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  1. ever since the Station nightclub fire, i take a close look around for emergency exits pretty much anywhere i go, especially hotels. If I am on an upper floor of a hotel, i make it a point to take the stairs anytime i go down, just so i am familiar with how to get to them and how to get out from there.
  2. again, that part of the building did not have sprinklers, nor were they required by code. Source no, I don't work for the hotel, i have nothing to do with it. i am just not a fan of internet speculation and misinformation
  3. uh, maybe you missed it, but google "Station nightclub fire". And for something more recent, google "San Jose Home Depot Fire".
  4. honest question: how do you know that inspections were not performed? source?
  5. Mr. Judge and jury, when you made the determination that the sprinklers were not working, did you know that the building was grandfathered, and did not require sprinklers? (although i agree that any commercial space should have them regardless). when you determined that the smoke alarms were not working, did you consider possible reasons? Is it not possible that the alarms systems were maintained appropriately, however due to unforeseen circumstances did not work? or did you just jump to negligence without considering other factors? i mean, you could be right. but don’t you think that maybe there are facts that you don’t know? however with all that said I also agree that the lawyers are probably lined up for potential litigation
  6. I don't get the "free speech" angle being discussed. there is no such thing as free speech on social media. they are private companies that are not controlled by the gov't. When you post stuff on any social media platform, you have to obey their terms of service, which you agree to when you sign up. and those companies can put pretty much anything they want in their TOS.
  7. treat it. then treat it again. once you are sure the population has gone done, fire up a rototiller and start fresh.
  8. you are correct, but I think it's the other way around-more people from other areas (MA, CT, RI, NY) own second homes in NH, VT, ME. but those aren't snowbirds per se.
  9. hyperbole much? there really aren't all that many people in NE who are snowbirds (winter in FL). I'd hazard a guess that it is less than 10%, probably closer to 5%. Maybe in your specific area, but certainly not region-wide. No way
  10. don't worry, our buddy stein will be along shortly to tell us how dry it is and that we need the rain
  11. D- for me. 20+" below normal, horrific Dec and Jan with a mediocre and warm February. Snow pack never disappeared, but there wasn't much, and what was there was solid ice for much of the winter. the "blizzard" missed me by a wide margin, so that didn't help the grade any
  12. I'll bet my next paycheck that it's under 3 weeks
  13. NWS BOX posted on facebook this morning that last night brought beneficial rain. beneficial to who? Ducks and geese? my yard is still a swamp from last summer.
  14. pre-emergents stop anything from growing, not just crabby grass
  15. as soon as I hear about a nuclear bomb hitting somewhat nearby, i am going to drive straight towards it and get it overwith as quickly as possible. Or maybe just take a bite of my Smith and Wesson.
  16. looks like an out of shape vagina
  17. what do the instructions from the box say?
  18. holy shit, that pic is from right now? i am probably 6-8 weeks from that.
  19. flipped to cat paws 15 mins ago, already accumulating. not expecting more than a couple inches. Can see the back edge flying NE on radar
  20. i took a walk out in my back 40 yesterday, and there is some major water ponding going on. I imagine some of it has to do with the ground being frozen, but there is still a ton of water. my first thought was, if that Stein guy mentions anything about it being abnormally dry, or mentions the word drought, I am going to report his twitter post lol. because it is complete BS, at least up my way
  21. of course i got my delivery yesterday, 83 gallons $5.29 per
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