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  1. low of -15 for a few hours early morning. all the way up to 0 now
  2. he is from Rockland County, whereever that is-not in NE. he knows not of which he speaks.
  3. technically i had 4" Feb 2012. BUT 3" fell on 2/29 (leap day) so it doesn't really count
  4. high temp 29 at 4AM currently 12 degrees and dropping steadily
  5. https://www.americanwx.com/bb/forum/11-new-york-city-metro/
  6. then our friend will retweet it stating that you are wasting a valuable resource and likely to be causing future droughts.
  7. non-weather weenies have no clue about the temps tomorrow. i was in a meeting earlier and this one chick was saying how the high was going to be 19 tomorrow, so "not too cold". I didn't have the heart to tell her that unless she is awake at midnite, there ain't no way she will be seeing 19 degrees at any point tomorrow.
  8. yeah, I think that most snowmobilers are worried about that. @powderfreak it is much different than skiing. Ski areas can make snow to get through the lean stretches, and extend the season, but snowmobilers don't have that luxury. we need to get out there as often as we can while we have the opportunity, because the snowmobiling season can end on a dime. Trails are usualy pretty crazy once that first snowfall comes and trails get opened up.
  9. you guys all know that even if futility is in sight at the end of Feb into March, there will be a blue bomb to f.uck it all up.
  10. no way to sugar coat it-it is going to be brutally cold. unless you have extreme cold-weather gear, you are risking frostbite-toes, ears, fingers, face etc.
  11. not sure, but we stayed at the Holiday Inn in "downtown" Jonquiere. That was at the height of the truck/trailer/sled theft debacle that was going on in QC at the time, and the HI had a gated/fenced in pool area to park sleds. there were several actually parked IN the pool-there was a lot of snow that year.
  12. holy cow I was there the exact same time (Feb '06). we drove up to Q City, then rode from there up to Jonquiere. then around lac St Jean and by Mt Valin. it was a very fun trip, but super cold. we were all dressed for it and were fine. lots of stops at the remote "relais" to warm up. One thing i do remember quite well is one of my buddies on a Yamaha, that had the exhaust out the back by the tail light. we got to an intersection and he was stopped, and I thought his sled was on fire-but it was just the exhaust.
  13. average: ~65” YTD: 30” expect: 30” more
  14. yeah I’m between MHT and CON. MHT def is closer to 6-8”
  15. wondering how much of my 18” pack I am going to lose. Wunderground showing an inch of rain over night. should compact it nicely at least
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