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  1. Sudden pickup in the wind here out of the NE and the temperature has gone from 68 to62. Still raining.
  2. Hail, thunder and lightning here.
  3. Unusual situation having storms maintain strength or even get stronger as they head east across the city and Long Island. Hear thunder to my west.
  4. Can see the cell on radar, right near Mahwah and north over the NY border
  5. As of now I have overcast skies and a strong wind off the water, not a good scenario for thunderstorm activity.
  6. There was actually about 1-3 inches of snow in the Hudson Valley south of Albany to about the Kingston area. I think what must have happened in Albany is the precip. never came down hard enough to accumulate. However, it was definitely an elevation storm, most of the snow and the biggest totals were in elevated areas.
  7. Beginning to look like some elevated areas around the Catskills could get double digit amounts.
  8. This won't materialize but it does look like the snow is going to be a little further south than earlier anticipated. May be some decent amounts as temperatures look to be dropping pretty fast as the snow picks up.
  9. Looks like mid Hudson Valley on up will get some snow tonight. Around Kingston to Albany a few inches and it increases as you go east or west and up in elevation.
  10. When the average snowfall is figured out by NOAA or the Weather Bureau, it is done in 30 year increments. The 1981-2010 time period averaged, I believe, 25.5 inches in Central Park. It is now time for this to be redone for the new 30 year time period from 1991 to 2020. The new average should be about 29.8 inches. This is quite an increase.
  11. Your absolutely correct. My anemometer is at what the weather bureau wants, 33 feet. However there is nothing I can do about taller structures such as trees, in the neighborhood.
  12. People don't live at the airport. Look closely at those observations. 90% of the peak wind gusts observations (for each observation period) at the airports were below 50. I believe the only 60 was Islip. Remember my anemometer, which is very accurate, is in a neighborhood like where most people live. The airports receive the highest wind gusts because they are wide open spaces. By the way, about 1/2 the airports listed did not report wind gusts of 50mph despite the fact that they are in wide open spaces. Another words, if the vantage pro anemometer that I have was located at an airport, I'm sure I would have had a peak gust about 50 or more.
  13. here are local airport observations: https://www.weather.gov/okx/observations
  14. There does appear to be a few more line of showers that may give me some high gusts, we shall see. Right now it looks like the sun is trying to come out.