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  1. I will be skiing Wildcat for the first time this week to check it out.
  2. NH max will end up over my house by verification time.
  3. 00z GFS looks even better. Let’s see if the rest of the suite follows.
  4. I think Michael Phelps may hold that title. He was a literal freak of nature who did it all by himself too. Brady had teammates and a legendary coach. Swimming gets far less coverage than the NFL so in terms of recognition and star power it's Brady, of course.
  5. Seems like an unbreakable record.
  6. Nice! It has almost stopped snowing here and that isn't good.
  7. So... are you guys happy for Brady or pissed that he is headed back to the SB? I am new here so I honestly don't know the feelings on this.
  8. We make that comment every time we drive into Conway. Noticeable in the summer too. We'd leave Randolph at around 80 and in Conway it would be full sun and like 90. Cranmore must be suffering this season.
  9. Yeah, 18z GFS is kinda bullish keeping snow showers going WED to SAT. The other models have a signal but less of a surface depiction right now. We will see how this trends.
  10. My revenge scheme is still unfolding.
  11. “Don’t worry son, it’s just J. Spin generating bread and butter memes with his mind.”
  12. But more importantly, what happens when you sniff ‘em?
  13. I don’t know if my olfactory system is broken or something, but I can’t smell them. People swear they stink. I have never smelled a thing with them. Even when crushed.
  14. Suppression and then you guys will get a warm rainer. Simply cursed at this point. Close the shades. RDU climate.