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  1. i had deeper snow than the summit of Mansfield on Oct 30, 2011. I think
  2. let me guess, somewhere over NJ?
  3. i just posted about that in the banter thread. the roads around here (Lexington) are really bad.
  4. those of you heading out on the roads this morning, be careful out there. it is quite icy. Driving through Lexington MA was pretty sketchy in some areas.
  5. don't forget about salt content. you know what i am talking about. the roads are over-salted, so when the puddle evaporates, it leaves a nice white ring around where the puddle was.
  6. just curious, you mentioned that you forecasted winter to end early. how early is early?
  7. i think i just saw a couple flakes here in Lexington, but so far the falling oak leaves outnumber the snow flakes 1,000:1
  8. no wonder you can't grow any grass, not with people driving all over it
  9. you got it backwards. your lawn should be cut short and free of leaves for the winter.
  10. this place sucks sometimes for weather advice, and you are looking for health advice here?
  11. was decent here in Lexington, not sure what the gusts were, but the roads are a mess. the roads are completely covered with leaves, pine needles, acorns, and small branches. and by covered, I mean they are covered. a few larger branches down around the 'hood, but haven't seen any trees down
  12. sweet, gonna get some green stuff. thoughts and prayers to those along the coast who are going to get the yellow stuff. sounds dangerous. i am just thankful that no one is going to get any of that purple stuff. that would be horrific
  13. i've seen it happen in person. 2 primary factors: excessive amounts of beer; and excessive amounts of people on the boat. talking 2-3x capacity. the other way it can happen: pontoon falls off. i've not seen that happen