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  1. what happens if I fall off the ladder? no winter for me?
  2. is that the Stay-Puft marshmallow man?
  3. it's the first one that i have seen hanging from a tree branch in a very long time. usually they are attached to a house somewhere. although a couple years ago i saw one attached to the top of the outlet of a culvert pipe
  4. found a huge wasps nest hanging from a branch about 20 feet off hte ground. huge winter incoming?
  5. 92/76. like @weathafella said-Uncle
  6. 96/75. i have had enough of this stuff
  7. Rain shower rolled through earlier, dropped a quick 1/4” now it is soupy. 82/78 on my poorly sited thermo. Whatever the actual DP is, it’s a sauna out there. no thanks
  8. just saw on FB that Hollis got smoked, lots of trees/wires/poles down across town
  9. radarscope showed a couple interesting looking pixels as that moved through ASH
  10. moving the goalposts already
  11. 96/63 at MHT, 93/64 at CON, 97/71 at mi casa. We toss my obs, both temp and DP
  12. line looked nasty, lots of lightning to my north. but just rain here, picked up over 1/2” in about 20 mins. Take
  13. 82 inside my house. installed but not turned on today
  14. 88/73 here. disgusting outside
  15. July 2021: 15.5" July 2022: 2.5"
  16. pretty good cell ripped through Manchester NH earlier. trees down in a couple places, poles and wires down over by Lake Massabesic
  17. yeah, it got breezy. lots of leaves and small branches strewn around the 'hood. no damage that I have seen as of yet
  18. yeah you always have to climb up from the parking area to get the full experience. in winter it’s a rough climb on the snowmobile but worth it every time
  19. I've been up there a bunch of times, and it is never not windy. really neat spot
  20. @dendrite did you see the damage in Hooksett? trees and poles down on 3/28 in the area of HK powersports (north of Merchants)
  21. did that come with a free Slurpee?
  22. getting split here near MHT, looks like the Nashua crew might be getting the goods
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