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  1. Happy Autumn and it definitely has the feel doubt we break 60 today.
  2. They just canceled the game as I was headed out to Tolland. I did pack a weapon to hold off the looters.
  3. Yes we smile while Wolfie,Luke and Jay bitch and moan about PC skies.
  4. Oh yea its a wonderful day in the neighborhood..... Great grandson flag football in Tolland under the rain, awesome .
  5. Wet cloudy drizzley for all south of NHampshire. Should be awesome
  6. Really? Have no idea what you expect but it's a shitty cold weekend
  7. We dry and can. Variety is the spice of life.5 different strains. Edibles out of sugar leaves
  8. Holy shit. How do you trim that My buddies got ripped off last night
  9. Saturday and Sunady stay in the 50s all day with rain on the Euro. Awesome
  10. Yea Fall river was toasted by that 20 foot plus surge. Definitely left an indelible mark.
  11. It will happen again, just when is the question. Sept 21 1938 a day of remembering those lost in my hometown of Westerly RI. A beach town that sees tens of thousands of tourists a day in summer was destroyed. Horrific loss of life. Left an imprint on my family forever.
  12. I totally get it. Been there, but maybe my post was a badly timed joke?? Anyway how's the crop. We harvest
  13. Joke about Covid and Forky is on it like shit on a shingle. Lol L ON HIS FOREHEAD
  14. It was raining that's all we care about, Jack's be damned
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