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  1. like someone just tossed a slice of american cheese at your face
  2. come on man, that's what the neighbors bushes are for.
  3. that I don't remember, but unlikely.
  4. if the ground is thawed and not saturated, have at it. Though you might have to repeat in the event of another snow/wind event. March 2012 i had my lawn raked and ready for spring on St Pats day
  5. This is silly. geese are indicative of the current weather. In no way can geese, or any other animal for that matter predict the future weather.
  6. is that really today? Jeeeez man, talk about the banana belt
  7. wild snow pack differences in my yard. front yard is sunny, and has less than 12". way back yard (500' back) is a cold spot-no sun, ~50' lower elevation, a bit swampy in parts. snow is knee deep in spots. takes forever to melt back there.
  8. i am just about average for the season, with 90% of it coming after Jan 20. horrific Dec through mid-Jan, mostly horrific Feb, March has been nuts
  9. @JJBASHB used to live there I think
  10. if the band that is rocking me here gets up your way, you will be pleased.
  11. little lull, went out and cleared the driveway. now it is just dumping snow. 8" so far
  12. sitting at 33 just across the river from the airport. looking at the wunderground temp map, MHT is 35 in a sea of 33 temps.
  13. pounding’ fatties here. also, it’s snowing
  14. whineminster=george? geroge=whineminster? einhorn is finkle?
  15. holy shit I actaully agree with you!! of course there are shit days, and I know some springs are better than others, but generally speaking, you are right.
  16. put him on ignore like I did. it’s glorious
  17. measured 7” on the driveway, so prob 9” on top of the pack. Heavy and wet, this shit sucks to move. and my snowblower blew a belt before I could finish clearing the driveway. F this shit. do not want more.
  18. take a look at the qpf maps that @powderfreak posted. both Euro and GFS have you solidly in the 1.25" range. that's nothing to shake a stick at won't be an issue up here. snowpack is in good shape, todays rain aside. and the snow had no problem quickly accumulating during a quick busrst of snow this AM. yeah later Saturday once storm winds down roads should be in good shape. talking my area specifically
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