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  1. yeah, it can be a little boring, but it is close enough to home so i have a midweek season pass. I am having fun just getting out there at least weekly
  2. skied Pats Peak last night. the fresh snow was like glue. you could be cruising down a trail, but once it flattened out a little bit, if you hit untracked snow, it would practically stop you in your tracks. last run I almost when head first over the skis, that's how drastic the slow down was. Never experienced that before.
  3. nah, Foxboro is going to be all rain (hopefully for our old pal George)
  4. to be honest, he has been needing to reign things in since his first post ever here. I bet if you searched for the word “blizzard “ he has used that word 10x more than the next person.
  5. dim sun here which is fine, giving me a chance to scrape the ice off the driveway. what a disaster
  6. can you 2 weenies take your passive aggressive trolling of each other to PMs, or to the banter thread please. some of us are trying to find a model that is going to give us some snow and don't have time for your BS. TIA
  7. there would be no possible way to analyze that, too many variables link?
  8. picked up around 3", but won't be measuring, too compacted from the sleet and a little zr.
  9. dude I am baked out of my tits. i thought the map showing 35-40" was a total over the next 360 hrs., not just the next storm but what do I know, I am high AF take note of what, exactly? one guy agreeing with your constant stream of meh? I'll pass
  10. nice steady snow, about 1" down including pavement
  11. are you sure they weren't half closed?
  12. welcome to 2023 where everything you read on the internet is fact and legit sources are behind a conspiracy.
  13. that blows for the paying customer. I had the opposite on Weds. started out the day with nice firm conditions with perfectly groomed trails. after lunch it got a little soft, then by 2pm when it was 50, it got mushy and not so fun. left a little early, but had a freebie ticket so I shan't complain
  14. are the geese pooping on your head? I like the if followed by the ? so you are 100% sure on how this is going to play out. Noted.
  15. that mushy slush is going to freeze up solid on the slopes. scary stuff
  16. that's not how it works. peepers have brains the size of the head of a pin. they can't see anything coming. But what happens is they come out when the ice melts and the water/mud warms up a bit. nothing predictive about that. I have had peepers in my yard come out only to have more snow and cold-it happens almost every year. they don't know shit.
  17. pretty amazing that it is so dry there-seriously. up here things are pretty wet, lots of ground water/mud where there isn't snow cover, streams running, etc. heck, my way back yard down by the stream is still frozen solid with about 8+" pack. going to be a while since that area doesn't get a lot of sun
  18. not going to beat a dead horse, and I agree with you. but see my point #2 above.
  19. yeah, the Denali's are sweet, but at ~$15k above what I paid, ain't happenin' for me. 1. many of their posts relate to their area specifically, yet they try to shoehorn it in. 2. they come in here and argue with each other and/or troll each other. This does not apply to ALL out of area posters, just the few who fuck it up.
  20. the new Sierras are super nice. I have a 2021 Sierra Elevation. Love it, and decent MPG. i average around 21 mpg, roughly 50/50 hiway/city
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