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  1. Indian Head in the Adirondacks. One of the most picturesque settings on the East Coast in my opinion.
  2. Plenty of color today. It really takes off as you go north of Lake George.
  3. Getting up early to hike Indian Head in the Adirondacks tomorrow. Expecting beautiful colors. Will post pics.
  4. Nice right near eddy street it looks like.
  5. Hey no way that’s awesome!! I am a Notre Dame Grad as well. Heading out for the Cincy game October 2nd.
  6. For what it’s worth hermit lake plot has average 200+ inches I think at like 3900’ over the past 3-4 seasons and I don’t think they’ve even had 1 average winter so who knows up at 5000+. Like you said wind could be a huge factor. I think they had 175 or so counting October and November last year in a pretty abysmal winter for that zone. The early and late season snow really tallies up there. April 2020 was huge there I think.
  7. I’ll chime in and say I’m confident Whiteface does not average the same as Stowe. They cash in a few times with decent lake effect but Stowe is almost always getting snow as well when they do. Stowe is better with the uplsope and is positioned better for many of the coastal storms. I think an interesting question is what do the core high peaks around Mount Marcy above 4-5000’ average. I think that could be much closer as I think that area does a bit better than the whiteface basin.
  8. Thought I would share my attempted Presidential Traverse this past Friday and Saturday. We camped out at Crawford Notch Campground Thursday night in the rain. Then woke up at 5am Friday morning dropped one car off at the Highland Center and made our way to the Appalachia Trailhead. Our hike started off with a light mist and 60 degrees at the Appalachia Trailhead in Randolph. We immediately ran into brutal conditions above tree-line on our first summit attempt, Mount Madison. Rain and 50 mph winds with 50 feet of visibility quickly put a damper on our trek. Originally we were hoping to make it all the way across Washington the first day and stay at Lakes of the Clouds hut, then finish the southern part of the traverse Saturday. Winds were only supposed to increase throughout the day Friday into the night so we decided it would be safer to try and bail into the Madison Spring Hut for the night. After summiting Madison we carefully scampered our way down the wet rocks in what felt like 40 degree hurricane conditions. Thankfully the Madison Hut was able to switch our reservation from Lakes and we stayed the night. The wind overnight at Madison hut (4800 feet at tree line) was incredible to hear as I checked and saw Washington was gusting to 90. Wind chills were in the single digits and the hut has no heat so we could easily see our breath. The following morning we realized our traverse attempt would be too much to bite off for one day so we decided on trying to summit Adams and Jefferson. Started the morning in snow pants and a jacket with higher spirits since it was dry but sadly both summits were socked in and still blowing hard. There were some nice views to be had a bit lower down. Made it back to the car where it was a calm 70 and sunny, and headed over to the Omni Resort for some drinks and food. By the time we got there the summits were completely in the clear and even looked like they were giving us a nice middle finger. Lol. All in all it was an experience and the Presidential’s always amaze me every time I visit with the drastic difference in climate in the alpine and sheer size of the mountains. The Madison hut saved our asses and the food was fantastic. I would definitely recommend the hut experience and I can’t wait to give it another go next year!
  9. I was only a kid in October 2005 but I agree. My friend lived in the house across from the overlook drive in back then and his property was flooded even worse then compared to today. I think there were two back to back 8” rainfalls in Dutchess that month?
  10. Driving around Dutchess this morning. Freedom Lake and Skidmore area is in rough shape again. Redwing is across velie and Pages near 55 there is a lake of standing water. Area near the Overlook drive in is also flooded badly. Bad flooding with Probably 5-6” rain in Dutchess after a wet summer. Can’t imagine what the 10-12” in a few hours did down in parts of NJ and the City.
  11. Nice Weathertap seems great. Based on the flooding I think 4+ inches in that area is definitely reasonable. Some of The PNS reports definitely don’t depict what happened last night. Also the Jaffrey area of NH had 7-8”.
  12. Took a drive out to Freedom Park off Skidmore. Flooding is devastating. Red wing lake is overflowing onto Velie road which is currently closed.
  13. Absolutely Poured here last night. Also What map/graphic is that?
  14. I know I’ve seen you track the number of snowstorms per year which is great data do you also have data on the total number of days with snow each year? I was looking at some places. I believe old forge in lake effect country is around 75 and the johnsweather guy in Pittsburg is around 85. I would guess yours is high as well with all the constant upslope.
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