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  1. nice looking truck, looks like it's loaded. decent price, but may be a little high. make sure you do a search for comps to check prices
  2. some days you are the windshield, other days you are the bug
  3. 0.0", with a T on select mulch beds. fail, but got what was predicted here
  4. rain/snow mix (mostly rain) here in Lexington.
  5. i'm not Scott but as mahk alludes to below, some ppl get confused when the NYC and MA weenies post their panic drivel in here, where in most cases, it is not applicable to the NE subforum
  6. CON at 58 and LCI at 33 is quite the gradient over 25 miles.
  7. i did the same thing Sat night after the patriots game. driveway was very icy, but i suspect the multitude of beers that i drank had something to do with it.
  8. weird temps last night. i got down to ~38 at 7pm, temp went back up to 45 before midnite, with a low of 31 at 7am.
  9. Santa might be able to help you out.
  10. i saved up my pennies and just bought a 2019 Renegade Enduro 900 Ace. i can't wait till next year when there will be enough snow to ride it.
  11. looks a little torchy just north of Hartford
  12. you could post in a thread that is located in a sub-forum for the area in which you are interested.
  13. i noticed the same thing yesterday on a north-south highway. trees on the west side of the highway were caked, trees on the east side, and the ground beneath them, was all bare. sun doing some work, even with the Dec sun angle.