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  1. Ya it is. I was on 95 south around Attleboro. It's bad
  2. Here in RI its just pouring out. Havent heard the pitter patter of rain at night for awhile.
  3. Need a new update. The potential is there for monkeybutt and jock itch.
  4. I can see it now. If that happened cuba would think we have a machine to send it back.
  5. What kind you got? Next year I'm planning on doing some super hots.
  6. Dude you probably have more people ignoring you than him. Haha
  7. Such a troll... I love it lol
  8. Beast mode still won't get the ball at the 1 yard line and thats ok. I'm a pats fan.
  9. Well it wouldn't really be that more crowded then a supermarket line. 30 second test then next person
  10. Ya. I remember having a drug test done years ago that was a mouth swab and it only took a minute. If it would be possible
  11. What we need is some sort of better rapid swab test. Results in minute or something. All bars and concerts could open up and go on. You positive you cant enter. It would be like a bag check/metal detector line.
  12. Sally looks like it belongs in the far north atlantic.