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  1. Able to get out Berkie finally later today and this evening with some friends. Feel like bringing out the 80s neon ski attire.
  2. 1.5" on 2-22 .5" today 53" for the season.
  3. Good rates and flakes around 7am. Grabbed .5" before it quit.
  4. Got about 30 minutes of awesome rates and flakes before it switched over.
  5. This is wild. Raining less than a mile from our house at 500'. Snow line seems to be around 650'.
  6. 2" per hour stuff cranking now. A nice surprise. >1" down on paved surfaces so far.
  7. S+ and roads are covered. Going to be a rough commute home for some.
  8. Moderate snow with some good wind. Just starting to stick here.
  9. Breeze has kicked up here in the past 15-20 minutes, 35/26.
  10. 4" for 2-18/19 51" on the season.
  11. Surprised. Had 2.5" around 3pm and has been steady light/moderate snow since. Might be over 4".
  12. Nice. Didnt see a flake here all day. Freezing drizzle off and on throughout. All glazed up.
  13. Euro glazes north of the Pike into SE NH pretty well after a bit of snow. Mid/upper 20s for the duration Rt. 2 north.
  14. Just read the last 8 pages. So Cantore will be dancing in thunder-ice somewhere in CT?
  15. 3" for 2-9 47" on the season.
  16. Best rates and sized flakes of the day. Looking like 2.5" so far. Haven't measured yet. Side roads/streets are a disaster.
  17. All coated up. Pixie dust now, better band moving in soon.
  18. 3.5" for 2-7 44" on the season.
  19. The dude is a straight snake oil salesman. 3" here.
  20. Yea and looking at current temps there will be a lot more mixing/rain in southern areas. Surprised we went from 24* to 30* in 90 minutes.
  21. Thinking 2-3" here tops. Happy it's a Sunday and we can watch it snow. Thinking that area around Ginx and @MBRI for the jack.
  22. 12.5" for 2-1/2 40.5" for the season
  23. Memorable storm here mostly for the band that went through prior to and put down 2", being in a hole on radar for over an hour and getting 1-2" rates, and definitely the best winds of snow storm since being at our house. I have a 2'+ drift against our stone wall. Tough to get an accurate measurement. I took 8 so far and they range from 11-17".
  24. I am but we are in the same radar hole on the 3 I've checked.