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  1. Had some short burts of heavy rain with a little thunder but now the sky is looking less threatening to my west. So far .11 inch of rain.
  2. Short bursts of heavy rain here with a small rumble of thunder.
  3. Ok good. I checked this afternoon on the NWS site and it said 47. I couldn't believe there was that much difference but it certainly would not have been the first time. So many times I am some 10 degrees colder in the morning than Central Park, when the wind is still.
  4. I was looking at the temperatures so far this month and every recording station in our area is slightly below normal thru the 5th except for Central Park. The reason, the heat island affect. On April 3 every station had a low temperature of 28-34 degrees, except Central Park which was only 47 degrees for a low. The stations were Bridgeport, LaGuardia, Kennedy, Islip and Newark.
  5. It's amazing the record low at these locations is only some 10 degrees colder than the average low temperature.
  6. .91 inch of rain here from this latest event.
  7. Just passed thru my area with very heavy rain blowing sideways. About a quarter inch of rain in 5-10 minutes. Wind gusty but not to bad.
  8. .7 inch of rain here earlier, currently 53 degrees and quiet, some fog.
  9. 80 degree high here today and wind gusting to 46mph.
  10. Pouring rain here, approaching 1 inch.
  11. Frosty morning here with a low of 30 degrees.
  12. It looks like Gabreski Airport in Westhampton got down to 18 degrees about 10-11P.M. but then the wind picked up a little and the temperature rose to the 20s.
  13. Most local reports I saw on the Davis weatherlink in my area were in the low 20s. There was no wind last night so temps. will be quite a bit higher in more urban settings. I have a decent size back yard and my temperature reading is not near concrete or houses.
  14. 19 degrees here earlier this morning, now up to 25 and climbing fast.