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  1. that IS a lot of damage. I wonder where that photo was taken
  2. 0.02", just shy of the 0.25-0.50" forecasted by the fine folks at GYX (sorry @OceanStWx)
  3. I hit 93 a couple miles west of the airport FWIW
  4. humidity or not, it’s hot outside. was sitting under shade with a battery powered fan and some cold beers, and it got to be too hot. 93 at mi casa
  5. I find it interesting that some people want things that you don’t have. seriously though, if the guy wants one and can afford it, what’s the problem?
  6. beers have killed multiple chickens at a neighbors house in the last few years. they definitely are carnivores
  7. my weekend high temp was 67, and that was at midnight on Friday. what a glorious summer weekend! great call by DIT-bahahahahhahaaaaaa
  8. next weekend? how about we enjoy this one before we go shitting on the next? with all due respect, you are starting to sound like mpm/eeyore
  9. HA I can totally relate. we drove through/over the Rockies one time in July when I was a kid. of course we stopped on the side of the road to roll in the snow
  10. for some reason I don’t think the travel guide has pics of rotting snow piles
  11. i own several guns which I bought here in NH. when I bought the first one, I had to wait a couple weeks to get it, presumably to do some kind of background check i guess. the next couple i was in and out of the story with in a couple of hours. no license, no permit, no safety course, and I can carry however i please (but i don't carry unless i am going to the range, in which case the guns are locked up and unloaded in a case in the back seat). I went to the gun show in Concord this past saturday, and i could have walked out the door with pretty much any kind of gun and ammo. there are no background checks required, which is asinine. all that said, I would have zero problem with much stricter regulations
  12. isn't that the kind of damage that you live for?
  13. my dew has been in mid-sixties since yesterday. it definitely feels humid here today
  14. yeah as others said you can open window but can’t do anything with the screen. I didn’t open my window once last year, so that feature is virtually useless for me. Still love the Midea though, it’s real efficient and super quiet. I wish they made a smaller one I could put in my bedroom, 8k btu is too much
  15. you just got an inch of rain last week. I think you’ll be ok
  16. i got one of those last year, the 10k version. it is so much quieter than a standard ac unit, and works great. It might sound silly, but you will love the extra light you get, especially on the sides of it.
  17. 85/65 here. i hate humidity, but my uber-dry skin is thankful for it right now. my hands have been like sandpaper for the last 6 months
  18. sooooo, does he not own a hose or have any kind of water supply?
  19. dense fog down here, but it burned off pretty quick. that fukkin guy is obsessed. it's really strange
  20. i bottomed out at 31.3 just after 6AM, with a little bit of frost on the grass. up to 60 already
  21. enjoy this beautiful weather outside. go ahead, I dare ya. and then the black flies will carry you away. today was hellacious for the little ****ers
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