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  1. Down to 61 degrees, feeling like early fall, finally.
  2. How is this for a hurricane season. 1954, Carol at the end of August caused widespread damage across our area and New England. A few weeks later Edna crossed Cape Cod causing widespread damage and very heavy rains and strong winds across our area. Over 9 inches at Brookhaven Labs on Long Island. Then about 3 weeks later in the beginning of October, Hazel well to our west gave some of the highest wind gusts in our area, ever recorded. The next season in August Connie and Dianne gave some of the worst flooding our area has ever seen, especially in Connecticut. All this in one years time.
  3. Central Park was 57 degrees this morning.
  4. 1.95 inches of rain here today, combined with yesterdays .64 gives me 2.59 so far from this event.
  5. 2 inches of rain here and still raining. Feels like fall this morning, rain and in the upper 50s.
  6. I see restaurants on Long Island with palm trees. I believe they die in the winter unless you bring them inside. People want the Florida look up north during the summer months.
  7. I grew up before 1988. When I was young I really wanted cold Winters, now not so much. I do believe however that today's weather is more interesting than it was when I grew up. We get bigger snowstorms and unusual summer weather. When the weather was less mild and dryer, there just wasn't as much activity.
  8. I agree with both your statements. However about being reminded, it really doesn't bother me that much, facts are facts. I do have confidence though in the human race, that we will get rid of much of what we contribute to greenhouse gases long before doomsday.
  9. I only wish. We could at least eliminate some of present day hyping of everything.
  10. There is no doubt our climate is becoming more mild and wet. Some areas of the world are becoming more dry. However because the earth is always getting cooler or warmer, I suppose we are better off overall to become warmer. The problem with this warm up is humans may be accelerating the process.
  11. Tropical storm Sam has formed. This actually looks like a tropical system, not like some of the wimpy storms preceding it.
  12. Another crisp morning here, in the 50s
  13. 57 degrees this morning. Looks like fall is easing its way in pretty much on schedule.
  14. 80 in Newark and I believe 76 in Central Park. So that should mean most of the area was probably around 78. It was a nice day, this morning felt great with the lower humidity.
  15. 79 here today, felt more comfortable than yesterday.
  16. 84 the high here today, hopefully some rain tonight.
  17. Don't have to worry about a sea breeze putting a lid on the storms over Long Island tonight, there is none. 77 degrees here with little to no wind.
  18. Yes it is not looking good in the Arctic. It is nice to see a glimmer of hope every once in a while. I don't expect it to continue, we shall see.
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