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  1. Picked up .80 inch of rain so far.
  2. Thunder here but so far a LIE and north heavy rain, what else is new. Hopefully the rain to the west will hit the rest of the island.
  3. Looks like Long Island may get some decent rain after all. Certainly missed the first batch
  4. Ian really getting its act together now.
  5. I was at Jones Beach for the high tide last night about 6:30. The waves were big but they were rolling type waves and it would be 3 or 4 large waves and then much more calm for a bit then larger swells again. Also some over wash. Today sounds somewhat calmer.
  6. 44 here this morning, already up to 57.
  7. Some snow in Lake Placid, upstate NY.
  8. I lived there then. That was David and the eye went over Melbourne as it went right up the coast. Winds were about 80-90 mph.
  9. It does seem like the eastern Gulf is becoming a better possibility
  10. And of course at this point there is still the possibility of a track west of Pensacola and east of Sydney.
  11. .50 inch of rain here, temperature down to 62.
  12. I am hoping and believe Long Islands atmosphere is primed for some heavy rains. Storms and showers are developing before the front has arrived. I just hope what ever we get, the south shore gets their fair share.
  13. Picked up .16 inch of rain, happy to get it.
  14. Rain and thunder here. So far light rain
  15. Looks like 80 degrees is on the back burner for a while but 60s and 70s are nice. Friday, with a very gusty wind, could feel chilly.
  16. Seem to be getting back to what has happened all summer. Decent rains make it to NYC and most of Long Island gets very little. Rain here .03
  17. 86 the high here, now down to 80 with a sea breeze.
  18. Very pleasant high of 75. Now back to summer, good for the pool.
  19. The models have been fluctuating over the amount of heat this week. Now it looks like the end of the week and beginning of October could be chilly. Who knows that could change also.
  20. After a high of 74, now down to 62.
  21. I wouldn't doubt it a month ago but now the average high is about 75 with lower sun angle.
  22. If that happens, probably in the area around Newark. I doubt it especially the 95.
  23. Even 50 degrees here this morning.
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