin. There were almost 200 boats out last Sunday and hardly saw any fish pics posted on the Quabbin FB forum. Smallies on spinnerbaits are super fun!
  18. Thanks! I'm ready for Maine after my last few weeks fishing in Mass are ending better than I could have dreamed of. Yesterday this one tied the mark of 7lbs 1oz for one of, if not the biggest, to come out the Quabbin. She was long, lean, and just under 25". Ate a heavy football jig in 15'. Thought I was on a rock, so I popped it, and then it took off like a striper. Jumped about 60' out and thought it was a solid 5 pounder. When she got closer to the boat I couldn't believe it. Swam away to drop her eggs later this month.
  19. Seriously, the wind has been so bad lucky to get out on the Quabbin 2 days a week. Constant 2-3 footers. Definitely the worst out there since I moved up here.
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