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  1. I don’t drink light beers unless it’s 85 degrees or above in the sun. Some freaks here are hoping Thanksgiving weather looks like that so they can wear cargo shorts and a tank top on their deck.
  2. Ugh, you are one of those guys. It's Thanksgiving, not Labor Day. You don't need to sit on the patio and sip Coronas. You had the last 6 months to do that. Sit by the fire with a sweater on. That's Thanksgiving.
  3. Yeah, but you also track in late April, so...
  4. Best snows in central to southern DE. Makes sense based on the last couple of winters.
  5. Winter has shifted. December is boiling and March is cold and snowy. I will not say it is human-caused, but something has happened. Also, this repeating pattern of 2 months of tropical rainforest followed by 2 months of desert is noticeable.
  6. Where did you get that? I ****ing love pumking.
  7. Kinda amazing it rained nonstop for months and then it didn't rain at all for months. I am not a global warming nut, but is this normal? It seems to be the pattern now. We get soaked then we get nothing.
  8. He's a very dedicated troll who just strings words together to get a reaction. Been at it for years.
  9. LOL at complaining about 30 days of dryness when it pretty much rained non-stop for the prior 9+ months. But mah trees are dyin'!!
  10. Gotta love when the late season diehards keep tracking right into April.
  11. Yes, VT rules for sure. It is on my list.
  12. What's the best place in the US to move with the following criteria: 1) Serious snowfall and snowcover 2) Extended stretches of cold 3) Access to at least a regional airport within 45 mins. 4) Somewhat built-up, at least a small city nearby.
  13. These storms often come down to crappy rates. The models screw this up constantly. Rates are never as good as progged around here.
  14. Sheesh this storm was barely even a deal in this subforum if you got screwed too.
  15. Gonna call bust on this one for anyone outside of far NW zones.