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  1. as was discussed recently in this thread, July was only hot because of the night time lows being above normal. Daytime highs were not that hot. July was very, very humid and wet.
  2. they grow tall and fast, which means they have skinny trunks. while they are young, they will tip over with the slightest wind. Then when they get big and tall, they die at the root ball. Which means there is nothing in the ground to hold them up. poplars suck
  3. i hit 70 today when the sun came out for about 30 seconds. deep summer straight to the end of September.
  4. 66/66 off a high of 68. patiently awaiting the warm front 0.3” rain today
  5. Shit ton of acorns up this way. north of pike winter en route
  6. what's comical is your constant whining about not being in the jackpot. you have had above average rainfall since June 1 at least. you have zero to complain about. Did you realy expect to have the washouts that parts of NH and VT have experienced? and do you think you want that?
  7. was outside earlier. had to put on a shawl when the sun went behind the tree. Sorry DIT
  8. la la la la lockkkkkkkkkkk it up? a great time to beat the ....
  9. so almost as much as me, and I am praying that it stops raining
  10. I could have sworn that we were told from August 12 through mid September there would be high dews non-stop. I look forward to verification scores on that call
  11. yeah, you're not in New England, are you? Because we we had in July was very humid with warm mins. Not one single poster here (aside from maybe DIT) would characterize this past July as intense heat. i mean, I had 5 days at 90 or above, which is perfectly normal for my neck of the woods in New England
  12. 70/70, 1/4" of rain since yesterday. whooop-de-dewwwwwwwww
  13. AC on last night to try to stay ahead of the dewey decimals coming today. my house gets very muggy, and stays quite warm well after sundown
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