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  1. Good rains on the Cape tonight? We dry slot lol
  2. Well looks like driest month ever gonna happen. Historic here. North Foster driest was June 99 with .24.
  3. Overheard a convo between well guy and a plumbing contractor at Cumbys yesterday. Some dug wells very low pressure
  4. With .27 rain for the month this is my driest month ever since I started keeping records here at the Moosup/Sterling border(2001)
  5. Sunny all morning until that wind shift but still warm. Very sunny late afternoon
  6. Where did you go? Highly unusual clouds yesterday . Did you experience the instant sea breeze wind switch. That was cool.
  7. I did it for 3 years. Can go a whole summer with no rescues or 1 day with 30. A week like last with the heat, vacations, people with no clue on the power of the ocean, drunks and the recipe is there for trouble. I hear a guy broke his neck at Misquamicut State beach last week.
  8. Meandering surface low in the Gulf Stream. Old man still has game. Many tubes
  9. All time CT record on that prog lol
  10. There was a disturbance that meandered over the gulf stream and pulsed out rollers for a whole week. Yea that rip was something as the tide pulled out. Grabbed a kids arm as he was getting ripped out. That kid was brave and was out riding some big waves but didn't know about rips so I taught him what to look and feel for and how to get out. All in all probably one of the most anomalous surf July weeks I can remember. Lifeguard horror show but where we go no lifeguards.
  11. Probably? Yikes let's hope it's way overdone.
  12. 56⁰ some don't open windows, absolutely perfect summer morning. Finally have enough grass to mow. Sad looking dust bowl.
  13. 56⁰ banging surf last 7 days. Epic week of body surfing.
  14. Got to exchange fresh air for the conditioned air. Cocadoodledewlessness
  15. Off to Weekapaug at 630 for breakfast on the beach party. Hopefully it clears up later this afternoon.
  16. Windows open fans on let fresh air in. Nothing beats the fresh clean air.
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