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  1. sorry, you're right it was tippy. I edited my post.
  2. in a lot of cases, people amass a semblance of wealth saving up for retirement. and once retired, you have to spend carefully since you don't know how many years you will be alive to draw on those funds. it seems like in a lot of cases, retirees kick the bucket just a couple years after retirement, leaving their nest egg to their heirs. shit happens. and to Tips point saying that money should never be bequeathed? that's pure hogwash. where else should my money go when I die? where is your money going when you die?
  3. you speak the truth. it's unreal how they justify it too.
  4. a higher tax assessment does not necessarily mean higher taxes. Your town has a semi-fixed budget and taxes you a share of that budget. Simple math, really. Unless the budget goes up substantially, you won’t owe any more money. Yes your assessed value went up, but your tax rate goes down.
  6. this one is easy. Solid F. in summary, if it wasn’t for 20+” in mid-december, this would be a full on rat. Even though snowfall was close to average, it sucked. The Grinch storm literally ruined winter. Retention sucked, month to month snowfall sucked. It sucked, no nice way of putting it. Practically skunked in January, and in the heart of the winter, I got like 8” (between the mid-december storm and Feb 1). Look at these monthly totals: -October 2” -November 0” -December 31” (23” in the one storm, gone via el-Grincho) -January 6” -February 23” -March 0” -April 0” I think we all know what killed this winter (see bolded above)
  7. there are not enough of these for you to forecast seriosly though, why the **** does everything have to be a blizzard?
  8. i have inhaled a black fly or two while smoking. that causes a neat little gag reflex. Also, i am unsure as to which is more hazardous: smoking or ingesting black flies.
  9. last fall i stopped in a gun shop for some ammo. i had never been there before, but the place had Trump signs/flags and all kinds of stuff on the windows. Right on the door in big letters was a sign stating MASKS NOT ALLOWED. the whole time i was in there, which wasn't long, the guy was yakking to some other guy about how the whole china virus thing was fake, no one had gotten that sick blah blah blah. even though i needed some 9mm ammo which has gotten hard to find, but decided not to give this kook any of my ammo spending money.
  10. one time i got poison ivy a few hours after i took some ibuprofin. I haven't taken ibuprofin since that day, because it obviously gave me poison ivy. my doctor told me that there was no causal link, but I know better than her.
  11. from the caption of the photo: "a wildfire that laid waste to 32 acres of land...". talk about sensationalism. it was a brush fire. and that land will be back to normal in a month or 2
  12. because no one knows how long post-COVID immunity lasts. is it 1 month? 3 months? 6 months? forever? seriously, why take the chance. Yes, I agree that the level of risk is low. but, do you want to take the chance? I know I don't. I know several people who have been really sick with COVID. all I can say is that I definitely don't want to get it.
  13. @Lava Rock you will never grow anything if you don't treat for the grubs first. 1. treat for grubs, wait several weeks 2. rototill everything 3. rake out the clumps and spread the soil evenly 4. spread grass seed. I highly recommend using an overseeder.