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  1. Jan 26: the Yawn Awakens?
  2. can you indicate what your hand-drawn lines (squiggly and otherwise) are trying to tell us dummies (me)?
  3. it's Jan 6th. we are literally like 2 weeks into winter. i mean yeah, you are correct that the sun angle is rising. that might make a difference sometime in late Feb
  4. it is so awesome when the NY/Philly/mid Atlantic crew comes in to the New England forum and start arguing with each other.
  5. because it was never really that cold before the snow fell. It’ll brown up nicely if/when the ground freezes
  6. go back and lock yourself in your mom’s basement you whiny little c*nt.
  7. 24 hours? per the time stamp it was less than 7 mins. seriously though, thats amazing
  8. I’m pretty far south of that band, and it’s snowing heavily here. I can’t imagine what it’s like in that band. must be insane
  9. who gives a flying f***. Florida forum is elsewhere
  10. i like how the MA/NH border shields NH from the 12-18 zone. I know the weather is smart and all, but how does it know exactly where the border is? GPS?
  11. excuse me, but earlier today a certain poster from the mountains of CT promised us it was a 24+ hour storm.