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  1. SJonesWX

    The Little Storm That Could - March 3/4

    uh, you might want to leave super early, or not at all. WMUR just reported 90 minute drive time i-93 from Manchester to Boston. that is going to be a miserable drive for you
  2. SJonesWX

    NE snow event March 4th

    you. just. jackpotted the “meh, woe is me act” is getting quite tired
  3. stay strong. T&P to you and your family
  4. SJonesWX

    Perhaps a Coastal Storm on March 2nd for SNE????

    up in CON for an appointment, 0.0000000” here, although I might have seen a flake or 2 an hour ago. could very well have been someone’s dandruff flying in the wind though
  5. SJonesWX

    Midweek event, Yah or Nah? February 27-28th Clipper

    who is performing the measurement on the whale's backside?
  6. knotweed is the devil's spawn. it is very dificult to dig up and get all the roots. if you don't get all the roots, it will come right back. i haven't had to deal with it, but have heard that you chop the stalk down to 6-12", pour straight undiluted round-up into the hollow core. i guess it works pretty well
  7. Thanks mpm! buddy I ride with has the 900 Ace, seems like a great motor. We’ll see what the insurance company gives me. but might have to wait until the fall.
  8. that sounds exactly like my little incident aside from the age of the sled. ‘09 Ski Doo Renegade 600 e-tec. Just hit 4K miles. I think I was going about 10 also. guess I’ll be shopping for a new machine, hoping to get a 900 Ace next.
  9. no question. fortunately I was just getting going after a stop, so I wasn’t going very fast
  10. nothing serious, bumps and bruises. Hit a tree when right ski wandered off trail into powder and couldn’t recover. Hit tree between right ski and front bumper, but hit it hard enough to twist tunnel. I thought I got lucky and got away with having to replace both upper and lower a-arms, but I guess not. Funny thing is, did another 350 miles after the crash with no probs. Injury wise, right arm hit the tree as I went over and through the windshield, so that took the brunt of it. Deep bone bruise, that’s it though. No head injury, so I got that going for me.
  11. Totaled my snowmobile last week. Expect deep, heavy snow now that I don’t have a sled.
  12. SJonesWX

    February 2019 Discussion I

    thank you for that stellar analysis of the February pattern.
  13. SJonesWX

    1/29- 1/30 Storm Threat

    i'll take the over on all except for KBOS.
  14. SJonesWX

    NNE Winter Thread

    THoP has the best pizza hands down.
  15. SJonesWX

    Massive Sou'easter could bring damaging winds to Eastern MA

    snow "pack" = vaporized