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  1. 1.5" new and some bursts throughout the morning. Wintery look in the neighborhood, our front hard is a 6" glacier.
  2. Heavier than I was expecting. About an inch down.
  3. Maybe it is because I don't ski the larger areas on weekends but I don't think people on their phones has ever been a real problem when waiting for a lift. The tin-foil hat side of me thinks it's because there are more pictures of lines than awesome conditions this season. https://www.vaildaily.com/news/vail-resorts-plan-to-reduce-lift-lines-includes-phone-free-zones/
  4. Sad to hear. Things happen and change too quickly. The incident at MRG a couple seasons ago when the young man was paralyzed really made me slow down in the woods in the early season. Freaked me right out. I look back and have definitely been beyond lucky. I saw on TGR there have multiple rescues that past few days.
  5. Berkie was fun this afternoon. Temps got into the low 40s so everything softened up around 2pm. East Glades, Horace's Grove, bike paths off Outback, and the unmarked stuff off Roy/Roger's were pretty fun. Tomahawk was a bit boney, only did it once. Could barely get an edge into the bumps on Liftline but it softened up after some sun and traffic. The Jug was fantastic around 3pm, the sun turned it into mashed potatoes. Route of the day was definitely Jug - Chief bumps - over to ungroomed side of Lower Cloud which I did 2-3 times. Could really zip then launch off some spots. I forgot how rough the landing was off the concrete piling at the top of Cloud if you hit it straight on, need to go off the corners. Just a small 4-6" event and all the ledges in the woods will be game on.
  6. Heading to Berkie now. Excited to see how its looking.
  7. Power was expected back on at 9:30, then 10, then 12:30, now 2pm. Time to go skiing after making breakfast on the stove lol
  8. I'm assuming the tracks poaching the lift line are his lol
  9. Over 6"? Figured you would do well on this one. Pretty happy with our 4" before it went over, compacted down to about 2" of slop now. @radarman, any idea how much at Berkshire East? First storm of the year on a holiday weekend and no report, got to love their communication! hahaha
  10. Underwhelming so far. Radar looking like Killington is on the fringes. Killington, Stratton, and Magic reporting 5" earlier. Friend at Magic said they are at about 7-8" now as the report was from 6am. The weird stuff, Mount Snow reports 8", summit cam shows 4". Okemo reporting 0" and the snow stake cam shows no snow either.
  11. Yea, by the time I woke up it was sleet. Rain started around 6am. Have the wood stove cranking and will get the generator going. Given the amount of line down and tree work that needs to be done it's going to be a bit.
  12. WTF happened? Our hill got smoked this morning. Woke up around 4:30 to some decent winds and about 4" of cement. From 5-5:15am the winds went wild. We had a thunderstorm this summer go through with 60+ mph gusts and I would say it approached that. Multiple trees down in our neighborhood and about 200' of power wires are down lining yards and the road. Limbs and broken trees in yards. Currently have a cop blocking off our street. No estimate on power as the winds are still gusting. Rest of town has power and all good.
  13. Damn! Definitely beats the hard ice at Mullins or Greenfield. I had to sharpen my skates at a different level when I started playing in western Mass rinks.
  14. Killington will do well but I'm going with Mount Snow/Magic/Okemo for the jackpot. East side special.
  15. Pretty sweet spot to be. Old Dutch Hill should get smoked.
  16. 18Z HRRR colder at the surface but warmer aloft than 12z for our area.
  17. I bet 15 minutes up 202 in Shutesbury at almost 1,300' gets a lot more than we do. Such a cool spot.
  18. Yea, I would save the time and call out for next Sun-Mon's storm lol
  19. I think we have more overs than unders on NWS maps this season. Previous deals like this we typically do 2-3" more than lower valley sections like Amherst and Northampton. I think @HIPPYVALLEY does well and pushes 6" being further north. Weenie mode: engage.
  20. 0.9. Love going for a run in this type of cold with a clear night sky.
  21. Happy to see the Bruins break the curse in Washington. Sometimes those visors do more harm than good. Anyone know what the trainer was trying to clog Marchand's nose with? Never seen that before.
  22. Belchertown screw zone. 9* outside but shorts and a t-shirt inside.
  23. Current wind chill on Mount Washington of -76. Damn.
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