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  1. Has definitely been more of what I expected for NNE summer so far than the last two. Hopefully a sign that a more normal winter is coming.
  2. Lightning off to the NW. Think it will miss here.
  3. Really nice day today. Firepit going and still some light at nearly 9 PM. NNE life.
  4. No matter how many warnings are put out, there will always be people who disregard them and overestimate their own abilities. It's natural selection at work.
  5. I took Zyrtec every day religiously for years but I switched last year to Flonase and have less of a fatigued and wired feeling.
  6. The earth may be trying to get rid of us.
  7. 46 degrees with .60” liquid. Paradise.
  8. Mostly been at the beach. Hitting NH for shorter trips this summer. Will be back in usual mode by sep. wife needed beach time after enduring too many chilly wet cutters past winter.
  9. 45 with drizzle. Feels like February in MD.
  10. How was the following winter?
  11. Pretty nice mountain spring day out there. Lots of bugs tho.
  12. Humid tonight. Glad I have AC now.
  13. He's sleeping. It's best not to anger him during his hibernation period. Shhh.
  14. Some of it might be generational too. The last generations that grew up without reliable whole-house AC are dying off and those coming up now have never really known a situation without icy cold reliable AC. The older folks in my family can deal with way more heat and dews than my wife and I can. They grew up without AC in Baltimore.
  15. People moving up is some of it. I think it might be the increasing number of dewy days rather than any notable increase in average temps. That said, it does seem like we break high temp records with ease these days.
  16. Glad I got AC installed. NNE can roast at weird times like this I've noticed. It'll probably be in the 40s when I come back up though.
  17. LOL that is some gross looking snow. Dog willing to roll in it still?
  18. 69 with rain down in MD. Been that way all of April and May. Would rather be in NNE right now for sure.
  19. Is some of this because that late season upslope you guys got didn't have as much staying power as a true seasonal pack would?
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