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  1. First year in many I doubt we will be getting passes early. Feel like it is quite a gamble given Vermont's restrictions to out of state residents and no real guarantees from ski areas yet. Will be doing a lot more uphill I think or staying around Berkshire East sadly.
  2. Seriously. I don't understand why the Quabbin smallies are not deep yet. Holding in 10' grass flats. Should be on schools of bait over 30' by now. Everything is late. Reminds me of 2018, was catching 4+ smallies off docks on Great Pond in Maine in August, only the small fish were deep.
  3. Fun day out running them on the Quabbin.
  4. Looked like some legit spinning on velocity a couple minutes ago in Hadley going over the river.
  5. The haves/have nots are quite amazing. Two stations within a mile of our house reported .35-5" yesterday, 2 miles south reported almost 2.5" and given radar I believe it. 0.34" so far today. 12z 3km puts down 2-3" over our head later today, I'll believe it when I see it.
  6. Damn, heck of cell just popped over the Quabbin.
  7. Soundings have some decent ingredients for an interesting day.
  8. Miss the note in the bottom right panel? *NAM Sat rainfall prior to late day storms*
  9. For sure. I'd lean towards south of the Pike, specifically Western CT to RI, on Saturday for best severe potential.
  10. Severe drought conditions causing the leaves to change early. Some yellow and orange starting at the top our oaks.
  11. I'm just about done with trying clover. I truly don't know what it is up with it and I've done almost double the seeding. May 14 - Pretty sandy soil, 2 lbs of seeds, 0 clover. I truly mean not a single one. May 28 - Bring in 2 yards of loam, 2 pounds of seeds, this... Meanwhile...I can't get my lines straight.
  12. Oppressively....crisp. House is at 63 and low 40s outside. Feels like Killington should be blowing the on North Ridge and cider doughnut time in the valley.
  13. Surprised to some small patches of fungus starting this week and even a mushroom. Time to cut to 3" and let it dry out some.
  14. I will admit, drove up to check out a boat in Winchendon this week and there were several towns along Rt. 2 with big signs stating "water restriction in effect."
  15. Opened the slider and damn, 71/70, .39" so far today.
  16. Crispy mornings and warm afternoons, I could do this until October. Nice stretch. When the wind blew yesterday you could actually see the pollen in the air it was so thick, can't say I remember noticing that before.
  17. Atomic or Salomon for sure. I have too much trust in my Markers given a few situations in which I am happy they did or did not release. I have Barons and Dukes but they are just so heavy compared to Atomic or Salomons.
  18. Really amazed with tall fescue's ability to withstand a lack of water (it also got hit with two rounds of Triclopyr to take out clover and chick-weed with no stress). Between rain and the sprinkler it has about 1.5" in the past 5 weeks. I have also been mowing 3.5-4" to help it keep what moisture is in the soil there.
  19. Best ski investment ever. Just wish I got different bindings after trying some other folks' set ups.
  20. Interesting spread. Around town got around 0.30 whereas Amherst and down near the Pike seems to have gotten 2-3x that.