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  1. ET 60 knot winds hundreds of miles away from center. Might be NS'S Sandy surge wise
  2. Windy hoodie long PJs on my deck. What is this?feels pretty awesome, in a football kind of way.
  3. That's just across the border from me too. I saw that circulation from work.
  4. Euro has 65 plus gusts outer cape. Daytime too. That would be a good chase with 30 foot seas to boot North side
  5. What happens if by chance the HRRR finds a nut? No need to tell me it's a crap model. I already know but damn
  6. You guys check out the radius of damaging winds?. How far is it from Eaatport to you
  7. Mainers lose power like the rest of us on the reg,some cope others not so much.
  8. 120 miles north of the center. Gonna be some surprises on the coast. 30 ft seas that far away.
  9. Excited, well maybe but again people really have no clue how devastating it would be. Remember 1938 was only 18 years of forest growth as most of New England was farm land in the 20s. Not to mention the pop boom and shitty infrastructure. I mean I have the means to survive and am prepared but I am afraid the majority are not. There are risk management studies out there that show what would happen, its not pretty. Your excitement would die within days and be replaced with dread.
  10. Awesome let's go at least another 25 then I can die and you can enjoy 3 months of absolute disaster from a stronger 38. People have no clue. I absolutely love the weather and storms but duck that
  11. Saw debris on Rt12 right before Big Y. That circ was tight overhead. Pretty sure I saw a funnel but it was quickly obscured by rain.
  12. So bay of fundy has a 50 ft tidal range, largest in the world, wonder if Lee hits as modeled with incoming high tide, how high would the surge be. Man would love to watch that. 70 ft waves just offshore. We are talking Katrina plus surge on the east side. Despite being downgraded to 1 by then the ocean remembers the 4/5 and is carrying a ton of energy.
  13. Shear size of Lee should make Sat interesting. Picture this in the GOM
  14. Very very eventful summer, lots of Tors close by and just unreal rain. NB
  15. I wonder exactly what the surge will be up North This storm is huge and has more generated energy than the big ones. Talking water for you landlubbers
  16. Just another day at the ocean, inland peeps on here always make me laugh. This always was a coastal storm staying offshore.
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