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  1. I thought it was smoke from bbq.
  2. Well block island part of rhode island so. We win. Not stealing our landfall conn.
  3. I love the waves on their beach. Havent been in years thoe
  4. I want/need to sleep but i want to keep watching
  5. Lol its similar. Trees still have leaves so 40-50 mph with wet soil does it.
  6. Probably another afghani soldier
  7. Dont mean to sound like a jerk but some of them look to sink like a rock.
  8. I feel the NHC had their map before the RGEM came out lol
  9. The landfall changes every few hours.
  10. Gonna probably be hot,dark, and miserable nights.
  11. Haha yup. Mines the same. I dont mind it but she absolutely hates it.
  12. I dont mind them. My wife on the other hand dislikes the smell. It reminds her of pot lol
  13. I havent been in over 25 years. I guess you can enter a raffle to name a whale. I have a few names in mind
  14. I had a nice drive down to mystic aquarium in conn.
  15. Oh no. Here goes this thread now. Someone shut off the water before this goes down the drain to
  16. Do i need to show my vaxx card and wear a mask there?
  17. Ya whatever would get those ratings up.
  18. I thought you wer still growing up.
  19. That could work. The covid thread would still be hot but least its more seperate
  20. Nice. Than the gov can shove it up bidens behind and become next president.
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