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  1. Yep, and still time for a WC run. Been the first season in a long time I am actually watching the Orioles. They are not there yet but they play hard and look like they are having fun out there which makes a big difference for watchability; it’s easy to root for these kids. Better than watching used up sluggers strike out and sulk back to the dugout.
  2. LOL Sox behind the Orioles now.
  3. Haven't seen too many bears over here, more moose sightings for me this spring and summer so far.
  4. If you don't want to be around people why'd you plan to go to some of the biggest cities in the region?
  5. LOL that bear is fat as hell.
  6. That would be so awesome to see again.
  7. Has definitely been more of what I expected for NNE summer so far than the last two. Hopefully a sign that a more normal winter is coming.
  8. Lightning off to the NW. Think it will miss here.
  9. Really nice day today. Firepit going and still some light at nearly 9 PM. NNE life.
  10. No matter how many warnings are put out, there will always be people who disregard them and overestimate their own abilities. It's natural selection at work.
  11. I took Zyrtec every day religiously for years but I switched last year to Flonase and have less of a fatigued and wired feeling.
  12. The earth may be trying to get rid of us.
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