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  1. Just think there used to be 50 2/3 story houses down the stretch on top of the dunes.
  2. Sticking with 83 here . Think 2000-2001 is a strong contendah for best analog year
  3. Better smelling than the waft from S Weymouth
  4. Cheap enough ones out there you definitely will need it
  5. Bill best ever, flippers were essential. Huge huge pucker factor
  6. Damn. Yea I have been washing machined a couple of times. Also slammed face first into the sand. Got back on the horse everytime. The rush of adrenaline on top of a 15 foot wave seeing past the dunes into the coastal ponds is comparable to dropping into a double black diamond.
  7. It's what I got. May have spilled a couple hundredths out of Stratus lol It was heavy this morning.
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