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  1. cloudy with dim sun (not the chinese buffet)
  2. <5". i remember being able to see the dark clouds well to my south where it was ripping snow, while it was just cirrus overhead. took hours for the snow to come north
  3. i hope his balls didn't freeze to the ice like Charlie in the movie Joe Dirt
  4. not feeling this one for up here. A couple days ago there was lots of mention of Boxing day as an analog, and if that's the case, well, I guess i will enjoy my 6"
  5. cool, so you are predicting that it is going to be warmer than normal next Weds at like 7AM.
  6. yes but keep in mind Sebago is realllllly deep
  7. funny you say that about 2x4s. i am doing a small project at my house, and needed a bunch of studs. I've not needed to buy lumber for several years, so i was shocked at the $5.99 sticker price for a 2x4x8'. I thought i got as much as I needed, turns out I need to buy a bunch more. ugh-there goes that paycheck!
  8. most people? no, only cyborgs like you remember the dates of every damn storm. whenver anyone here throws out a date, i have to look it up on my spreadsheet to see what i got.
  9. that's a cute little sucker hole right over MHT/CON
  10. yeah but do you have winter tires or all-seasons?
  11. i am on the other side of the "tracks" in Bedford, elevation like 200'-can see MHT from here. Got like 4" the other day
  12. 34 and sunny. nary a flake nor drop to be found
  13. i have never put winter tires on any vehicle that I have owned. never been stuck either. They are a waste of money for experienced (good) drivers not in NNE.
  14. dude, you have got to stop this shit. you're schtick has gotten so old, it has fossilized. I'm out of the game Thursday and probably Saturday, so I don't have a dog in this fight, so it's not like I am wishcasting snow here. but i AM wishcasting that you would STFU.
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