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  1. I am thinking my neighbor is going to come in with 10”.
  2. Starting to wind down now.
  3. Randolph getting crushed.
  4. Looks like 7-8 inches out there right now.
  5. That’s one hell of a dry slot.
  6. LOL yeah I am a bit jelly of what I see on the cam. Looks like one of the best events of the season unfolding, as sad as that is.
  7. Temp has been creeping up here. 32. I assume that will crash back once the low gains more latitude?
  8. To some extent. It is also hammering the eastern whites which is definitely not the seasonal trend.
  9. Looks like 5-6” out there and snowing well.
  10. So you don’t “follow the science”?
  11. Pretty solid crushing ongoing.
  12. Your personal ignorance is not reality.
  13. It’s definitely not old news. The CDC literally just provided updated guidance on this topic based on new study results. Many businesses and schools have been wasting millions of dollars on unnecessary extra cleaning. Hopefully states will catch on soon and drop requirements.