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  1. That was actually a tornado that derailed that train.
  2. Yesterday you were saying no accumulation until 12/20. Today you are worrying about snow melting and suppression depression This hobby is hard on your type of personality isn't it.
  3. I was just thinking about the INV in SWCT that kicked off 2011
  4. Lol thats a nice trip. When do Ct dispensaries open?
  5. Love those crackling snot freezing nights with diamond dust falling on a full moon lit landscape.
  6. How many mgs for you for a good long buzz? 15 MG for me. Tinctures are awesome. Definitely helps with my severe arthritis. Look forward to seeing you Bob, been a minute
  7. Very strong upper level vorticity means at minimum measurable hopefully slows down and dumps more. First real threat of the season. Then we watch for a SWFE. Let's keep that 1048 HP in place.
  8. Dec 20th.... or maybe Monday??? You have the opposite effect as Forky so we probably measurable snow Monday
  9. I would say rather most have seen a dusting
  10. Somethings happening here what it is ain't exactly clear...
  11. Would rather be bullshitting about this Sat than Kevs favorite beers for hours. Death band!
  12. Alot less these days down 2 dogs in 2 months. This place is totally insane. Yes I will be there Saturday. Someone owes me a beer.
  13. Dumb I posted quite a few times the last days. You always panic its what you do.
  14. Just sitting here smilin with patience
  15. 2018 but there was not a 518 ULL under us.
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