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  1. wow, I never realized that the CFS went out ~18,000 years
  2. I'd recommend staying inside and huddling by the window AC unit. unless of course your windows have melted. then you're f**ked.
  3. i had the same problem once or twice with my ambient station. then it kept happening. I ended up replacing the outdoor array, and it has worked perfect since
  4. i'm no met, and I do have a crappy ambient weather weather station on wunderground. I know it runs warm based on where it is placed, and i am sure that the rain guage isn't terrible accurate. you know what-I don't care. it gives me an idea of what is going on at my location. If others use that for "accurate" data, i don't really give a crap. For fully accurate data, go to the closest ASOS.
  5. chopped straw works well when seeding bare areas. and it is too late for you to seed again, it won't grow much this fall. Wait until late spring to see what you got, it just might green up better than you thought-that seed will still be there.
  6. what a joke. anything to get clicks.
  7. same here. won last week with 9 wins, 5 wins this week. the games I thought were locks-apparently they were not.
  8. not to mention that giant golf ball right in front of it
  9. is the kid complaining about lack of QPF yet?
  10. picked up 1.25” in about 30 mins. so much for the grass seed I put down last weekend
  11. his joke was juuuuuuust a bit outside
  12. not for nothing, but that was Lite beer from Miller
  13. with your history of "growing" grass, I would suggest doing it now. i just treated my lawn, although it is late in the season I wanted to get it down prior to aerating
  14. i have no desire to see "Great White" for a couple reasons. first of all, Jack Russel is the only remaining member, so it's not even remotely Great White. secondly, after the band killed 100 people in RI, and thier reaction/response. No thanks.
  15. i was driving around MHT during that '98 event. although it was all rain there, the antenna on my car gathered a very small amount of ice. i figured it would be a big event-somewhere
  16. breaking news-Nov will start to get colder
  17. 50 pints refers to the amount of water it theoretically can remove from the air in a day, not the amount it holds. i know this because i just bought a brand hew dehumidifier 2 days ago and did a little research. the one I bought was list as 50 pints, but the bucket holds 15.
  18. Yeah that is brutal. most Thurs PM, Fri (after 2PM), Sat AM it is backed up from the Hooksett rest area up to I-393 in concord. Waze throws a ton of traffic up the back roads through Hooksett, Pembroke, Bow, and Concord. i avoid going up there to visit family on those days, just not worth the extra time it takes. That project is going to be huge, and it is going to be a mess when it is in progress. good luck to all the Massholes heading north! lol
  19. i had a somewhat similar experience in Huntington Beach when I was 14. was surfing having a great day. was getting tired so i was heading to the shore. got off my board to walk in the waist-deep water and got washed out by a huge wave. as i was getting up, got hit again and started getting pulled out/under and my quads started cramping up. i literally could not get up. fortunately my sister and a couple friends were there to haul me out. if not for them, i would probably still be out there
  20. there is 0% chance that Stein isn't mentioned. if we get 2 days without any precip, people on here will be talking about him again. Oh, and the next "drought" monitor comes out tommorow, and it won't include the rain from today. so Stein will live on
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