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  1. thank you but now I have another question. which model should we tell DIT to toss?
  2. one thing that i noticed reading here over the past week or so is that the GEFS and EPS have been polar opposites of each other. are they now starting to be at least a little bit aligned with each other?
  3. George, no offense but you think that every shortwave the atmosphere farts out is going to be a miller B
  4. back in the day, Smuggs had a great deal for college students for the winter break. Lodging Sun-Friday in a trailside condo and 4 daily lift tickets per person for under $300. a group of us (maybe 8-10 ppl) went up 2 years in a row, can’t say I remember much about it (thanks alcohol!) other than it being a ridiculously good time.
  5. how about Dec 2002. started out with a bang on Dec 5, over a foot of snow IIRC. then it all melted. 3 weeks later on Xmas night the gates opened up for a pretty decent 02-03 winter
  6. they should go to the local ice rink and get a couple of dump trucks of "snow" and dump it in the pond.
  7. there are only 2 things I hate in this world: people who are intolerant of other peoples cultures, and the Dutch
  8. Drove up to CON to hit the ski and skate sale this morning. picked up a pair of 1 year old lightly used skis for half price of new. if the attendance is any indicator, it’s going to be busy on the slopes this year, as it was packed
  9. BOS 60" MHT 70" CON 80" don't care enough about other areas to make a guess, but Ray will get more than DIT
  10. George's weenie is trembling with excitement
  11. this coming from a weenie who melts over every tiny little thunderstorm that misses
  12. first of all, it is not physically possible for a storm to create its own cold air. a storm may bring cold air from the north/northwest, but no it ain't creating shit. secondly, settle down Beavis.
  13. surely you didn't think I was serious why can't we have both?
  14. hmmm, I wonder which of these 2 posters will verify
  15. this is the best one yet. Very well done
  16. are you calling me fat? i feel like you are calling me fat. for the record, I will have you know that i am, in fact, F.A.T.
  17. how was your midnite stroll in the 60 degree weather that you predicted?
  18. so they jump back up on to the bridge?
  19. I can't say enough great things about it! I'm spent
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