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  1. Haven’t posted in awhile but love reading this forum. I was wondering what the Vermont resorts are expecting in terms of crowds and business, considering only Vermont residents seem to be able to ski this year as of now. I would guess a vast majority of skiers for the southern Vermont resorts come from out of state. Are they expecting to take a massive hit this season?
  2. Wow...I bet the Adk high peaks near Keene have 4 feet or more
  3. The totals in the Catskills and Adirondacks will be very impressive. Hunter has about 30 right now and there will probably be 3ft reports in the Adirondacks
  4. Someone just east of Binghamton is going to potentially get 4 feet. A spotter out of trout creek in Delaware county had 37" almost an hour ago and up into Hamilton county in the Adirondacks absolutely crushed carbon copy of where band setup in valentines 07 they were due as well up there
  5. Here is the deck roughly 3 hours ago. Prob another 3-6 since then..
  6. 26" reported just a few miles from me in red oaks mill. Tough measuring but I think 23-26 seems accurate still snowing
  7. hahahaha sorry about that but I'm excited about storm and 18z nam looked great again especially 4km
  8. This really is the storm we've all been waiting for. Happy for everyone in this subforum after being skunked several times over the last few years. Even February 2010 was a bust here as I dialed with mixing for awhile. Last biggie here was February 2014 around 22". Hoping to rival that one tomorrow.
  9. closing in on 9" now. band is just rotting over duchess county this is awesome.
  10. wow you're right they're stuck under 30-35dbz very heavy here rn
  11. This is looking very January 2011 esque