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  1. Trees down throughout my area. Some roads impassable. In my area this was similar to Irene as far as wind goes. We had little rain, 1/10 of an inch. Really surprised how little it rained. Fortunately for those on the coast, it did not hit at high tide.
  2. Just in my immediate neighborhood, which is not a wooded area but typical suburban neighborhood, I have 9 uprooted trees and numerous large branches down. A couple streets impassable.
  3. Incredible winds the past hour more trees down, fence across the street blew down and landed between the cars, power in and out.
  4. I guess you didn't see my report about 20 minutes ago. 109 reported at Long Beach Island N.J. during I believe a tornado. It is official at a weather station.
  5. Just heard it from Jeff Smith meteorologist on channel 7. This is a weather station and it is confirmed
  6. Confirmed 109mph wind gust at Long Beach Island weather station. This accured during severe cell maybe a tornado