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  1. was decent here in Lexington, not sure what the gusts were, but the roads are a mess. the roads are completely covered with leaves, pine needles, acorns, and small branches. and by covered, I mean they are covered. a few larger branches down around the 'hood, but haven't seen any trees down
  2. sweet, gonna get some green stuff. thoughts and prayers to those along the coast who are going to get the yellow stuff. sounds dangerous. i am just thankful that no one is going to get any of that purple stuff. that would be horrific
  3. i've seen it happen in person. 2 primary factors: excessive amounts of beer; and excessive amounts of people on the boat. talking 2-3x capacity. the other way it can happen: pontoon falls off. i've not seen that happen
  4. Spent a couple hours yesterday cleaning up leaves, yard looked great for about 5 minutes. got home from work today, and there’s 2x as many as there were 2 days ago,. it’s that time of year. Upcoming storm will bring ‘em down
  5. yesterday on FB, NWS BOX posted a rainfall map with totals at the MA/NH border around 1.5-2.0”. around the same time, NWS GYX posted a rainfall map with totals at the MA/NH border around 0.25”. it must have been pretty crazy, seeing that gradient on the models. Hard to believe that the state line can stop qpf like that! Seriously, though, GYX and BOX need to coordinate more. that is just not a good look
  6. stay safe, make sure you protect your chickens from the 15mph wind gusts.
  7. it's a bit on the late side, but you will be fine. you may not see immediate results this year so late in the season, but it will help in the spring for sure.
  8. seems to be happening quick. lots of leaves came down last night and today.
  9. acorn disaster in progress. i had a lot 2 or 3 years ago, this years bounty looks like 2 or 3 times that.
  10. f***-that. i had a cheap midnite high of 67 yesterday. TORCH!
  11. have a cheesesteak, maybe throw some batteries at Santa. What else is there to do in philly?
  12. that event was definitely an interesting one. i was in MHT that day and it was raining with some occassional flakes mixed in. got home and flipped on the Pats game and couldn't believe how hard it was snowing (plus the score!)
  13. mid-August was the call I believe.
  14. You need to get the seed to contact the soil. Just spreading it on top of the grass will be a waste of time and money. Aerate, or dethatch at a minimum.