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  1. I would bet LF near Tampa. Euro UKMET both have best initialization
  2. GFS now capitulated to Euro. UKMET and Euro the same. Epic disaster for Tampa area on both.
  3. Euro is a beast with 2 foot rain totals as well near Tampa
  4. GFS way to fast with development. EPS into Tampa. Best bet right now is Euro Suite.
  5. It's funny all the globals have Cat 2/3 at LF while all the Hurricane models take Ian down to TS force at LF
  6. At my wife's USA Women's senior women's softball tournament qualifiers in Middletown. Top 2 to Disney USA finals. Beautiful hiking trails here. Gorgeous COC day
  7. https://www.facebook.com/516045636/posts/pfbid02mbmdDBC2ZQtvffDf5QXxNACTB3chzUitrBQJpn6qhM5m2TtEY2dbBiFEBPw4kvyMl/
  8. Ian's center/ pressure /wind on Wed on NHC forecast is alarming
  9. Did you get the surge numbers you were looking for? storm surge of 1.8 to 2.4 metres and dangerous waves ranging from 11 to 15 metres in height on Saturday morning to coincide with the arrival of high tide.
  10. Surf was 4 to 6 at Matunuck but blown out in Watch Hill
  11. Breeze in Bermuda ( Tips new moniker) 99kts
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