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  1. Brookhaven Labs on Long Island already down to 54 degrees, 61 here.
  2. Yea Long Island missed out on some of the heavy rain but still got plenty. I had about 8.5 inches in July, 7 inches in August and 7.5 this month.
  3. Down to 52.3 here, 55 now in Central Park. Seems to be a little chillier than what was forecast this A.M.
  4. Would not be surprised to see some frost in the northern and western areas over the next day or two. Some temperatures in the 30s this morning in the Catskills.
  5. 53 degrees here and still falling slowly.
  6. Yea probably the case in a lot of areas. My area missed a lot of the thunderstorm activity that other areas would get.
  7. At least in my area the amount of rain is a little deceiving. The reason I say that is we seem to get it all at once and then nothing for weeks. It is not like it has been raining day after day. My grass has actually turned brown in spots and needed water numerous times in the past few months.
  8. Yea it was a beautiful day as far as visibility. The NW wind was about 15-30 mph.
  9. I went up to the top of the lighthouse today. First time, great view and very windy.
  10. If it stays clear all night and tomorrows mild air doesn't start infiltrating tonight, this could be my chilliest night of the early fall season. Down to 58 degrees already.
  11. There are reasons why it is cyclical but it definitely does seem to be cyclical even on a more localized level. For example, Long Island and New England got hammered with storms in the 1950s to early 60s. Meanwhile not a hurricane has crossed the shore of Long Island in over 35 years. Look at Florida, after the incredibly active 2005 season it went a record 10 years without a major hurricane hitting it.
  12. With the earlier sunset the temperatures fall pretty far pretty fast. After a 73 degree high, it is already down 10 degrees to 63.
  13. I agree but these large storms can be hundreds of miles off the coast and give large swells and over wash.
  14. Looks like mid week could have some of the chilliest temps of the new season. NWS keeps dropping the projected lows. After a low last night of 57 here only climbed to 73 today, now down to 69.
  15. If it gets near enough to the coast, here on Long Island large swells and over wash could be impressive.
  16. A reality of improving remote sensing technology and analysis. The science remains the same. If data supports classification, the argument is moot. There isn't an underlying agenda. As has been repeated nearly every time such discussion comes up in a thread, TAFB is responsible for maritime shipping interests, not just coastal threats. If data supports classification or naming and poses potential risk, a forecaster has to make a call. Nothing is perfect but it's their judgements and they have a huge responsibility, so why clutter up these threads with the same old points? Accept it, they're going to do their jobs, move on... The thing is and I thought I posted this. The data may support classification but the classification has changed. It is ok to change the classification, but keep it in mind when making comparisons to the past. Non tropical or sub tropical systems are now in the same class as tropical systems, in the past this was not the case.
  17. It seems in my area this season, we get very heavy rain over a 24 hour period and then very little or nothing for the next 2-3 weeks.
  18. Down to 61 degrees, feeling like early fall, finally.
  19. How is this for a hurricane season. 1954, Carol at the end of August caused widespread damage across our area and New England. A few weeks later Edna crossed Cape Cod causing widespread damage and very heavy rains and strong winds across our area. Over 9 inches at Brookhaven Labs on Long Island. Then about 3 weeks later in the beginning of October, Hazel well to our west gave some of the highest wind gusts in our area, ever recorded. The next season in August Connie and Dianne gave some of the worst flooding our area has ever seen, especially in Connecticut. All this in one years time.
  20. Central Park was 57 degrees this morning.
  21. 1.95 inches of rain here today, combined with yesterdays .64 gives me 2.59 so far from this event.
  22. 2 inches of rain here and still raining. Feels like fall this morning, rain and in the upper 50s.
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