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  1. This winter has been dead since early December. All that has kept the fires burning is weenie denial, plain and simple.
  2. So you are saying April and May will be like DJF... ok.
  3. My spring forecast is days and days of overcast, temps upper 40s to 50s, and rain. So much rain. NAO will be very negative during this time. Enjoy! Oh and wind. Can't forget wind. It will blow non-stop from the north.
  4. Setting up for cold, rainy April and May. The "March pattern change" will be delayed and not take effect until later in the month when it's too late for meaningful snow, unless you are @losetoa6 and track chances for ice pellets at 5 AM every day.
  5. It isn't like we have had near misses. If that was the case, I could see us getting some snow in March. The fact is, the snow has been at least 500-1,000 miles away all winter, at best. There is no fixing something that rotten.
  6. Yep below normal when its bone dry and above normal when we have precip I would just take some actual damn cold at this point.
  7. I don’t know where you guys are getting the stamina to keep analyzing this putrid “winter.”
  8. You also closely track stray ice pellets in April. I suspect your definition of a good season would include many tiny non-events that add up to a few inches in total.
  9. That was a very narrowly focused storm. I remember it was very, very lame up here. If you got a foot from that, you will have rose-tinted glasses over the last few winters for sure. Last storm of real note here was Blizzard of 2016. Been mostly garbage since.
  10. Like endlessly worrying about being fringed in every event when you always end up with the highest totals?
  11. They have to appease hundreds of thousands of completely idiotic viewers who are concerned with their own personal comfort above all else. You have to remember that the majority of people are really ignorant. They don't even know basic things such as when the US was founded, who fought in WWII, how vaccines work, etc. The idea that cold snaps are needed to maintain our ecosystem is totally foreign to them. They probably think "Florida is always warm and it's nice there." They have zero insight or understanding of the risks of invasive species moving north. It just doesn't cross their minds.
  12. LOL 5 years. I doubt we get this in January.
  13. It could be fewer years, but we are in a shit long-term pattern right now. Maybe we break free next year. Keep checking the CFS, I guess.
  14. The climate is definitely changing. I won't get into the cause, because honestly I haven't studied it that much. But things are different now than in my grandpappy's day.