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  1. Lol nope do some research sonny. I am the 3.1 last 30 days before today. Scooter doesn't know
  2. Sounds like summer. I mean you would think a degreed met would understand his own summer hydrology.
  3. End of the spring And here she comes back Hi, hi, hi, hi there Them summer days Those summer days That's when I had Most of my fun, back Hi, hi, hi, hi there Them summer days Those summer days I cloud nine when I want to Out of school, yeah County fair in the country sun And everything is true Ooh, yeah, yeah Hot fun in the summertime
  4. That's what she said https://www.nytimes.com/2022/03/03/science/spongy-moth-romani.html Ms. Greenwood offered the Japanese beetle as an example. “They try to exterminate it, they try to prevent it, and the language used for those control efforts can become extremely, clearly xenophobic,” she said.
  5. Japanese Beetle is also now offensive I read. Interesting
  6. Getting muggy just got my dog Tigger back from his amputation. So far so good. Waiting on Lymph node biopsy.
  7. Why is that white people are always the first to go to the term white privilege . Many of us have mixed families as well. To corner a whole forum like he did was bigoted
  8. Definitely not Redskins but the hundreds and hundreds of Indians I have worked with and met have no problem people using a term they frequently use on a daily bases. Would be interesting to find out if a Roma complained about Gypsy moth or was it some directive to all departments to remove any perceived offense. Government and all
  9. Bad decision but people are economic driven, it's always about the economy
  10. Indians don't mind being called Indians. Your white privilege wouldn’t allow you to know that.
  11. Lol cancel culture comes to the insect world.
  12. JFC we have gone down a deep rabbit hole.
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