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  1. Didn't hit like 70 in February this year? That is more abnormal.
  2. It looks like the fluff has settled more than half of what fell. Lost a good 15" in depth since Wednesday.
  3. Seems about right. I'm kind of in between and just crushed! Over 24
  4. Appropriate day... 25th anniversary for my sister and brother in law. They celebrate in style with big snow reminiscent of March 93 blizzard!
  5. My personal obs at the time was dam close. If I had measured properly to avoid the compaction I don't think 40 was out of the question. One day I'll come across the old school Kodak moment pics and scan them in. Either way it was epic!
  6. I had an above ground pool at the time with 52" wall. Snow was tickling the top! Kids were almost a month late starting baseball.
  7. Still dumping here in Nottingham. Second best storm since the 40" in March of 2001! Over 20" , about 30" otg
  8. Solid 20" in Nottingham. Still ripping big dendrites.
  9. Crushed! Verifying on the upper end here! Never seen snow pile that high on the railings!
  10. Just drove home. Portsmouth rain wet, Durham snow slush. Lee moderate snow roads covered good. Nottingham trees sagging, almost 4"