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  1. About 3/4 of an inch now and snowing moderate to heavy.
  2. Some decent snows now as the band is moving in. Ground covered, pavement and streets starting to get covered.
  3. Looks like a very heavy band from around Bridgeport Ct going across the sound to the north shore of Long Island and heading SW toward the Nassau border.
  4. Looks like the radar is filling in over the Hudson Valley and western Ct. and it looks to be moving southward toward NJ and the metro area including Long Island.
  5. MEanwhile my area is now under a winter weather advisory, first snow advisory issued. Accumulations upped from 1-2 inches to 2-4 inches.
  6. Radar shows snow over me but just light rain and ice pellets.
  7. My wind picking up out of the NNE but my temperature going nowhere, 36.7
  8. Looking at the radar it looks like the storm is really taking shape and intensifying off the Jersey coast.
  9. With all the reports so far of sleet, freezing rain or rain and no snow. Makes me wonder if the layers of the atmosphere are warmer than anticipated.
  10. Areas in NW NEw Jersey reporting sleet and freezing rain with temperatures in the 20s.