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  1. More often than not you're right, usually the spine of the Berks into far NW CT have the best chance from time to time but points east everything downslopes and dries out.
  2. To much dry air and downslope here now, radar shows steady but we're barely spitting flakes.
  3. Light snow here in Enfield as well. No accumulation. Just nice to see flakes
  4. 28 with a solid freeze last night and already down to 33. Radiators mounted.
  5. Yes we still have green leaves here mainly on the oaks, however the majority of trees are now past peak and duller than they were. My particular backyard does not have fully healthy grass so it is turning browner than it was about 2 to 3 weeks ago and we did have a pretty solid frost locally and 3 days below 36. Yes, in general when you drive around it's very clear that things are later and greener than normal this year. It Is especially true on the shoreline.
  6. It was behind with the change here but things are dropping fast as well and we've had 3 mornings in the 30s and a frost. Definitely way different down on the shore of CT.
  7. Peak was late this year, around October 23-26 locally with a decent final wave of color. Overall a disjointed and sub-par season.
  8. The wind did some damage today with leaf drop on some of the trees at peak. Good color has been somewhat spotty around here so far. Some nice color in spots with other spots more drab and mundane change along with green and brown oaks.
  9. Very sorry for your loss. Glad to see you back and hopefully the peak colors put on a decent show this year and we have a decent winter.
  10. Nice to see you posting I was definitely concerned given the length of time between posts
  11. Those are strange timelines, there's basically one week where it's peak nowhere between 9-15. Based on the way things are progressing I would probably go Northwest and Northeast Hills October 12- 18 The remainder of interior Connecticut. October 18-26 Shoreline October 26-November 4th
  12. Unfortunately solid overcast here and 63 currently, while clear just south of me.
  13. It has not been as wet up your way so that makes sense as well. I'll be up there next weekend with my parents and family to close the cabin at Flying Pond, hopefully it's good color.
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