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  1. 91/74 congrats to those who enjoy this sh-stuff. hope they are outside enjoying it and frocking in the dews.
  2. I picked up 1.2” in about 20 mins last night. most frequent lightning I think I’ve ever seen.
  3. Do a google search for chipmunk death buckets. they work really well
  4. just under 1” of rain here since 5/16. dry begets dry
  5. To those saying that today is another dry day, i suggest checking the radar to your west/southwest. here at MHT it’s been damp and dank all morning. Everything is pretty wet. sure, no real measurable yet, but it’s coming soon.
  6. no need to grade it. it sucked donkey balls.
  7. I think your calculator is broken
  8. Usually around 6 weeks, but you’ll likely be fine after 4
  9. I think tips diatribe was more about the fact that it is a closed Facebook group. it was a very strange post.
  10. What did you use to spread the peat moss?
  11. one nice day does not a weather month make
  12. we have pileated peckers around here constantly. they are annoying. a couple or 3 barn owls in the ‘hood as well