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  1. Sam I am will have to be watched but my bet is Mother Theresa is the one that will be worrisome for many. Falls in my October 13th timeframe I mentioned earlier
  2. 83 years ago today the big one hit. 1938 hurricane. Westerly RI
  3. Gorgeous day, rest of the week not so much. But hey the dews are high , we have that going for us. Whats better than rain in dews in SEPT. Unrelenting
  4. Boston in fall ORH in winter BDL in summer whats your go to in spring IJD?
  5. That's me. Occasional beer no hard stuff. I did have some tequila this summer with my sister in law before she moved but I felt like crap for 2 days. Ice coffee no sugar.
  6. Kind of figured that warm period people were spinning was just going to be warm cloudy and wet . Enjoy Tuesday it seems.
  7. With sausage meatballs , gravy,without sauce I guess. Viva Italia Italians drink more wine, smoke more cigarettes, eat more sweets and carbohydrates, exercise less, and work fewer hours than their American counterparts and they live an average of 3.37 years longer than we do! ...
  8. I guess Fish would describe this morning as warm not notably cool. 40s are cool with me
  9. 48⁰ roosters crowing, men getting dressed in suits to fan out to take annual Chamber Of Commerce pictures. Classic end of September weather, cool nights warm days. Cocadoodledewlessness
  10. Southern Italy. Acri region. Also Sicily. Mangia e statti zitto.
  11. So many uses for gravy. All my full bloodied relatives on my Dads side from Acri called it gravy. IDK that is what I was taught. https://saporitokitchen.com/old-school-italian-gravy/
  12. Nice, I have 5 freezer bags of gravy made from our garden ingredients. Loving the Poblano peppers we grew this year,gives the gravy a nice flavor
  13. My mom suffered mighty because of statins and she didn't even need to be on them her cholesterol was fine. Didn't find out for 2 years the Dr put her on them. When she started complaining about muscle pain we stopped them and so did her pain. Their are many examples, not only my anecdotal one.
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