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  1. Another crisp morning here, in the 50s
  2. 57 degrees this morning. Looks like fall is easing its way in pretty much on schedule.
  3. 80 in Newark and I believe 76 in Central Park. So that should mean most of the area was probably around 78. It was a nice day, this morning felt great with the lower humidity.
  4. 79 here today, felt more comfortable than yesterday.
  5. 84 the high here today, hopefully some rain tonight.
  6. Don't have to worry about a sea breeze putting a lid on the storms over Long Island tonight, there is none. 77 degrees here with little to no wind.
  7. Yes it is not looking good in the Arctic. It is nice to see a glimmer of hope every once in a while. I don't expect it to continue, we shall see.
  8. Even though Arctic seas ice has been on the decline, so far this season it is higher than previous seasons and higher than the 2010s average. The question is will it continue or is it just an aberration.
  9. Raining here. First measurable rain since midnight.
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