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  1. After a high of 91 at 1:45, it is now down to 81. SSE sea breeze.
  2. On the road near Dublin Pennsylvania. Had to pull off from heavy rain and hail. Back on the road
  3. I'm in souderton Pennsylvania area, sky threatening and impressive lightning bolts.
  4. I'm not far from the Milford New Jersey area but in Pennsylvania. Heavy showers moving through but nothing severe, a line further west looks a little bit more impressive. Temperature about 70.
  5. I am currently in eastern Pa. and it is overcast and 66 degrees. Could get interesting later
  6. At this point my projected high on Saturday is 86. The beginning of next week has highs only in the upper 60s
  7. 46 degrees here, 2.01 inches and counting.
  8. 1.83 inches so far, 46.6 degrees.
  9. Up to 1.40 inches of rain for this storm. 48.5 degrees.
  10. I am assuming the rain gauge at Central Park is in the same area as the temperature gauge. If so I'm glad at least some sun must get thru, on the other hand, if the growth continues they will have to trim it or not get accurate rain readings.
  11. 1.09 inch of rain so far, east wind gusting to 26mph. 50 degrees.
  12. I had one day above 75 and that was 76 degrees. I have had only 3 other days above 70 and none of those higher than 72.
  13. For anyone interested, Live Fox weather channel, channel 5.3 on my tv, just had incredible helicopter live footage of a bad tornado in the Seminole Oklahoma area. Now they are showing the damage that just took place. This station has live views from storm chasers showing different tornadoes as they are happening.
  14. Thundershower here
  15. For the 4th night in a row I have hit the 30s but already up to 63 beautiful degrees and plenty of sun.
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