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  1. Yes, it’s pretty nice out. Best day so far IMO. Hope they open some new trails soon. Several look ready to go to me.
  2. Conditions at BW much nicer than Friday. Starting to turn a little icy now but good earlier. They are working hard to open more terrain too. Nice to ski at a mountain that can get open and keep things groomed.
  3. Still snowing. I love this upslope that just won’t quit.
  4. A lot of people online complaining that Wildcat can't get open and isn't providing any updates either.
  5. Thank you, was hoping to get a report from you. Agreed this event seemed "strange." I ended up with 5.5". Surprised to see you only had 8" given the radar depiction, but there was something different about this event for sure.
  6. 18 degrees and still snowing. Uplsope saved the event here overnight. I have about 5.
  7. it seems like with my location that I always get into the best snow after everyone else has shut down to flurries. It's just me and the 5 people living to my NE into ME left.
  8. The radar is finally moving in the right direction. Blasting at 28 degrees now.
  9. Probably. I kept running into this super tall dude working with his son on Crawford's Blaze. If Alex is 6'6" that was him!
  10. 28 and snowing. Expecting 4" or so from this. It's not my event.
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