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  1. We have reached the peak. Happy slide down to winter day
  2. Rutgers https://marine.rutgers.edu/cool/data/satellites/imagery/?product=sst&region=chess&nothumbs=0
  3. Yea it was great .25 so far. Ruin Pit for the night dammit
  4. It's interesting how the ocean feels this year despite record temps. That cold pool off of SRI has been persistent
  5. Yea 359 here I paid this morning usage up 36% over last year
  6. Yep and dry evaporative cooling after a dip. Let's f'in go
  7. 1.21 in the stratus. My electric bill went up 16 bucks due to rate increase
  8. End of July last year into the first week of August was a whoosh
  9. It's a croaker. 100 in the sun 90s shade
  10. What a great water day. Mowed early, lake swim, pool swim Vacation in HHH wet and wild.
  11. Some like the smell of rancid air and bodies. It's a sexual fetish thing.
  12. Then naked in the hot tub with your Friends again?
  13. Now after the another .8 over 10 inches since Met summer. Garden loves it hopefully no fungi on the weed plants.
  14. Hopefully. It is overflowing lol. Your twisted enjoyment of rainy wet muck is the summer equivalent of I Need Snows enjoyment of dark cloudy days.
  15. Awesome love losing my weekend to this crap. Enjoy being indoors my man.
  16. Awesome love losing my weekend to this crap. Enjoy being indoors my man.
  17. Love dews they say. WTF rain rain rain rain. Joy
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