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  1. First drops of rain last night in 20 days a whole .1
  2. Did someone say beach. Banging surf all last week. We review tomorrow again.
  3. Since Kev is on his bi yearly sabbatical. Tors tomorrow
  4. Yes actually not bad in the shade again today. That's my HHH barometer. Smokin hot sun.
  5. No one doubts urban heat islands during heat waves, obviously but it seems high all the time. Must smell wonderful in EWR today.
  6. Point out Forkys house , he lives at the airport
  7. Apparently he did not me. Talk to him.
  8. Forky doesn't live at the Airport even if it's half right. He has posted he has seen 5 days in a row of 100. Nonsense
  9. I will take the NJ state climatologists word over wanna be's
  10. Lol this is rich coming from you
  11. 5 days in a row was the debate. Everyone happy inside?
  12. When bad data is ok with a so called Met. MADIS says +3 degrees off during the day but that's OK with the cultist
  13. Hot but nice in the shade,good thing as HHH just sucks the life out of everyone
  14. Mine is 83 and a little too warm. I like feeling refreshed after a dip. I was swimming at 11 last night after the Yankees game. Felt amazing
  15. PF trying hard to pull a 1 inch upslope after a brutal rain storm
  16. Ray trying to figure out next winters Nino? DIT trying to figure out next 2 hrs weather? Scooter trying to forecast the CF in an inland blizzard. Tip trying to reunite with Christine?
  17. Holy crap on Sebago. Shit hit the fan there
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