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  1. Because it will be so cold where it does snow, the snow to liquid rate could be quite high.
  2. Starting to get more info as the players come close to the continental United States. Hopefully the east trends do not include the new info.
  3. This appears to be a Saturday storm, 3 days away. Will be interesting watching models, especially tomorrow as we get more info and will be only 2 days out.
  4. So it will not be until tonight and tomorrow before we get important info from recon and the players moving onto the continental United States.
  5. The players for the nor'easter enter the United States tomorrow, I believe.
  6. I don't remember ever seeing a low with a pressure of 948 off the northeast coast, not even on a model days out,
  7. Light snow here starting to stick to most surfaces. 31.6 degrees.
  8. This is not the first time a model or models show a 970 low off our shores a week or 10 days out. So far none have materialized.
  9. This is a slow process of switching over, still rain and snow mix but the temperature is dropping steadily now 35
  10. My temperature back on the rise now 33. The snow has turned to rain. Now i await the wind. It will be interesting to see how long the snow lasts north and west of here. Also expect some significant flooding in places like Freeport, just southwest of here on the bay.
  11. Yea I am in levittown about a 1/2 mile north of Hempstead Turnpike near the Wantagh Parkway. It is snow here but probably not for long. I looked at numerous observations south of the pike and they are like you near 36-37 degrees. I am 32.5.
  12. I just saw a report from Seaford long Island only about 4 miles to my southeast that it is raining. I just looked at temps in the region and south of Hempstead Tpk. route 24, temperatures are in the mid to upper 30s and apparently raining, north of the turnpike it is the low 30s and snowing.
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