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  1. Will that shift a bit east eventually?
  2. Well, picked up .08” but in a lull now.
  3. Light rain has started. Feels great.
  4. Should be fun. Rain on the doorstep here.
  5. Just when we thought 2020 couldn’t get any worse!
  6. Wow, there is an actual blob of real precip headed towards my house. It's been a while.
  7. Better practices in the nursing homes could cut deaths almost in half compared to March-May. We made a lot of mistakes early on. Spent more time worrying about the beaches than the LTC facilities... also, "ventilator shortages."
  8. This debate is honestly pointless because after Election Day, America is done with COVID. It will quickly drop completely off the radar (it's already become mostly background noise). That's not to say the virus will be gone. It will just no longer be advantageous to harp on it non-stop.
  9. Sure count them. Just factor in the corresponding drop in deaths from ARDS, pneumonia, congestive heart failure, and general organ failure from past years in that population to get a better view of the real "excess deaths" toll. There is no hiding that COVID-19 is really only truly deadly for people age 65 and up with major underlying diseases, despite the persistent narrative that young healthy college students are dropping dead left and right. People under 25 should fear the flu much more.
  10. Probably not, when you analyze based on quality-adjusted life years and factor in the up to 50% of victims who were 80+ with existing major underlying diseases who were in hospice/nursing homes already... Yes, it's sad they died, but a cold or stumble in the hallway could also be deadly for them. It's kind of disingenuous to put those deaths in the same broad bucket as the vibrant 30-something mom who succumbed.
  11. I can always go back to MD. They are still in the pool and taking pictures of their frozen drinks down there.
  12. Let's hope everyone becomes sick of seeing that phrase.
  13. I highly doubt that is going to happen. Maybe on a single specimen tree in your yard.