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  1. Sleet and a few mangled flakes on the way home from Lunenburg. All snow once I got to Manchester. Slushy accumulations on cars/grass at the Hooksett/Manchester line.
  2. All snow in Ashburnham, accumulating on everything but the roads, when I left my parents house around 9. It changed to rain around Ashby Townsend. Currently a slushy rain in MHT.
  3. An uptick in violent tornadoes would be more alarming. Technological advancements, like dual pol, coupled with talented meteorologists are helping capture more of these events as well. Which is really exciting to see from a public safety/emergency response standpoint.
  4. NWS Box confirmed an EF0/70mph tornado in Mansfield. Up to 8 for the year in Connecticut.
  5. These storms are producing a ton of lightning. Grabbed this on my way home from work in Portsmouth. NH 101 west
  6. That looked just to my north on radar, I'll take a drive and look for any trees down.
  7. It's absolutely the Katie-Wynnewood tor from 2016. It looked too good to be true, reverse image search is your friend. Lesson learned.
  8. Totally should have reverse image searched that picture
  9. MHT is playing catch up, only about 4" down but easily snowing 2"+ an hour
  10. Really ramping up here now. Snow growth improved, now the intensity is starting to pick up. Looks like 2" an hour stuff.
  11. Might be wrong but I think Wiz mentioned the column never fully saturated on models? Maybe some sublimation going on, under the radar, in any dry layers.
  12. 1.5" new. Absolute flizzard, horrible snow growth. The new band looks promising.
  13. Looks like the ORH band just got exhausted by the strengthening band over PVD
  14. 1/2sm Sn at MHT despite weak radar returns. I'm hoping that band pushes far enough inland to make it exciting for a few hours. All surfaces covered but it's having a hard time accumulating on the roads. 1" or so
  15. NH. Good luck DIT, hope you get the mid level magic
  16. Sn- in Manchester. Too warm to stick, wasting precious accumulations.
  17. They really are... we had bare ground before this storm. With out looking back it feels like we went half of February with rotting banks and dead grass. I guess seeing places east, west, south getting 20" storms the past few seasons highlights the dearth of death band jackpots.
  18. These just came down while I was shoveling.
  19. Haha, it was Ashburnham. nORH has been unlucky the last couple years imo. Looks like the sucker hole followed me. I just measured a few spots in the yard and got a pretty wide range. No official snow board but it was between 7 and 13 inches. Average of the five measurements came out to 9.8". This thread needs more ruler pics.
  20. Definitely short of a foot in Manchester. Maybe 7 or 8 inches? I'l measure before work. A good storm for March but disappointing. I was hoping to luck out with banding. Instead we lucked out with a sucker hole pivot.
  21. I just got home from work in Portsmouth. It was a mix of slushy rain and catpaws when I left, no accumulations. Around Epping it transitioned to heavy snow and 101 got real greasy. Lightened up once I got to Manchester. 1" or so at home. It looked like the area just before Candia had a couple inches of accumulation.
  22. Goggles fail, the warm layer is definitely making good progress.
  23. Awesome post, it will be fun to see how models fair. I'd hate to have to foreast this storm. Weenie goggles have me seeing the warm layer getting washed out some by heavy precipitation rates and latent cooling.