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  1. Ya me to. You got me there
  2. Thats great stuff. Glad to know its not as bad and found solutions. I wonder if ex coworker is in that stat or good at hiding it.
  3. Where did i even say white/black?
  4. So you trying to say the kid i worked with didnt quit and sell his food stamps?
  5. Ya cause people think they are entitled. Why do better if you gonna lose free health insurance and food stamps. I had a coworker quit his job cause he made to much money. Would of lost food stamps and where he lives. Would also sell his food stamps on the side
  6. That pic is anti-capitalism thoe. It insinuates capitalism is the root cause of it. Finding a tent city funny seems kinda obsurd to me. Maybe show some compassion for those people.
  7. Ya, and thats a social issue. Capitalism didnt cause that. I have plenty of compassion. Im fine with helping those who need help (vets/mental health). But to think its a capitalism problem is a cop-out.
  8. Mental health for sure. Not really making assumptions. What percentage of people on the sidewalk are there cause of badluck or layoff? You can strip me of all my education and leave me with nothing, you wouldnt find me on that sidewalk.
  9. I guarantee that most the homeless in that picture have drug abuse problems, cant keep jobs, in/out jail, etc Iv seen it first hand with employees i worked with. Nobody wants to live on the street and if you apply yourself and do the right thing in life you wont.
  10. Building blockhousing in a neighborhood causes more traffic and noise. Its a turnoff for people who wanted to get out of a city where its neck to neck. I dont care who lives near me but i dont need to see 100 extra cars/noise go down my side street everyday. Someone buys a house for a certain price and you expect them to accept less when they want to resell??? Your insane.
  11. Why whats wrong with being Venezuela. You can use the weight of your money instead of counting it.
  12. You could always counter his argument instead of throwing weenies all day.
  13. Dont give anyone ideas thoe haha.