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  1. Everyone having a snowy time?
  2. I'd say about an inch from that blob now over windham county. Pretty decent snow growth
  3. 95% of what he posts is copied and pasted from the nyc sub or another nyc-centric wx forum
  4. I will never take a 384 gfs anything
  5. You are quite the character. So much rain, so much water.
  6. This storm really did destroy any chance at something early next week. What a grinch.
  7. Then what do you do when you want to be frustrated?
  8. My little stream in back, which usually I can find a spot to walk across, is about 5' deep and over its banks by at least 3' on each side
  9. To be fair, I was playing winter golf as a kid. Used to go down to groton several times every winter.
  10. Step on my throat, you rudely large man. Break my fingers, you brooding mountain.