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  1. He's sleeping. It's best not to anger him during his hibernation period. Shhh.
  2. Some of it might be generational too. The last generations that grew up without reliable whole-house AC are dying off and those coming up now have never really known a situation without icy cold reliable AC. The older folks in my family can deal with way more heat and dews than my wife and I can. They grew up without AC in Baltimore.
  3. People moving up is some of it. I think it might be the increasing number of dewy days rather than any notable increase in average temps. That said, it does seem like we break high temp records with ease these days.
  4. Glad I got AC installed. NNE can roast at weird times like this I've noticed. It'll probably be in the 40s when I come back up though.
  5. LOL that is some gross looking snow. Dog willing to roll in it still?
  6. 69 with rain down in MD. Been that way all of April and May. Would rather be in NNE right now for sure.
  7. Is some of this because that late season upslope you guys got didn't have as much staying power as a true seasonal pack would?
  8. Things change rapidly up in NNE. Couple day difference:
  9. Yeah, last weekend into the early week was nuts at the beach. Day after day of wind. The best spring weather is in NNE right now, bar none.
  10. 84 was the high in Randolph. Classic early warmth over the top. The spring has sucked down in MD/DE so far. Chilly, dreary, windy.
  11. Have this experience everywhere now. My wife and I are always amazed when something like this actually goes to plan without any hiccups. LOL I think it's a nasty combo of supply shortages, staffing issues, and existing staff losing any desire to engage in customer service. This is all compounded because the dealer has to have the same experience when he calls the parts supplier. It all just flows down hill.
  12. Looks like 3-4 on some surfaces. 29 degrees.
  13. We were debating if Twitter should be that way or if it should be treated more like a regulated public utility, such as the phone company. As it stands now, you are 100% correct.
  14. Flakes flying in Randolph at 37 degrees, per cams. Looks lovely. LOL
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