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  1. Yeah, just kinda that time of year where I'm reminded there are model fantasies to track.
  2. I came back for something like a month ago
  3. Mine is 100% container and the heavy rain doesnt really affect it. The weeks of cold and rainy weather in July did though. But mine is still going pretty strong, biggest issue is plants falling over from having too many fruits.
  4. Barely going 5 miles north of me, woke up to the ems alert
  5. Did iowastorm pack his sh!t and move to higher ground?
  6. Just starting the process. So just dont want to get a false reading on normal water levels when they do it.
  7. They will end up building a 10 foot high plateau in my yard for the new field because "water problems." How long do you think it needs to go back to normal?
  8. Tear up the whole thing and replace your failing septic
  9. Lost a decent chunk of the road up the street from me.
  10. Do you have a gauge? Curious how it compares to radar estimates. Kevin had 5.5", radar estimate is more like 4.5".
  11. Oh yeah see it now. All along that train, lots of rotation.
  12. Are those waterspouts out over the atlantic?
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