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  1. Depends on what I'm fishing: Drop shot, tubes, small swimbaits, Ned rig, fluke = usually 6/8 lbs flouro leader to braid main on spinning Jig, grass fishing, spinnerbait, jerkbait, topwaters, blade bait = casting with 12-15 lbs flouro+ Lew's is making some quality stuff, especially rods. Most Quantum pro staff left for Lew's. That looks like a 6'10 MH rod in that combo based on the reviews? It really depends on the tip action, if it was a MH with fast tip it is a good all around rod for everything but treble hooked baits (other than swimbaits with big trebles). Treble hooked baits require an extra fast so they do not pull a hole in the mouth and fall out. In terms of fish weight, even a 2 pound fish in heavy grass/wood requires a heavy rod to winch them out. What type of cover are you typically fishing?
  2. Looks like some decent pitch, map reminds me of the Dutch Hill project with more of a trek in.
  3. Any truth to newer stoves and ones with cats needing wood that is really like <15%. I've seen a lot of discussion on FWH and Hearth forums that the old <20% rule goes out the window with newer stoves. Not so much getting going but when throttling down and secondary burn time I notice a huge difference in secondary burn for wood that is 13-15% vs 18-20% MC.
  4. Funny observation, when we moved in over 2 years ago I noticed a 25' ladder going up the neighbor's chimney. It has never moved since we have been here. They have a couple older smoke dragon stoves that burn anything. Split oak in the summer and burn it that winter. Needless to say the ladder doesn't move because he is always up their sweeping. Glad they are to the south of us.
  5. Yup! That is it. Just open the bottom cap and go. Best money I have spent other than on Fiskars.
  6. I was worried about having the double wall chimney and creosote build up because the outside is always exposed to cold and never gets warm. My first time burning with that type of chimney. I swept three times last year out of precaution and maybe got a shoe box full of junk out of it total. Shined a light up and the inside still looks brand new. Some of the kits you can buy that just attach to a cordless drill are pretty fantastic for a quick 15 minute sweep.
  7. Absolutely. The town took down some WB in June and when I got to it a few weekends ago I'd say half of it was rotted or getting there. I've noticed similar with other birches but not nearly as fast. All that being said, WB is my favorite to burn in terms of smell, easy of split, and just purdy when stacked. It's pretty rare to get around here along with beech/hornbeam and hickory.
  8. I'm always amazed at the folks who insist pine causes chimney fires. It's the perfect wood for cold/spring fall mornings when it is 35* out but will get into the upper 60s/low 70s. For splitting, the Fiskar x27 and IsoCore maul have been my go tos. Great work out too. Can take out any fresh ash or red oak round in a couple swings. Birch and Pine I wait to freeze or give a few months. I avoid elm when I can but there was a ton of it last year being given away. It's like trying to pull apart steel wool.
  9. Seriously. It takes forever to figure out how to move the heat around. Our stove is in the back and in a corner so a third of its output is blocked. And there is a second wall separating the room from the rest of the house except a large opening where a window used to be that looks into the kitchen. We have 12' ceilings in the stove room and use the fan to pull cold air up. Then a small fan angled to blow heat from the stove room into the remainder of the house. I also have a box fan on the floor to blow cold air from the front of the house (and least used) into the stove area. That said our front room will be 4-5* cooler than the stove room but not a huge deal when the back room is in the mid to upper 70s.
  10. LOL. We drove 3 hours each way for a day trip up to MRG. I clipped a small tree on the bobsled track heading out to the 19th hole and sprained my knee, went in pounded some Sip-O-Sunshines, then decided to poke around some rabbit holes around Paradise but not way out to Octopus Garden or the 3 Cliffs. Watching the GoPro video from my helmet later I didn't realize at the time I was singing and skiing to the Cha-Cha Slide.
  11. Got ya. Playing with the direction it runs can definitely influence how the heat is distributed.
  12. Do you have a fan in the ceiling of the great room?
  13. Yup, pretty funny to see people complaining on firewood/woodstove forums about oak taking 3 years to dry and not worth it. Best wood around but I never let it get below 12%, then it is just scary. I put some oak in that was around 10%, air vent completely shut, and watched the stove top climb over 700*. It spooked me a bit and I learned wood can be too dry. Thanks about the stove bright! I'll check it out.
  14. Anyone know anything about stove paint? We have friends put in a new soapstone stove two years ago and they just gave us (yup, amazing folks) their 15 year old Jotul - no cats but great secondary burn tubes. This area was once occupied by a TV but ye old man @MBRI and I turned it into this. All the stone and materials cost about $300, the double walled chimney we installed, thimble, etc was ~$900 (given half the house is electric it paid for itself in less than a winter). I just really want to make the stove a nice black again to go with the stone. The aged color of it irritates me a bit - and the damn stickers are impossible to get off without scratching the single wall pipe.
  15. Ah crib stacking. We have a lot of area to stack wood so I stack all mine like lincoln logs. The difference in drying time is pretty wild. I can get 18" red oak splits <20% in about 14 months (16 tops) vs. traditional 2-3 splits wide taking ~2 years+. All about that air flow. My 2021-2022 stacks drying in a windy open space. 4-5' high, 3 pallets wide and 2 deep so far of all red oak and black birch.
  16. Awesome thread idea. I'm an absolute firewood hoarder. Love finding what the town and power companies have dropped on town land. I'm typically able to scrounge up about 3-4 cords per year with minimal work (except for all the splitting by hand). This year I have about 5 cords of oak, maple, and elm for the colder times and half a cord pine for "shoulder season." Moisture meter says it is all at 14-18% and good to go. I grabbed a bunch of super cedar type fire starters for this year. The up and down temps last me had me constantly starting the stove from scratch and spent way too much time dealing with kindling. So far they seem pretty great. Fireplace inserts take your fireplace (10-20% heating efficiency) and make them comparable to a wood stove (65-80%). That's big and you could fit a large stove in there. I would be more concerned about the dimensions and layout of your home in terms of moving the heat around. We have a large stove (capable of heating 2000 square feet and the upstairs part of our home is only about 1500) but it is in a backroom and have to use multiple fans and the fan from the forced air system to push the air around.
  17. Some snow over those stumps and that is a heck of a zipper turn line.
  18. 65* at 4pm, down to 43 already. Been a breezy couple days around the Quabbin.
  19. Ah fall. Woodstove is packed and ready to go. Chilly day on the Quabbin with upper 50s and a 10-15mph N wind and 2-3 footers. Got home and took a hot shower.
  20. Definitely worth watching but that west bias is really coming through lately, just like it does with winter storms (e.g., rainy cutters/runners when the GFS and even the NAM in la-la land put down snow or developing systems too early putting down 3' in NYC).
  21. Still one of my favorite youtube edits. If Michael Bay directed Titanic. LOL. As one in training, he is much more like my clinical neuropsychologist supervisors.
  22. Yup, and Wildcat can get 20"+ but the wind will load and scour it so it seems like a regular day on some trails. I loved Bracket but some of my favorite trees at SL are still the small areas just south of the Spillway X-Cut. Steep and the snow just gets piled in there.
  23. I thought I was crazy yesterday when I kept thinking the sky had a yellow/orange tint to it all afternoon on the Quabbin. Glad to know I'm not.