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  1. Lol you will love this. Spider caught in Freezing rain in OK
  2. Heavy heavy precip signal right there. Could see a couple of inches of rain down here
  3. Seems more than me like clown maps, just sayin... Anyways intensity driven. Could not believe the amount of leaves still on the trees in the valley. First time out that way for me in a couple of weeks and I was surprised. Hopefully no Oct 11 surprise is looming.
  4. Canadian coup? Or a Canadian counterfeit?
  5. Don't fret you are going to get hammered with upslope Monday
  6. BB without Brady is Jason Garrett. Bucs look fantastic, Brady and Gronk look great together again. Now they are getting AB. Serious receivers not the POS WR ers BB put together last year.
  7. PF is upset. It shows. Lol. With the upcoming pattern if he doesn't see snow Monday it could be another 2 weeks until the next chance. I get it
  8. ? I mean you are a clown but nope.
  9. Weaker is better for us to see flakes further south. An over amped system would be great for PF
  10. Might be weak where you live but thats solid in SVT WMA NORH SNH
  11. Watch that ULL this could be good
  12. A familiar post. We shall see. That's cold
  13. Amazingly my Ghost peppers are still producing. I had 29 degrees this month
  14. Maybe flat but for f'in October anyone who complained needs a psych analysis
  15. Don't want to excite you but outside chance night of your Bday of some flakes?
  16. 6z recorrect GFS so far, EURO Around 745 am
  17. Lol . Man high ratio stuff CNH Maine. Congrats Dendrite on a Oct 11
  18. Yup this is what we were discussing as the best solution