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  1. Next 7-10 days look very slow on the models unless one of these coastals pans out.
  2. Could still go even further west and bring more tropical moisture overhead.
  3. That is one of the ugliest things I have ever seen.
  4. Pretty good consistency there, no outliers jumping out.
  5. Little upslope signal for tomorrow into Thursday showing up now. 2-3” refresher incoming?
  6. Local guy here charges 100 to plow my whole compound. Great price.
  7. We know the deal when we have these systems all jammed up on each other. One wins out and IMO it’s often the second or third of the bunch.
  8. GFS looks fine for the 24th to me? I don’t get the wailing and gnashing of teeth at this range.
  9. One of these will start looking good and then screw a bunch of us 48 hours out.
  10. These are good pics. I tried to explain to my MIL from MD why I leave packed snow on the driveway (down there you scrape all day to bare pavement after the storm and then the sun dries it out). I told her this is what it looks like under the snow on my driveway and I think she gets it now.
  11. Ah, the age old battle between the "I'm just trying to be realistic" pessimistic weenies and the "these threads are too cluttered" self-appointed board police. It's a classic!
  12. Unless one of these coastals the models are struggling to resolve works out, the next week looks fairly tame in terms of large systems, but cold. Several northern stream systems moving through to keep and bread and butter refreshers going, so there should be snow in the air frequently.
  13. LOL the Northern Greens ALWAYS catch up.
  14. LOL flipping UKMET maps on the iPhone while the cruiser radio is blaring calls for help across Brooklyn.
  15. How about it goes south of you and then curls around up through central Maine while bombing?
  16. Light snow, 31 degrees. My PWS may be pasted with snow, that happens sometimes in these events so that temp number may be suspect. I don't have any other way to check it right now.
  17. Light snow has resumed as we start the NW flow side of this event.
  18. Thinking 2-3 here which is very typical for this location. I could see 5 there. Like I said, you guys always catch up in the end.
  19. LOL just messing. We all know you have an electric brain and you see the world through a Terminator-like interface where you constantly calculate the best angles for kill shots and assess the threat level from grannies.
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