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  1. he brought me rain. I was beginning to think things were going to dry out. sure glad I got my truck detailed and waxed yesterday
  2. I’m so glad that it’s pouring out. was worried that things might dry out for a day or 2
  3. I am surprised that you are enjoying the new climate regime that brought you snow in late march and early April.
  4. mine looks pretty similar, came with an 8 degree temp drop
  5. 93N has been backed up MHT through CON since before 7am. it is going to be a bloodbath southbound later on, considering that most of the people going north are going to be heading south at about the same time. I wouldn't want to be anywhere near 93S or 89S after like 4pm.
  6. that map isn't even close to reality. most of it melted saturday, sunday took care of all but the piles and shady spots
  7. good luck to those of you heading up I-93. traffic is already a clusterfuck between MHT and CON
  8. yup. currently looks like a summer Friday afternoon based on the google map
  9. can confirm. picked up another few inches last night. close but not quite 8" otg here west of MHT
  10. looks like I will be cleaning up another 1,000 sticks and branches once this crap melts away
  11. And one more thing: I friggin hate these late season stat padders. this winter sucked donkey balls. But with these late season events, it makes it look more respectable. Do Not Want. I was at like 38” 3 weeks ago, all of a sudden I’m in the 50’s. This is bullshit
  12. 1) where was this long duration storm last winter? Or last several winters? 2) it can stop snowing now. enough damage been give
  13. seems like the rehab place may not be working well
  14. you need to go smash a Lifetime table-I think I know where you can find one
  15. 2-3" on the low side of town, more like 6" up the hill. cakeage
  16. I’ll send u 50 bucks if I get 13” at MHT
  17. I’d love to get some sleep tonight smart to protect it from Bills tailgaters
  18. I like how that map was issued at 3:15, 3-4 hours after the precip began in southern NH. can't bust on a predicted map that already happened
  19. I hope there aren't any Buffalo Bills fans nearby
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