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  1. Yeah that seems to be the question, is Monday in or out of the warm sector
  2. Very mild morning at 63 degrees. Meanwhile up north in the Adirondacks, looks like a weekend of mixed rain and snow.
  3. Lee Goldberg indicating a pattern change and this could be our mildest night until next spring. We shall see.
  4. With that warmth up north, if we get some good cold air passing over the warmer than normal Great Lakes, could be some big lake affect in the snowbelt areas.
  5. It seems the warmth over the past number of months has been more extreme, relative to normal, the further north you go.
  6. Maybe some 70 degree readings tomorrow in the normally milder areas, but it looks like the 70s are history this weekend and next week. It was nice while it lasted.
  7. 71 degrees here after a high of 74. Beautiful day. Foliage is so far behind we may peak closer to Thanksgiving rather than Halloween, if we don't get some cold weather.
  8. No problem. Maybe I was being to picayune.
  9. Actually a little higher than that in the immediate metro area, 63 Central Park and 64 Newark, 62 Islip. But to your point it is already 60 in Central Park, although a lot of the more rural areas are quite a bit chillier.
  10. 52 degrees this morning, a little chillier than I thought it would get.
  11. 46 my low. One good thing about these mild conditions this fall, keeps the heating bills down as the price for oil skyrockets.
  12. Yes I saw a rainbow in my area, looking toward the north shore area.
  13. Hunter Mountain in the Catskills is already dropping to the upper 30s, keep the scattered showers going long enough and maybe some of the high elevations can see some snow mix in.
  14. Monticello NY has light rain and 44 degrees currently.
  15. I like what someone recently said, that Kennedy is a good temperature representation for those going to the beach, Newark is good for those going to the city and Central Park a good representation for those going to the park. They all have their place. Considering there is no foliage on the trees during mid winter, why not use Central Park. Of course this time of year that foliage makes a difference for daytime highs.
  16. Central Park is 57, White Plains 56, Islip 58 and Kennedy and LaGuardia 59. 59 degrees here.
  17. Not for you or me but if it is clear and no wind, those colder suburbs north and west will see it. Some did last night.
  18. One good thing, to me, about a mild fall, it makes the winter seem shorter. Cold falls make for long winters.
  19. The 48 degrees this morning in Tallahassee Florida is colder than Boston.
  20. Upper 40s in my area this morning. I see a few areas in New Jersey have dipped into the upper 30s. With clear skies and no wind tonight, I would not be surprised some of those areas get frost tonight.
  21. After a high today of 63, already down to 53 here.
  22. If the colder suburbs don't get a frost tomorrow night, this coming weekend looks good for them to get a frost or freeze.
  23. It was only 6 years ago that Central Park experienced a very cold January and February, the coldest since 1934.
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