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  1. Ok this is better some stratiform backside cooler air rain moving in.
  2. When you literally can see hear and smell the rain but you don't get a drop.
  3. I got smoked. Happy VJ day. Maybe it's because I grew up on the open ocean beaches but 86 degree pool water is not refreshing. Near record high water temp in da pool. We max this week before the gradual to sometimes quick cool return. Winds again today.
  4. Tuesday night. The real ènd of Heat waves end with a bang.
  5. The breeze has picked up some low clouds racing east. Damn muggy though, oh well looks another pool day off, Bummer
  6. Doesn't the best weed grow in the jungles of the tropics zone.
  7. Big winds all day mixed with racing low clouds. Super hot sun like Dendrite said but we poolaxin
  8. on firefly watch pool water wet oh yes this is nicer
  9. Oh didn't realize you had city water. Crazy rates wow. I have noticed in my drive to Columbia that your area of central CT is much browner than ENE Ct. Still baked dry here but we have had some showers to offset. Water levels are insanely low. I am 20 inches behind last years water year to date. (Starts Oct 1)
  10. 8 acres now. Those pine needles are dry as your well will be if you keep watering.
  11. Isn't that song about Luke's brother who was killed.
  12. You've got your story I've got mine We will see who believes who All in good time Or maybe it won't be Such a good time at all Things seem so strange When good rains start to fall Dry, dry as a bone Dry as a bone You don't want to hear it So you look away Don't want no shadows Cast upon your day But dust in the wind Well it comes to us all The mirror cracks And the pieces fall Dry, dry as a bone Dry, dry as a bone
  13. You look like you were in heaven Chris
  14. Kevin comes back and immediately is wrong on his assumptions. Lol never fails
  15. Unreal and to go an entire day with visibility under a 1/4 to yards was insane.
  16. Took a while to get you fully on board but when you did, you were a beast.
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