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  1. Every time you read CC, shotgun a beer. i am 99% on the way to being blackout drunk.
  2. 36 here. what a string of rats though. Including this year, I am at 79% of normal over the last 6 years. Last year was the only above average, due to a stat-padding 27" March.
  3. sitting at 2.5" for the month of Feb, with 10 days left and not much on the horizon. So yeah, I'd call this a Feb. Flop
  4. I look forward to another 0.0" event. probably won't even be able to smoke cirrus. good luck down SOP
  5. good call. I was driving down 89 to 93 right in the middle of it. roads were pretty damn slippery until the plows came out. for a few miles I was behind a car on a single lane road (55 mph zone) going 25 with the flashers going the whole way. I thought I was going to have a seizure from the flashing. Of course there was a car behind me right on my ass, couldn't even see their headlights they were so close. once we got to the highway, that car flew around me after I passed the slow guy. i was really hoping to see him in a ditch , unfortunately the fast guy survived. I am an agressive driver, but didn't feel good about going more than 45 on the highway even though I have 4wd.
  6. analyzing soundings 10 days out? Shit man you’re better off trolling with a clown map
  7. by rain, you mean a couple sprinkles this afternoon, right? because I was in that area all day and it barely even wet the roads.
  8. I had 28.5" of snow in January. the temps meant NOTHING with regards to snowfall (massive cutters aside). sorry you got shafted though
  9. wow i am surprised the vg is that low
  10. I got 28.5" in January, I guess that is about average. I grade with heavy weight on snow cover. ground was bare before the squalls on 1/14, so half the month gets an F in that regard. second of the half gets a B with 15" and full cover. YTD: 33", which is a little below average. but December gets a solid F, which means that so far, the winter has been around a C or C-. i know that many will not agree and say that January was good because I got 28".
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