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  1. 71/70 here. Feels way hotter than that. Worst night of the last 10 days.
  2. Where you moving to again? I will be living in Randolph, NH at 1550" for at least half the year going forward.
  3. Yeah, I could never do the driveway with a snowblower. I have a lot of driveway and two loops as well. I have plowing lined up, same guy from down in Gorham who has been plowing it for years. Only issue is when he runs out of places to put the snow I need to pay a separate crew to come in with construction machinery to physically haul the snow away and make room around the house and garages. Apparently this happens sometimes and just this past winter it happened Snowblower is to clear the deck when needed and the walkways to the front door.
  4. I already bought a few snowblowers and snowmobiles. They are waxed and tuned up and ready to curse your winter.
  5. Got about a quarter inch of rain. Was a breezy, showery morning. Some nice views of sideways rain down in the open field below the house. Would have looked better with snowflakes. Should be some epic swirls and drifting down there.
  6. If you want snow and cold, stop looking and just do it. Pull the trigger. It will never be the "right time" or a better time than now... Just saying... Get away from the suburban COVID "new normal" silliness and move somewhere rural.
  7. Yeah pretty lame. He is a cool dude but he should focus on the snow chase. This is like an average line of thunderstorms in coastal DE.
  8. You have bears one day and hot air balloons the next. Do you travel with the circus? Haha
  9. The nights are still great. It’s nice and cool/dry here right now.
  10. Canaan is great. It’s a very long drive here too. We just wanted to go extreme. YOLO and all that. Haha
  11. Conway is also south of the Presidentials, whereas I am north of them. So I get storms coming up from the south as well as a NW flow that brings nearly daily snow showers that Conway doesn't get.
  12. About 187" inches. Randolph had 207" this past winter. I am at about 1550". Conway is like 800 feet. So a decent difference.
  13. I thought so, but then it just blew away. LOL