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  1. LOL WTF are these uniforms the Sox are wearing?
  2. 81/75 Feels like 87. Glad I am not there yet. Too hot with no AC.
  3. Little too heavy of a hand right now, IMO.
  4. Definitely headed in that direction. Going up next week to start getting back in the fall/winter routine up there through April.
  5. Can we at least get a local mod to slap us around?
  6. Is this forum run by the SE forum mod now?
  7. Oh god it’s starting again.
  8. I say we just move on. The toilet has been flushed. Let's not stand there thinking too long about the turds.
  9. I saw someone take off a manhole cover which allowed a giant plume of raw sewage to blast high into the air with a mighty roar, and then I watched the detritus come crashing back down into to the sewers from whence it came. It was neat.
  10. Well, that was fun to watch play out. LOL Hope everyone else had fun with the experiment too.
  11. It's hard to say what the experience very early on means in the bigger picture. We knew basically nothing about the virus. There were stories out of NYC of doctors venting basically every COVID patient who walked in the door early on. A lot has changed since then. If hospitals are STILL getting "overwhelmed" now that means they did not take the proper precautions to prepare and instead tried to cut corners and downsize because they were losing money when there were no patients. Now they are scrambling with a huge influx of delayed elective procedures, RSV, and COVID. That means they are run by penny-pinching morons, not that the virus is outrageously severe in that locale. People keep making this mistake when looking at the hospital data and the media pumps it up because fear sells.
  12. Many hospitals closed wards and reduced staff during the very slow time in the spring, and now they are paying for that in some cases and having to scramble. During this entire pandemic, people have been trying to claim that business decisions made by the hospital administrations are strongly correlated to COVID spread and severity. Some hospitals are just grossly mismanaged and always have very long ER waits and wards bursting at capacity.
  13. People keep assuming I live at the Hermit Lake snow plot site. LOL
  14. Yep, been hearing that since March of 2020. Like I said, get the field hospital set up and pay the nurses more so they stay, if it's that much of an issue. But neither of those things will happen and the media will just suddenly stop talking about it. Just like last year.
  15. They need a hospital ship, for sure.
  16. I keep saying it... only 45 deaths from Delta under the age of 50 in the UK.
  17. What is it with people who lurk and barely ever contribute randomly popping in just to announce that they don't approve of what everyone else is posting and that the thread should be shut down before disappearing again for 2 months? Happens all the time in the MA subforum too. It's weird, man.
  18. They have implemented actual vaccine passport systems in Europe. Hasn't happened here yet. It was those systems that triggered the biggest recent protests. They have been met with brutal crackdowns and arrests by the vaxx patrol.
  19. We heard all this last year. Let's get the field hospitals set up and then close them down after seeing zero patients.
  20. Has anyone ever seen a photograph from inside an "overwhelmed hospital" in the US since March 2020?
  21. Very old and sick vaccinated people are starting to become infected and die now. It'll take time for some to accept that. Israel already figured it out, but the denial is stronger here due to politics.
  22. Which virus is less deadly for school-age kids for which we mandate vaccines? Not the flu, we know that.
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