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  1. that seems high at MHT. mine, and most of the PWS around me are 91-93. although, no jet exhaust at mi casa
  2. The river was lowered for dam/hydroelectric repairs, nothing to do with the weather
  3. @TauntonBlizzard2013 you’re still pretty young, right? I’m an old fatty who has pulled the calf many times. Give it a couple weeks and you will be fine
  4. sitting at 0.01” MTD. lawns torching left and right. not mine, as I have irrigation, but there are some spots that are pretty stressed
  5. poor, poor jspin. I hope he is able to recover his Subaru from that ditch. but seriously, someone needs to photoshop some dude skiing through powder in the background.
  6. 0.01" MTD here. barely enough to wet the ground.
  7. I have a golf cart to take me through my trails out back. as I was driving , I fired up the electric bug swatter/ tennis racquet. Didn’t even have to swing it and was getting multiple zaps.
  8. Whatever that guy says, the opposite will happen
  9. 84/72. Sultry and holy cow the deer and horse flies are completely out of control.
  10. haha yeah is real but not spectacular. 0.01” here. ~4” since May 1.
  11. 84/74. unlesss you are a mosquito, it’s damn gross outside. I hope the humidity humpers are having a lovely evening outside with their loved ones.
  12. my body is quite used to copious amounts of alcohol. Haven’t had a hangover in years
  13. 2 pm is when I stopped drinking water and switched to beer. Heavy, heavy beer consumption.
  14. What a great day. nice low dews, hot sun. Perfect for getting shit done around the yard, although I was toasted by 2pm
  15. June: high 100, low 45, precip 1.8"
  16. so I have to ask, who are the “most”? who are the people saying that New England is getting a hurricane this year? other than you and your kitty cat friend in Billerica?
  17. I’ll never understand why people resist installing a couple window units at least in the bedrooms. who likes to sleep all hot and sweaty, hawk tuah evenings aside.
  18. whatever you do, please don’t base your fears on the hype that you read here. Things rarely pan out they way that they are hyped on here. and I’m talking all types of weather, not just summer. The hype is very, very, very rarely realized
  19. neither one did any damage aside from knocking over some trees. Seriously, it’s no big deal
  20. Severe in New England is nothing like what you may have experienced in Oklahoma. generally speaking, you have nothing to worry about.
  21. funny you say that about the wishes. as I was trimming the yard, I got a little sweaty. then when I was mowing it got a little chilly. All I could think of was that I hoped the humidity humpers were out enjoying the weather. currently 66/60 with rain moving in.
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