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  1. Black Ice Friday was a disaster up there wow.
  2. Forky lives at 500. Every map he posts is 500. Odd for a Met to not understand weather.
  3. Good chance Jerry sees snow on his birthday
  4. Dumb as a brick^^ Not gonna even bother explaining the joke again. Go post some sport memes in the OT sports section
  5. Wawa midweek. Take him out of school for a day. You will have his full attention and the lack of people will make learning so much easier. Don't go big until he has it down.
  6. Oh we know. Just count the number of million dollar yachts that dot the coast down here.mind boggling. Used to be Dr's and Lawyers now it's tradesmen and women as well. Lot o' money in construction
  7. Happy Happy Happy Thanksgiving my friends. God bless you and families. ULLR winter.
  8. Would imagine the inflation hit is going to greatly reduce the number of skiers this year. Or more stay in New England because airfares are nutz
  9. Have to disagree with Ray here. All indicators show us coming up to a great December pattern. I would expect a BN overall pattern with multiple chances at snow. I think overall snow lovers will be happy with December and think the Grinch will be blocked and shunted. Overall with warm days not torching and cold days BN, I expect Dec to be BN with AN snow.
  10. You haven't been around long enough to understand that 15th/25th joke. Peeps know the call was the pattern flipped around the 15th and I said 2 to 1 BN to AN until Christmas. With 9 in a row BN looking pretty frigging good my man.
  11. Thinking 12/6 12/7 is first region wide
  12. Euro weeklies look fantastic for a frosty December
  13. Same with radio transmitters around here. Blizz 2013 was nutz at Montville radio tower
  14. KACK 202025Z 29017G24KT 10SM +FC FEW060 03/M10 A3001 RMK WATERSPOUT B24 S MOV E AO2 T00331100
  15. Quite a few tree damage reports coming in from ORH county
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