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  1. Last year was as tropical lush as it gets in the forest behind and to the left of us. Now it's sad with light penetrating to the forest floor.
  2. One storm 1.82 I think in June but yea over normal, vegetation max uptake that month so water tables fell quickly in July. It's crunchy dry now.
  3. Oh and anything that falls immediately runs off. Same as Tblizz. Gonna need a 2 day soaker at minimum to saturate the lawn. Have to say the girls under the auto irrigation have budded nicely.
  4. Check it out, 28 inches below last year
  5. 1 rain storm dropped .78, he was drunk. Stunning day here. Pool dropped 9 degrees to 77
  6. We are gonna have to wait until next Sunday for a synoptic wave as Scooter mentioned but there is still an outside shot at the Scooter knows rain storm this week.
  7. I was only 7/8 during the 64/65 drought but I remember our small clay lake ( off of Clay lane) which was fed by artesian water, totally dried up, so there is precedent for long term drought
  8. Of course lol but I am at 50% of normal last 9 months so how coarse is it really
  9. Real %of normal last 14 days
  10. 48 this morning ,cocalicious.. Contrast. One of my mint fields doesn't get water, toast, roasted. Pumpkin patch gets water. What a drought, damn.
  11. Thought you were calling for west and Bahama blues
  12. Both actually but yea I can't recall lower river levels out here.
  13. EPS has a load of upper 79s low 80s next 15.
  14. 81/59 here. Think it's fully established that Taunton is the armpit of summer weather.
  15. Nah Scooter says it's edibles we are all lush green
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