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  1. I will take the NJ state climatologists word over wanna be's
  2. Lol this is rich coming from you
  3. 5 days in a row was the debate. Everyone happy inside?
  4. When bad data is ok with a so called Met. MADIS says +3 degrees off during the day but that's OK with the cultist
  5. Hot but nice in the shade,good thing as HHH just sucks the life out of everyone
  6. Mine is 83 and a little too warm. I like feeling refreshed after a dip. I was swimming at 11 last night after the Yankees game. Felt amazing
  7. PF trying hard to pull a 1 inch upslope after a brutal rain storm
  8. Ray trying to figure out next winters Nino? DIT trying to figure out next 2 hrs weather? Scooter trying to forecast the CF in an inland blizzard. Tip trying to reunite with Christine?
  9. Holy crap on Sebago. Shit hit the fan there
  10. Happy wedding I think... will one of the groomsmen pull a Sonny Corelone under the stairs?
  11. Casa del Ginx 85/63 . Pool 78 we swim. Broke out the early days Playlist. Disraeli Gears to Let it Bleed years. We crank
  12. Truthfully there are records.
  13. Insane deep summer day. Water beer smoke um if got um kind of day off.
  14. Well I am trimming weeds and definitely not a hot breeze. What a gorgeous day. 72 the new hot
  15. Must be mixing down some cool air. These breezes out here definitely have a cooling feel to them.
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