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  1. Don't recall ever seeing it this bad with smoke
  2. Upper 40s last night, now low 60s pper 40s last night, now low 60s
  3. As far as thunderstorms, at least on Long Island, peak season would be July-September.
  4. Down to 56 degrees, rain is needed.
  5. No rain here.
  6. After a high of 86, now down to 74.
  7. After record snowfall this past winter, parts of the Rockies still have some 20-30 feet of snow. A lot of Memorial Day hiking and camping activities have been put on hold as many areas are still not passable. rR
  8. A damp 58 degrees here, not much rain at all.
  9. Pleasant high temperature of 74 degrees, now 68.
  10. Chilly low of 46 degrees here.
  11. The sun was low in the sky making it large. The smoke haze made it so you could stare at it. I did not see the red ring the picture shows but a large orange ball was pretty cool to see.
  12. Sun was quite impressive to look at a little while ago. Behind the haze, it was a large orange ball that you could stare at.
  13. What a change in the weather here. From a high of 77 this afternoon, now it is a chilly, breezy 60.
  14. 1.91 inches here so far.
  15. Freeze and frost warning for most of the area away from the water. I'm thinking upper 30s in my backyard with possible spotty frost.
  16. 45 degrees here this morning.
  17. Frost advisories for much of interior NY and northern Pa.
  18. 86 my high today. After a mild day tomorrow, it looks like the next week or so should be pretty much normal.
  19. Warm one today with temperatures in the 80s. Nice at night with a low of 56 last night.
  20. After a chilly start of 46 degrees, shot up 32 degrees to 78 this afternoon.
  21. 47 degrees with rain, another .22 inch today.
  22. Another .25 inch of rain here today, high temperature only 57. On another subject, this is the snowiest May on record in Marquette Michigan.
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